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Here we begin the final route in Hatoful Boyfriend: the path of the Crimson Fallen Angel. Who is he? You'll just have to read and find out!

April 11th

Please bear with me as we go through a lot of stuff you've already seen. For Anghel's route we're going to be revisiting the infirmary to really dig into the Shuu conspiracy. It is significant to keep in mind that this route only unlocks after you manage to get the full Shuu ending, and it is key in unlocking BBL.


April 12th

Also, as a note: we'll be taking math as our elective.


April 15th


Oh! I'm supposed to help at the infirmary today.

I shouldn't keep them waiting.
Better hurry!

( St. Pigeonations' Institute )

"Salut, Hiyoko."


"What's wrong? Are you hurt?"

"So sweet of you to worry for me!
But, no. I'm the second-in-command here."

" are?
I never would have guessed!"

"I couldn't be happier, mon amie.
Mystery is the most powerful of aphrodisiacs."

"Anyway, our job as staff is to check the medicines and clean up in here. Normally, I'd do that."

"But today I've got some stuff I need to take care of, so could you handle this mess for me?"

"Of course!"

"My thanks, Hiyoko. Oh, and don't touch the desk -- it's the doctor's personal area."

"I'll take you somewhere nice in return. Adieu!"


Yuuya flutters out the door.
...did he just ask me out?

Anyway, cleaning.

The screen fades out and in, the music quiets.


Some of these drugs are a little weird, no matter how you look at it. Is this really an infirmary?

It feels more like a human, or rather, avian experimentation room.

The desk drawer is open, and there are files sticking out.

Everything was very neat when I was in here last, but maybe the doctor's a little careless about tidying up?

Yuuya did say not to go near the desk, but...

Of course we should make sure everything is pristine for the good doctor. and by that I mean maybe we can glean some information to shed light on this conspiracy.


Just putting the files back in order should be fi-


"You again?"

When did you...?!"

"I just got back, but...
Oh my, we do have sticky fingers, don't we."

"Th-that's not it!
Sakazaki asked me to clean..."


"...oh, I see. You're on the staff now."


"Did he say anything about going near the desk?"

"...yes, sir."

"Please do be more careful next time."

"Curiosity killed the cat... among other things. Hohohohoho."

"Yes, sir."


Let's never do that again.


May 21st
 photo San1-15_zps5e5187eb.png
Today's the sports festival!

I never did make up my mind. What should I do?

 photo San1-16_zpsa62abbf5.png

Did you come to gaze into my eyes, mon amie?"

"Umm... I heard the first-aid team was shorthanded."



I think I might have mentioned this before, but the actual translation choice was "Salutations", and so I've been ironing that out in my LP because I think it's dumb. Originally, Yuuya said "Salut", which is a french greeting (pronounced "Sal-uu"), so why the translator chose to turn it into "Salutations" is a bit beyond me, but I don't think that they themselves are a native English speaker, which might account for some of the problems. It could also be that they don't know french.

"Alas! Spurned for the sake of medicine. I must work harder to prove my love."

"Anyway, happy to have you. As you can see, we have plenty of work to do."

"Ah... the obstacle course does always hurt a lot of birds. Why use a game designed for humans?"

"Beyond me, mon amie.
I suppose it's tradition."

As a note, just in case you don't know - "mon amie" is just "my friend"!

"Where's the doctor? Shouldn't he be here, too?"

"Over there."


He's resting in the shade of a tree, some distance away. It looks like he's taking notes on the performance of the birds on the race track...

"What's he doing over there?"

"He doesn't want to ruin his girlish complexion working in the heat. He does the same thing every year."

I'm sure that would be a good excuse if you didn't have feathers.

"Is he taking notes on something?"

"A lot of the birds graduating from this school get scouted by pro sports teams, so maybe he's checking up on the promising ones?"

"Uh-oh, they've started. We'll be busy soon -- get ready, mon amie."

"Yes, sir!"


And so I spent the sports festival patching up damaged doves with Yuuya.

I learned some first-aid from him so it was time well spent... I think?


June 22nd

(St. Pigeonation's Institute)

"Mmm! Today is a good day.
I feel like I'm shining!

I wonder what I should do during break..."

To the infirmary!

 photo jun22-07_zpsbc9a2696.png


"You again. Are you ill?"

"Umm, not exactly..."

"Then why are you here?"

"I wanted to hear your voice."

"My voice?"

"Yes! You sound like Snufkin."



"Don't tell me you came here just for that."

"Would it be bad if I did?"

"You're even stranger than I had thought. I'm fascinated. How I'd love to experiment on you..."

"Sadly, I am busy at present. Please go elsewhere."



I got kicked out.

I guess being told I'm interesting is a step in the right direction... or is it?


July 7th

Today is Tanabata!

There's probably a bamboo tree in the plaza this year, too...
I think I'll go make a wish.

Wow, there're lots here already!
Anybirdie I know?

 photo jul07-shuu_zps30a37949.png


What should I wish for?

Here's where this route finally starts to turn.

"I wish for the mad love of a fallen angel!"


And with that we move on to Nanaki wanting to escort us home, and the subsequent math class. Until...

July 11th


Just a little longer until early release days!

Finals are coming up and the glum depression is already setting in, but at least we won't have to swelter in the classroom all afternoon.

...why is a school this famous even stingier with its air conditioning than a public school, anyway?



"Have you had lunch yet? I was about to go to the cafeteria.
Want to come with me?"

"Okay! I heard they've expanded the menu and I wanted to try it. They have massacred ramen now!"

"Is that like half-dead fried rice?"

"Probably! And Oko-"

There's the sound of shattering glass.

"What?! What's going on?!"


I turn around to see a short dove standing behind me, his chest stained a deep red.

"You... are you the one who called forth this disaster?
The one who invoked the Braud Taris of the Blue Sky?"


I have no idea.

"Th-the blood! You're bleeding!"

My chest...
You are...!"

"Ryouta, I don't think he understands Japanese! We have to get him to the infirmary!"

"Oh... don't worry. Look closely, he isn't hurt at all."

"What? But the blood..."

"He's the Luzon from the class next to ours. Their plumage just looks like that."

"What, really?!"

"Correct. I am Higure Anghel, the Fallen Servant of God, stained with the Blood of Sin."


This impressively upholstered bird is Higure Anghel. He's in the class next to ours, so he must be another sophomore.

That's an odd name... I wonder if he came from overseas, like Sakuya? His Japanese is kind of strange, too.

Look, a new character introduction! Higure Anghel (緋紅 アンヘル literally "Scarlet Red Angel") is voiced by Takahiro Sakurai, the voice of such charming men as Cloud Strife and even Edward Cullen in the Japanese Twilight dub. As Ryouta said, Anghel is a Luzon Bleeding Heart, from the Phillipines. I had never heard of these before Hatoful Boyfriend, so Anghel's introduction came as kind of a shock.

The extra h in Anghel's name always makes me want to say it with a soft A like in the french ange, but in Japanese it is spelled アンヘル, or "anheru" which I guess is just an adaptation of the english "Angel". Why it was localized to give him an additional H, I have no idea.

"Agh! The corruption spreads faster than I expected...
I had hoped to find it before it came this far...!"

"Sleeping Servant of the Heavens!"



Umm... he is talking to me, right?

"Time is slipping by. Judgement draws ever nearer! You must find The Truth by the Light of the Red Moo-"

The screen flashes.


"I must last... a little longer...!
Be silent, Crimson Breast...!"

"You are hurt, aren't you?!"

"Do not touch me!"

"Farewell, Edel Blau of the Blue Sky. Fate decrees that we shall meet again!"


He's gone.
What was that all about?

"I think you've picked up a weird one, Hiyoko."

"Hmm... let's go eat lunch!"

July 13th

"It's too hot!
I'm gonna melt..."

"Pathetic, Tosaka. As expected of a mere mammal."

"Aren't you uncomfortable, too? I thought doves fared badly in the heat."

"Letting your weakness show in front of others is the mark of the vulgar class."

"Hmm... maybe I should take a leaf out of your book."

There's the sound of breaking glass.

"The red eye of the Demon led me here... you summoned me once more, Apostle of the Blue Sky?"


Him again!

"...who is this?"

"I think he's named Anghel. He's the class eccentric next door."

"Hmph, another peasant. None of you have the right to even be at this school.
Go back to the Philippines and bang some coconuts together, why don't you."

"Luzon Bleeding Hearts are from the Philippines?"


That would be why they're called "Luzon" Bleeding-hearts. The Philippines have bananas, right? Now I want to call him Bananaman.

Incidentally, Sakuya is about as unhinged as Anghel, so maybe they should be friends.

No, not at all.

"I have no business with you, Hallowed Magician of White."

"Apostle of the Blue Sky!"


"Can you not... remember who I am?"

Let's roll with it.

"Could you be... a fallen angel escaped from the Demonic Prison of Judecca?!"


"...have you awoken at last, Apostle Edel Blau?!"

"We have but little time left.
You must decide!
Will you cross swords with me on the promised ground, or-"

The screen flashes.


"No! Not now...!"



He flies away down the corridor, in spite of my protests.
What a busy bird.


July 20th

The school bell rings.

Today's the last day!
It's been a semester already...

Sometimes it seemed long, and sometimes it seemed short, but either way, it's summer now!



I'll go return the books I borrowed from the library.

Or try to, before we hear the shattering of glass.

"Hello, Anghel!"


He appears like the Christmas Star, descending from the heavens.

I'm pretty sure the Christmas Star was meant to hang in the sky and guide people, not descend anywhere.

"Edel Blau of the Blue Sky. I am about to open a gate to the other world. What will you do?"

"A gate to the other world? You mean-"


He stares intently toward the end of the hallway.

"...the infirmary?"

"A mere disguise, Edel Blau.
I sense a powerful, Evil Magic inside - no doubt the Tree of Blight, Rufa, has taken root within."

"Left alone, it will soon swallow the entire school. We must stop it now...!"


I wonder how Doctor Iwamine would react to an eccentric Fillipino breaking down his door.

He would cut him open.

"The time has not yet come, Crimson Angel of Judecca!"


"Is that true, Edel Blau?"

"...indeed, my Demonic Red Eye feels no murderous aura.
Perhaps it would be wise to wait and observe for a while..."

"That's probably a good idea. The doctor doesn't take kindly to roughhousing, I think."


Anghel leaves, satisfied.


August 6th

Today's the local summer festival! I think I'll go with somebirdie.


The appointed time and place, but Anghel is nowhere to be seen.
He said he'd come, but is he going to stand me up anyway...?




This is the right time, isn't it?
Is my phone's clock off...?


"...del Blau..."


Hmm... maybe I should go ahead by myself...?


"Edel Blau!"



I can hear him, but where is he?!

"Anghel? Is that you?"

"I am here, Edel Blau!"


A wild ANGHEL has appeared!

Sometimes these jokes are so great I just have to prove to you they exist.

"Aaaah! You scared me!"



He frantically glances about.

"A lower demon of Baal. I can still feel its presence! It lurks nearby, Edel Blau."

"Fighting evil again, Anghel?"

" have but just awakened.
It is too soon to bring you into battle. Take this."


He hands me...


A charm?

I'm surprised they don't mention this as strange in the text but... according to revolutionator, this charm is for easy baby delivery.

"This will protect you from the forces of witchcraft. But we should leave this place nonetheless."

"You're right. Come on, let's go to the festival!"


He's still as high-strung as a violin.

Maybe he's not used to crowds?

"Is this your first time coming to a summer festival, Anghel?"

"I was born beneath the star of solitude. I am not allowed these pleasures."

"Don't tell me you don't have any friends...?!"

The screen flashes


"An Aveskellar of Chaos! Why here, why now...!?"


He's staring agitatedly at a stand selling cheap toys and trinkets.

"Umm... that looks like a normal booth to me..."

"When the Chaotic Wings of the Reaper appear on this Earth, The Echoes of The End shall be heard across the land...
Edel Blau, you must undergo training."


It is easy to lose track of your exercise regime during vacation.

And so Anghel and I enjoyed the festival in our own special way.


And so concludes our first Chapter with the Crimson Angel of Judecca. Can our heroes work together to protect the Earth from the end of all things?

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About the Anghel Name Thing

Date: 2013-06-29 02:43 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
"Anghel" is also a Filipino word for "angel".
Just a heads-up in case you don't know yet.

-btw, really really liking the way you play this, and very thankful for this Let's Play's existence-


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