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Greetings, and welcome to the second installment of the tale of Edel Blau, Apostle of the Blue Sky and her romance with the Crimson Angel of Judecca.


September 1st



This semester has lots of events!
The cultural festival is coming up already.

We're planning to do a cafe, but we haven't decided on a theme yet...



There's a student ID card lying on the floor. Did somebirdie drop it here?

"Umm... Akagi Yoshio, 2-2.
Who's that? I guess I should take this to the faculty room."

There's the breaking glass sound effect again, and...


Wh-what's going on, Anghel?"

"You must not... you must not say the forbidden name! It shall open Pandora's Gate, and bring about the End of All Things!"



This ID cards' owner is going to cause the end of the world?
And what's 'Pandora's Gage'?

I can't figure out if 'Gage' is an intentional typo or not, so I'm keeping it.

"Anghel, are you actually Akag-"

The screen flashes.


"E-Edel Blau! Seek you to torture this Servant of God?!"

"You must not speak the names of angels!
You must not sing songs about the names of angels!
You must not say it!"

"-pant-... -pant-..."

"Perhaps... my wish was not granted...?"


Oh no! Now he's sad.

As tempting it is to say option 2, it's obviously not what he wants to hear.

"Accept the contract offered to you, fool!"

"Wh... what...?"

"You cannot have forgotten, Edel Blau.
You, the Angel of Fire, who drove me from this world and imprisoned me in an eternal cage of ice!"

"Are you saying... you will join me...?"

"You are not alone, Anghel!"


"Very well. We shall seal the contract on this ground, Edel Blau! Fleeting, as it is eternal!"


Anghel scribbles some sort of indecipherable symbol or script on the ID card, and smiles happily.

"This shall be proof of our alliance! Keep it with you."

"Eh, eeeeh...?"


He places his ID card in my hand and strides away.

Why do I have to carry this around for you???

September 1st

The bell sounds.


Lunch time!

The cafeteria switches to the fall menu today, right?
I wonder what they have!

"Is Hiyoko in here?"

Well this is a new scene to me!


"What is it? Usually I'm the one looking for you!"

"Are you finally being drawn in by my Sexy and Gradual style?"

"Exactly. Your bountiful allure stands out from afar, drawing me ever nearer.
Like a guiding polaris, smelling of udon."

"...but that's not what I came here to talk to you about."



Yuuya lifts Anghel up by the nape of his neck and holds him out towards me.

"Wh-what are you two doing together...?"

"Do not fear, Edel Blau. This man is not our foe."

"Umm, what exactly..."

"Well, I was going to clean up the infirmary, and..."

The screen goes black for a moment. Flashback time!

"Agh! The Demonic Blight grows stronger with each passing day...
When? When will the time for action come?"

"Hey, you. What's up?"


"You...! Be you a Fiend of Darkness, spawned from the deep Pits of Erebus?!"

"Well, I may be a little bit of a creature of the night, but I wouldn't exactly call myself a fiend, no."

"My proper title would be... The Midnight Rose!
Or something like that."

"I see it now! An Apostle of the Violet Rose! Forgive my suspicions. Demons lurk behind every corner, friend."

"Apostle of the violet rose...
Sounds like a dashing, masked hero in some shoujo manga.
Suits me just fine."

"That aside, I'd advise you not to go in there.
If you value your life, anyway."

"Warnings from those who follow the Violet Rose are heeded well by all but fools and dead men."

"The Doctor works in here all night, sometimes.
His concentration is admirable, but it does take a toll on his patience."

"If someone were to barge in while he was in the middle of something, well...
Let's just say it would be a pity if that mark on your chest got any larger, you know?"

Would the Dark Magician be so cruel?!"

"We must seal him away, immediately!"

"No, stop! I told you, man...
Going in there is suicide!"

"Aaaaand he kept trying to go in anyway, so I picked him up and hauled him away.

"I wouldn't call it okay, Yuuya...
Why are you bringing him to me?"

"He said you were his friend."

"I thought it wise to report these discoveries to you, Edel Blau."

"Anyway, that's what that was all about.
I'll let you take it from here, mon amie. Adieu!"

"Yuuya, wait!"


Why do I have to babysit Anghel??


"Well, let's go get lunch, Anghel."


"I-I don't mind, but... are you sure?
Being seen with me may put your very soul at risk, Edel Blau."

Break is almost over, so let's hurry."


September 25th


Today's the school festival!
Our class decided to do a maid cafe. I'm not scheduled to work til tomorrow, so... I have today off!

I don't have anything to do, so I guess I'll go look around.

Isn't there a manga club here? I wonder if they're doing a zine or something for the festival...

I think I'll go look!

"What seekest thou, Edel Blau?"


"Anghel! Are you a member of the manga club, then?"

"Indeed. This... is my weapon."


Anghel produces a mapping pen with a dramatic flourish.

"Woah... that looks like it would hurt if you got poked."

Important discoveries from the mouth of the Apostle of the Blue Sky.

"It has stained many a day with the gore of friend and foe alike."


Are you sure it's not just that you're careless and end up stabbing yourself a lot...?

The screen flashes.


"My scarlet breast stirs...
No! Why now...!?"

"I shall leave this to you, Edel Blau. I must go...!"


In other words, it's your turn to run the stand and you want me to do it for you?

Anghel, you're an ass.

"Do what must be done, Crimson Angel of Judecca!"

"I shall follow the Covenant of my Blood to the End! Haah!"


He nimbly leaps over a stack of books and runs off into the courtyard.

It's not like I have anything better to do, so I'll take his shift for him.

October 7th

Here we get the scene with Nanaki and Shuu in the staff room. It's not terribly relevant right now so I'll just crop it.

November 10th


Lunch was good today! You can always rely on school food.

Unless you go to school in North America.


Huh? Isn't that...




Anghel beckons to me, completely visible despite his obvious attempts to conceal himself.

"Do you not sense the quickening, Edel Blau?"


"The Demon Spores swarm with alarming intensity! They come... from there...!"


He's looking at-

"Still going on about the infirary, huh?"

"I have told you, that is merely a facade, Edel Blau."

"The Tree of Blight, Rufa... yes, it is the Incubator of Absolute Darkness!"

"That makes even less sense! Why's a fallen angel stressing over an infirmary, anyway?"

"The entire school will be swallowed by the Demon Spores if we do not act!"

"Were that to happen, my Crimson Breast would run wild once more! I might even... you..."


I'm not sure why, but it seems like he's planning to hurt me.

Scum! Vagabond! Little do you know that the Tosaka family tradition is to kill first and ask questions later!

"...but the root of All Evil, the Dark Sorcerer, is not here at present.
I must plan my attack... rest easy until then, Edel Blau."


And with that, he returned to his classroom.

It looks like a normal infirmary to me. Is something really going to happen?

December 24th


It's Christmas Eve!

...but my family's Buddhist, so we never do anything special.

Hiyoko's doorbell (cavebell?) rings.

"Huh? Somebirdie's here?"




There's no one here.

"I could have sworn I heard the doorbell... maybe it was a prank.


There's a little bag at my feet, with a note.
"To Edel Blau, Apostle of the Heavens.

Must be from Anghel!


A crucifix?

Oh, and a letter.
Let's see...

"Judgement draws near. Let us meet at the promised place.
-The Crimson Angel of Judecca"

...if you're going to ask me out can't you at least say when and where?!



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Date: 2013-06-20 11:57 pm (UTC)
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There's also a bonus scene if you take Nageki's route until you start Anghel's, on the same day as you see the Yuuya one if you were in the infirmary a lot.


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