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September 1st

September 3rd

Let's do the thing.

"Oh no! I forgot my recorder!"

"I don't think we have any spares..."

"I-I do have my hichiriki at least."

A hichiriki is a Japanese wind instrument that looks just like a recorder, but it sounds amazing, unlike a recorder.

"You can play that?!"

Hiyoko leveled up!
Charisma increased by 5!


Today our adventure on September 3rd continues!

The bell sounds.

"This late already? Let's stop here for today."

"We'll start looking at some new formulas next time, so try to read ahead, okay?"

"Hmph. The lassitude of Japan's educational system never ceases to amaze me."

I had to look this one up too. "Lassitude" is another new way to say "tired" and "sleepy". If he thinks Japans' education system is lethargic he should see North America's.

"You don't like Mister Nanaki's classes, Sakuya?"

"What do you think? And I'm not just talking about the math."

"Not only is attendance at this school mandatory, but everything it covers is infantile.
It bores me to yawning."

"Hey, at least Mister Nanaki won't chew you out for snoozing in class, right?"

"I don't think that's the issue here, Ryouta..."

"Look at Okosan! He conked out as soon as we took attendance."


"Exactly! These pathetic teaching practices destroy the students' motivation and interest. No wonder nobirdie takes school seriously."

"But isn't Mister Nanaki a big name in science?
I mean, I'm not really that well informed, but..."

"I don't think it's very nice to go around piddling on him, Sakuya."

"We know his capabilities as a teacher quite well, Tosaka.
Do you mean to say that we should respect and obey him simply because he is a teacher?"

"His fame is merely on the national level, anyway."

"The only world-renowned professor here would be Doctor Iwamine."

"Eh?! The Doctor is that well-known!?"

"I never heard about that."

(It is Okosan's pudding...!

"I am surrounded by ignoramuses and fools...!"

"He is a world authority on pathology. His name is known the world over."

"Anyway, Nanaki does not even come close."

Pathology, for the reference of other dummies like myself, is the study and diagnosis of diseases.


I never knew the doctor was that famous...

But then, why's he working as the Doctor for a high school? Even if it is a prestigious one.



September 25th


Today's the school festival!
Our class decided to do a maid cafe. I'm not scheduled to work til tomorrow, so... I have today off!

I don't have anything to do, so I guess I'll go look around.

Isn't 2-4 doing a haunted house?
I'm well known for my reckless nature, so maybe I'll go and scream a little bit.

I think... Sakuya's free today, too, isn't he?

As if we could say no.


"Do you need something?"

"You're free today, right? Want to go look at 2-4's haunted house?"

"Haunted house? A waste of time.
Nothing but a foolish charade of commoners, by commoners, and for commoners."

"How do you know if you don't go?
And besides, isn't keeping an eye on the masses part of a noble-bird's job?"


"...I suppose it might have some value. Since I have no other pressing matters to which I must attend, I shall accompany you."

"What is this madness?"

"A haunted mansion!"

"What on earth is that?
Will we be attacked by hostile ninjas?"

That would be a ninja mansion."

"...but my nurse told me that any mansion is bound to have ninjas lying in wait inside."

"It's like a tiny theme park!
With a ghost theme!
Hence, 'haunted'!"

"How foolish. No doubt it has nothing but tricks to scare mere children.
We shall enter."

"Oh! Hey, wait!"

The screen goes black.


"What trickery is this?!"

"I-I can't see! Why is it dark in here?!"


"Oh right... you can't see in the dark, can you?"


I-I stepped on something nasty!"

The screen shakes.


"N-no! Stop! Unhand me!


"Sakuya, calm down!
You're not supposed to kick the poor ghosts!"

It shakes again.


"Let me goooooo!"

"-pant-... -pant-..."


I've never seen him this worked up before.

Anyway, I'm glad he enjoyed it...
...I think?

October 19th


Music class was fun today!

Solo tests always make me nervous, but they can be fun, too.
I sang well today!

We have physics next, right?



Sakuya is standing in the music room, staring at the instrument rack.

"What's wrong, Sakuya?"

"What... do you think of the arts, Miss Tosaka?"

"The arts...?"


Where did that come from?

"Surely one such as yourself has an opinion of some kind. What do you think of the arts?"

"Umm, well... I'm not really sure it's something I could put into words just like that."

"Dostoyevsky once said that an artist is a person who turns their ear inwards, and writes with zeal what they hear."

"...such a common idea."


He looks angst-ridden.

I wonder if something happened...?

Ah, I like that scene. I'd never gotten it before.

November 10th


Finally done with cleaning!
Time to go home!


A very faint music starts to play.


I can hear somebirdie playing the piano in the music room at the end of the hall.


I'm a bit disappointed that I can't find the encyclopaedic knowledge of these tiny bits and pieces of musicians' compositions that I thought I could. At least, not so easily, but this isn't really one of Tchaikovsky's major pieces, since the Russian musician was also the composer of Swan Lake as well as The Nutcracker. There's also pretty clear evidence that he was homosexual, which - while this probably pertains little to Sakuya (depending on your interpretation) - is an important part of Russian artistic lineage to remember today, when it's illegal to be gay in Russia. Here is the wiki, for your curiosity.


I can see somebirdie sitting at the piano through the door.

I recognize him. It's...


Of course, he stops playing immediately.


"How long have you been there?
Were you spying on me?
How unpleasant."

"No! I just came over here.
It sounded beautiful..."

"I never knew you could play!
I'm amazed you can still practice and still study enough to get such good grades, Sakuya."

"Of course! A noble must be versed in all fields!
Though I doubt one such as you can understand the art."

"It sounded wonderful."


"Oh! I'm distracting you. Sorry!
I'll go now so don't mind me."



"What do you love?"

"...why this, all of a sudden?"

"Tell me."

"Hmm... udon, I guess."

"Udon? Truly?"

"Yup! I eat it every day."

If I eat udon every day, will I grow up to be big and strong like Hiyoko?

"I see... I see.
Thank you."

Okay... bye, Sakuya."


And so I left him sitting deep in thought.
What was that all about?




It's winter break! The year's almost over...
For some reason that makes me sad.

Oh, I got a letter. In a fancy envelope! Who's it from...?

"We are holding a Christmas party at the Le Bel mansion on the twenty-fourth of this month.
You are invited. Be honored.
-Sakuya Le Bel Shirogane."

Yaaay! I got a heartwarming invitation!

My family's Buddhist, so I hadn't had anything planned... so I might as well go, right?

Poor Sakuya. I have so many chances to reject you. It's like your route knows just how much of a dick you are and encourages me to abandon ship.


"Whoooaaah it's like a palace!"

"Hohoho! What do you think, Tosaka? Normally a commoner such as yourself would never set foot in here."

"I-it's amazing, Sakuya...!"


This whole thing is far removed from my own uncultured, stone-age lifestyle. I feel a little nervous!

"Do you have a party like this every year?"

"Every year? Don't be foolish!
We have one every month. Creating a habitat for social discourse is a noble's duty, after all."

"That seems a little tiresome..."

"Are you feeling overwhelmed already? Poor, foolish commo-"



There's the sound of smashing glass.



(This establishment lacks pudding!)

"Oko, you dog! Why are you here?! I never invited you!"

(Okosan sensed a feast, and came in through the window! But there is no pudding!)

"I wouldn't give any to you, even if I did have some!
Confound you, you genetic throwback!"


Okosan's going to go berserk, at this rate.

As funny as it would be, I don't think Sakuya would appreciate it much if we let him go.

The screen shakes.

"Okosan! Inside voice!"

"Well done, Tosaka!
Now throw him outside!"


"I am grateful to you, Tosaka.
Now we can have our party in peace."

"No need to thank me!"

"I would hire you as a bodyguard, if ever you so desired."




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