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Welcome back to Let's Play Hatoful Boyfriend! Today we're going to finish up the story of Shirogane Le Bel Sakuya. What is his deal, anyway?


January 1st


It's raining, so no new years' shenanigans this time.

January 10th


February 2nd

Time for Legumentine's shopping! Sakuya is a noblebird so let's go all out and get him the most expensive thing we can: the Racing Blend.
February 3rd
(St. Pigeonations' Institute)
Today's the day! The preparations are complete! Time to give the beans to that special somebirdie.


"I am busy. May I ask you not to waste too much of my time?"

"This will only take a minute! I have something for you.

"What are these?"

"It's a pricey blend of beans! I know you like expensive things."

"That is not what I meant.
Why are you giving me beans?"

"It's Legumentine's!"

"And what is that?"


What planet are you from, anyway?!

"It's a holiday where girls are supposed to give beans to the boys they like."

Hiyoko is so up front about everything. I love her.

"Wh... what...?!"

"Don't look so disturbed, jeez!
I gave you those. Will you accept them, Sakuya?"


"These beans seem somewhat cheap for their illustrious recipient, but..."

"Since you ask it, I will not refuse them."

"Really? Yaay!"

"...what did you mean by 'like'?"


"I am asking what you meant by 'the boys they like'."

"Umm... exactly what I said!"

"No matter what I'm doing or where I am, your beautiful plumage always comes to mind, Sakuya."

I love Hiyoko because she's not at all the sort of blushing bride you might expect to find in an otome game. She's a bull-wrestling meat-eater who knows what she wants.


"Anyway, here!

I hope we can continue to get along."


Sakuya has no idea what to do about your crush, Hiyoko.


He glances at the beans, and then at me, and then wordlessly leaves.

I'm glad he liked them!
He did like them, right?

I think he was just stunned at the revelation of what they were for. The only other person who likes Sakuya aside from himself is probably his mom. And Yuuya.


February 10th


It's cooooold!
It feels even colder than it was around New Year's...
Maybe the wind is stronger...?

I'm starting to think I should build a wall, or maybe dig myself a new bedroom.

With this kind of weather, some birds are even collapsing in the street...

Hey, wait...

Isn't that one Sakuya?!

"S-Sakuya? What's wrong?!"

"D... don't ask me for the details...
Just carry me to your miserable abode, I beg of you!"


Wandering around and collapsing in the street at this time of night doesn't seem like customary practice for an aristocrat.

What happened, Sakuya?
Don't tell me your family has fallen from high society...?

We fade to black briefly, and come back.

"What happened?"

"I shall not say."

"Eeeh? What were you doing wandering around in the wilderness, then?"

"I was not wandering. I was on my way here! Be honored."


Oh, so this isn't a coincidence after all.

"Did you want something from me, then?"

"No. Don't flatter yourself."


"Umm... Should we call your family, or something?"




He looks really angry!

"Listen... don't...
you dare...
Don't you dare call my house."

"Sakuya, did you... run away from home...?"

"That sounds bad. No, I simply left of my own volition."



"Isn't that the same thing...?"




"What happened, Sakuya?"

"...Tosaka. Do you remember what we talked about in the music room, at school? Last fall."

"Yes. What about it?"

"Do you remember what I asked you then?"

He asked you what you loved and you said udon, because you're a genius.

"You asked me what I loved."

"That's right. And you... gave a simple, honest answer right away.
And that..."


"That made me jealous."


Did I mishear? That's the last thing I'd have expected from him, of all people.

"I don't understand, Sakuya.


"I'm one of the few, of the pure bloodline. I am ranked higher than any of my siblings.
I have been slated to become the next family head since birth.
There is no reason I shouldn't be."


"You don't want to take your father's place...?"

"H-how did you know that?!"

"It's obvious... it's written all over your face."

"I... love music. But my father does not approve."

"When I was young, I owned a number of instruments. But he had them all thrown away."

"Art is not our realm. The joy of creation is in the domain of peasants."

"Our role is to be patrons and promoters of the artists we admire - not to be artists ourselves.
A noble who sows his own wheat is a fool."

"That's not true! I think anyone who can play music should be encouraged, no matter who their parents are."

"That is because you think with a peasants' values.
My world is different from yours!"

"I'm not talking about what peasants think, I'm talking about what I think! What about you, Sakuya? What do you think?"

"What do... I think? You speak in riddles. I carry the name of Le Bel. To play at applying my own standards and ideas to the world would be a disgrace."

You're really indoctrinated.

"But didn't you just say you left the mansion of your own accord?
Isn't that applying your own idea to the world?"


"You've contradicted yourself."

"What do you want to do in life, Sakuya?"

"I must succeed my father as the next family head."

"No, jeez! That's not what I meant!"

"What if you could forget about the Le Bel family and do anything in the world? What would you do, then?"

"Forget about the Le Bel family?!
What mockery is this?!"

"We're speaking hypothetically, dummy!"

"If I could do anything in the world...?"

"I would... continue studying music. I would like to see how far I could go, as a musician."


He sounds uncharacteristically modest.

I was half expecting him to give some rambling speech about how he would unite the world and become king, or something...

"You love music, don't you?"

"If I could hear you play the piano again, I would be very happy, Sakuya. I think you've answered your own question."

"Answered my own question? Don't be ridiculous. This is a mere fantasy. It has no connection to reality."

"Have you told your father that you want to continue studying music?"

"Don't be ridiculous. How could I lower myself so?"

"So, you haven't even asked him about it..."

"You wouldn't be lowering yourself, Sakuya. Are you ashamed to love music?"


"You should ask him. It's worth a try, right?"


"...perhaps you are right. I suppose I never would have thought of that, if I hadn't talked to you..."

"You were confused about what you wanted, Sakuya. I just gave you a little push."



"I'm going to speak with him.
When I return, if he refuses, I would..."

"Would you carry my fallen body to safety one more time?

"Are you planning to run away for real, next time?"

"...if it comes to that."

"I will follow you anywhere you need to go, Sakuya. You will always have a safe place here, okay?"

"I shall return to you.
Thank you... Tosaka."

The screen fades to black.


And so he set out across the wilderness once more.

I don't know if his father will accept him, or if he really will run away.

But, I know he will come back to me.

And I pray that our future will be a happy one!

The normal ending ends here, but the full Sakuya ending continues.

"Wake up! It's morning, Sakuya!"

...the hall of your fathers has many lumps and sharp rocks, Tosaka..."

"Jeez, what are you even complaining about? I even got you some straw!"


Which is to say, I did the best I could for a freeloader!

"Here, I made breakfast.
Your first concert is today, so you need to get ready!"



He didn't complain about the food! That's an improvement.

"Umm, by the way..."

"What is it?"

"Have you contacted Yuuya?"

" must be joking."


I thought so.

"I have his address. Should I tell him... about you?"

"We need not worry him. I have no intention of asking for favors from him."

"I didn't mean..."

"Anyway, let it be. Things are fine as they are."


I guess he's still a little chilly about Yuuya.

Maybe it's still too early...

"Let us go, Tosaka."


The screen goes black.


To Hiyoko.
I trust you are well.

A little bird told me you've been taking care of Sakuya.

He's a pain, but I know you'll be able to handle him just fine.

I have something to tell him.
Something very important.

Something I've been meaning to tell him his entire life.
Since you're...

Well, I guess I'm still a little unsure, myself.
If he ever says he wants to see me, I'll think it over.

When that time comes, let me know, okay?

I'll keep in touch.
--Sakazaki Yuuya

I hope after all that everyone likes Sakuya a little better than before. Up next comes the most infamous route of all: Iwamine Shuu. Can we date the murder doctor and survive?


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