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Welcome back to Let's Play Hatoful Boyfriend! In the second term we finally learn a little more about the mysterious Nanaki-sensei. But are we really prepared for this?

August 30th

"Aaah! I knew I should have gotten up when I first woke up!"

"I slept too late! School starts today, right? I'm gonna be late!"


(St. Pigeonations' Institute)

"Oh, hello, Tosaka!"
"Sir! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I overslept!"
"...aaah! My homework! I forgot to bring my homework!"
"Aren't you getting a little bit ahead of yourself, Tosaka?"
"What's the number in the top left-hand corner say?"
"You're just a little bit early."
"Though, since you're here... Could you lend me a hand for a bit, Tosaka?"
"Lend you a hand?"
"I was about to start grading the freshmens' exams, and I thought maybe you could help, if you don't have something else.""...of course, you have a test in September, so if you want to go and study in the library..."

Sorry for making you wait all this time, Nanaki-sensei. This time, we'll help you out.

"You will? Thank you! I'll go make us some tea..."

And so I spent the morning grading tests in the air-conditioned staffroom, like a proper little lady.

"This tea is very good!"

"It has mango in it. I do like sweet tea..."

Me too, sensei.

September 1st


September 3rd

Math Elective. Wis goes up by 5! This scene is about Sakuya rather than Nanaki, so I'm just going to skip it.


September 13th


( St Pigeonations' Institute)

"Good morn--
What the heck is going on?!"


The classroom is filled with a cloud of dancing feathers.

Did somebody eviscerate a down pillow or something?

"Ryouta, what...?"

"Maybe they didn't clean up properly yesterday...?"

"It's molting season, so...
Well, one little breeze and it looks like this unless we make sure to keep everything clean."


Now that I look closely, Ryouta's headfeathers are looking a little loose, too. I guess everybirdie's growing themselves new outfits.

"Good morning, everyone!"

"Sir! Can we clean up a little before homeroom?"

"Cleaning in the morning?"

"This atmosphere is quite distracting. Who was supposed to clean yesterday?"


"Wretched mongrel! Can't you even fulfill the duty given to you?!"

No one's going to like you at this rate, Sakuya.

"Come on, arguing won't solve anything. It'll be easy if we all pitch in!"


And so we swabbed the room down before homeroom.

"This is a lot of feathers! Not enough for a futon, but I bet we could make a nice pillow!"

"It certainly is more than usual... Did they come in the window, perhaps...?"


"Sir, um... did you spill some chlorine on yourself?"

We don't use that kind of detergent..."

"But, umm, you really smell like it..."

"Oh, that would be the bleach."



"S-sir! Are you one of those degenerates who bathes with bleach powder?!"

"No, no, I dozed off and got stuck in the washing machine last night, that's all."

"Th-that's dangerous!
Sir, please be careful!"

"Mmm, yes, I'll... zzz."


I guess there wasn't any way he was going to stay awake after helping us clean the room.

September 25th


Today's the school festival!
Our class decided to do a maid cafe. I'm not scheduled to work til tomorrow, so... I have today off!

I don't have anything to do, so I guess I'll go look around.

I totally forget what happens here on Nanaki's route.


So many things to do! I can't choose...!


"Oh, Tosaka!"

"Mister Nanaki? What is it?"

"Your shift is tomorrow, right?"


"Could you maybe help at the reception desk? We're getting a lot more people than we expected..."

"Of course! I shall mete out information and directions like an Oni of old, cleaver in hand, seated atop a throne wrought from the skulls of my foes!"

"Thank you! I'll go get a chair."


The screen fades to black, and back in after a moment.

"Aah... It looks like the crowd is thinning out a little.
That was tiring."

"Are you okay, sir?"

"I'm fine, I'm just a little t...

"At least he held up pretty well until now..."


It's almost time to clean up and prepare for classes tomorrow...

And so I spent the last hours of the festival nervously watching Mister Nanaki sleep, slipping ever lower in his chair.



October 7th



I handed in my recorder instead of my math homework!

What do I do? Is Mister Nanaki still in the staff room...?


"Excuse m--"




Mister Nanaki and Doctor Iwamine. I hadn't expected to see them together.

"...and you see nothing peculiar about these numbers?"

"Nothing at all."

"There is a statistical deviation visible in the data on students from the past few years.
I had hoped to get some insight from you, but..."

"It would seem I have overestimated you."

"Really? Sorry I couldn't help, then."

I prefer to pick sides when a decision is at stake but here we just get to scold one or the other for being an asshole or playing dumb.

"That's not very nice, Doctor!"

"...what do you want?"

"Hello, Tosaka. What is it?"

"Umm, sir, I gave you my recorder earlier instead of my homework!"

" you did. Here you go."

"Here's the workbook! Sorry sir! Thank you sir!"

"Like teacher, like pupil...?"




November 10th


Aah, today was good! The true real LIFE!

I think I'll go home and spend some fulfilling TIME before going to bed!


"Hi, Ryouta!"

"You know where Mister Nanaki lives, right?"

"Yes, but... why do you ask?"

"He left his phone in the staff room."

"He's already left, but... you know how slowly he moves. If you hurry, you could catch up to him before he gets home!"

"I could take it to him, but I need to run some errands for my mother before I go home, so I was wondering if maybe you could...?"

"Sure! I'm not doing anything."

"Thank you!"


Mister Nanaki's phone... now that I think about it, I don't know anything about his personal life. Is he always as spacey as he is at school...?

...he probably spends 97% of his time at home asleep.



A piece of paper fell out of his phone case.

"What's this...?"


The music stops.


It's a photo.

A photo of a bird, but... I can't see the face at all. Someone's scribbled all over it.

"Did... Mister Nanaki do this?
It doesn't seem like him at all..."


I'll just put it back in the case. Maybe I should pretend I didn't see it...?


"Oh, hello, Tosaka.
Where are you going? You look like you're in a hurry."

"Sir, you forgot your cell phone!"

" I did! Thank you for coming after me with it, Tosaka. That was very nice of you."

"No problem at all, sir!

"Hmm? Was there something else?"

As if I could resist asking about it.

"Sir, I... I'm sorry. I didn't mean to look inside, but something... fell out."

"Fell out?"

"Umm, the picture. I..."

"Ahh, yes, that."


"Don't worry about it. After all, it's not something you need to worry about, right?"


But I'm curious!

"It was... almost completely marked out."


"Because I marked it out."


He... he did?! I never would have believed it from someone else, but since it's him saying so...

"Well, see you tomorrow!"


And so he left, with a farewell as carefree as if we'd just been talking about the weather.

He... has a side I've never seen, doesn't he...?

You don't even know, Hiyoko.


November 23rd

New school CG! Pigeonations' is so lovely.


Aah... it's that time of year when the chill outside gradually breaks down my soul.
Well, I'm done cleaning so I guess it's time to go home.



Where's my phone?

I remember looking at Daily Portal Z during break, so...
I can't have left it at home.

"We had chemistry lab today, right...?"


Maybe I left it in there.

The screen goes black.


The door...
is open. Good.

"There it is!"


Sitting right on the bench I worked at.

"Sorry, were you lonely? Come on, let's head home!"

Just as we switch rooms, the screen shakes.



I bumped into...


Oh good, it's the doctor. I thought it might have been some kind of murderer.

"You again. Has your life no purpose aside from meddling with me?"

"No, I...!"


What is he even doing here? He came out of the chemistry prep room... right?

"Alone, after school, in the lab... what were you doing?"

"U-um... I left something behind..."

"Did you see anything?"


"I'm asking if you saw anything."

"Wh-what are you..."


What is he talking about?
Would it be a problem if I had seen something?

What were you doing in there, Doctor?


"...very well."

"May I ask a favor of you, Miss Tosaka?"

The music ends somewhere around here. It's hard to tell because it's got so much quiet in it.

"Ah, yes! What is it?"

"Could you bring me the files from the prep room? The black ones, on the desk."

"...isn't this the prep room right here?"

"They are, somewhat heavy for me.
But I am sure you will have no problem with them."

"Would you mind?"

"N-no sir..."


I'm not sure I could get away with saying no.
I'll just do as he says...


Files... files... which ones?

I don't see anything like what he asked me for...

There's the sound of a door closing.




Another sound effect as she tries the door.



"I'm locked in...?"

The screen shakes.

"D-doctor! Doctor, let me out!"

"What are you doing?! Let me out! Brute! Villain! Fluffy heretic!"


No reply.

The building's going to be locked soon and I didn't tell anyone I was coming here...


"Somebirdie, help me! The Doctor locked me in here!"


Why did he do that?

There's no reason to, unless-

"He thinks I saw something I shouldn't have..."

"This must be his way of...
Shutting me up. Or removing the evidence...
That's probably it."


I'm in despair!
This evil doctor who will probably be coming back with a cleaver or something has left me in despair!

I'm not sure I could make it out the window...

But I have to get out of here, quickly! How can I...?!

There's the sound of footsteps.



Coming closer.

I have to hide!
B-but there's nowhere to hide in here...!

The door opens, and the screen goes black. The music stops.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Please don't-


"What are you doing in here, Tosaka? School is closed already!"

"M-mister Nanaki..."

"I thought I heard noises coming from over here... were you banging on the door, Tosaka?"

"That's not good, the door isn't a punching bag!"


I think I can see a halo around his head. I can practically hear angels!
I'm alive!

"Sir, I-I..."

"There are some dangerous things in here, so don't come in without asking, okay?"

"I-I didn't come in of my own accord! The Doctor-"

"That's right, I asked her to."


"You did?"

"Indeed. I am... truly sorry."

"I completely forgot I'd asked her to get something, and locked her in and walked off."


You locked the door as soon as I walked in here!
Who are you, Clive Wearing?!

Here is everything you need to learn about Clive Wearing, but I'll give you a condensed version if you're wrapped up in the story here. As you can probably assume from the context, Mr. Wearing has brain damage caused by Herpesviral Encephalitis that prevents him from being able to form new memories. Once a famous musician he now remembers how to perform and conduct music, but his day-to-day life is a struggle. He has only a moment-to-moment consciousness. It's actually pretty sad and interesting if you go read the wiki.

"Is that it? Well, then..."

"This whole thing stinks of ill-doing, Mister Nanaki!"

"But the Doctor said it was an accident."

"I think it might be best if you went home as soon as possible this time of year, Tosaka.
It gets dark so quickly."


That is true.
I wanted to leave early, but then all this happened!

"Well then... I'll head home now."

"Stay safe! We'll have a career plans survey tomorrow, so don't forget the printout from earlier today."


The screen goes black a moment and for the first time, we have a scene without Hiyoko.


"Tosaka is a very honest, nice girl, isn't she?"

"Though, she is a little bit restless."

"I agree completely.
Anyway, I shall excuse myself now. Goodbye."



"That was a little sloppy.
You failed to pay sufficient attention to your surroundings."

"That sort of thing will be the death of you, you know."


"...just kidding.
Accidents like that happen to everyone, and you remembered to come let her out in the end.
Don't worry about it."

Thank you, professor."


December 8th

In a spectacular display of mood-whiplash we go back to happy school days and beat Sakuya for the best score in our exams. But this is a wrap for the second term! Nanaki-sensei... what are you up to?


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