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Thanks for coming to read the ending of the Nanaki romantic route! With Legumentine's just ahead, will our sexy sensei finally let us in?


January 1st


The sun!
Its majestic brilliance sweeps across the land, lighting it into incandescent glory!

It's the first day of the new year. Looks like I'm still alive to enjoy it!

It's a little cold out, but it's calm and the sun is warm.
I think I'll go visit the shrine.

 (St. Pigeonations' Institute)

There are a lot of birds here already. Must be nice to have some warm winter plumage...
Maybe I should borrow some from somebirdie.

I think I'll buy an amulet and go home.



I don't know which Ryouta outfit I like the best.


"Happy New Year! Here's to many happy returns, right?"

"What are you doing, Ryouta?"

"Exactly what it looks like! I'm working here today and tomorrow!"

"O-oh... it looks good on you...!"

"You came here to buy an amulet, right? Which one would you like?"

Well since we know Nanaki values violent conquest... let's get one for school.

"Here you go!"

"Thanks, Ryouta! Are you here all day today?"

"Yup! The first day's always busy."

"Oh well. I was going to ask if you wanted to get lunch together, but..."

"Sorry, Hiyoko. Maybe some other time?"

"Since you're here, why not go get a fortune? They're next to the main building, over there."

"Okay! Thanks. See you, Ryouta!"


"Mister Nanaki!
Happy New Year!"

"Oh, hello, Tosaka.
Happy New Year."

"Did you get a fortune, sir?"

"Yes. Unfortunately, I seem to have drawn the Chicken of Ill Omen... Why don't you take one?"

"I will!"

"Hmm, which should I take...?
...this one!"

 photo jan01-10_zpsab8af8a9.png

"Good, you got a better one than I did. I think this will be a good year for you, Tosaka."

"Thank you, sir!"


January 10th

Back to school happy new year nanaki-sensei hibernates blah blah blah


February 2nd

Time for Legumentine's shopping! I believe that Nanaki's favourite is Country Millet.
February 3rd
(St. Pigeonations' Institute)
Today's the day! The preparations are complete! Time to give the beans to that special somebirdie.

"Sir! Mister Nanaki!"

"Hello, Tosaka. What is it?"

"Umm... today is Legumentine's!
So I wanted to give you beans..."

"You want to give them to me?
Are you sure that's okay?
You don't have someone else?"

"No, sir! I want to give them to you, sir!"

"I don't know what kind of things you like to eat, so I wasn't sure which to get, but..."

"Aah, millet seeds...
I like them very much."

"I've enjoyed them for a long time.
They bring back good memories... mmm, such a nice, gentle smell..."


"S-sir! They do smell nice, but please don't fall asleep!"

Umm... are you really sure you want to give these to me?"

"Yes, sir! A hunter-gatherer never goes back on her word!"

"Thank you, then. Mmm..."

"I wonder what I should give you in exchange...
I'll have to think about it."


And so he wandered off towards the staff room, a gentle smile on his face.

I'm glad he liked them!



February 10th


The semester's almost over. In a few short days, I will no longer be a sophomore.

But there's one thing I have left to do first.
One thing I need to do.


"Hello, Tosaka! What is it? Asking to meet outside is a little odd."

Poor stupid sensei.

"If it's about your career plan, don't worry, you're still a sophomore. You don't have to decide for a few months yet."

"N-no sir.
I... wanted to ask you something."

"Oh? Please, do."

"Sir... I like you.
Is that... is that alright?"

"You do say the strangest things, Tosaka."

"I like you, too.
You're kind, smart, you work hard..."

"I-I didn't mean it like that...!"


"...listen. I'm no longer able to love another creature.
It's not your fault, Tosaka... I'm sorry."


No longer able to love another creature? What does he mean?

"You saw it, remember?"

"...saw what, sir?"

"The photo."

"Yes, sir.
I didn't mean to..."

"Don't worry about it. I knew you wouldn't lie."

"I suppose I should tell you..."

"That was a photo of the most important bird in my life."

"...I'm sorry, sir, I didn't mean to come in between..."

"I thought that we could live through anything, just the two of us."

"I think we meant more to each other than anybirdie else in the world..."

one day I looked around, I was alone."

"Life changed, after that."

"I... stopped caring.
About a lot of things."

"I can never forget.
Never forget our life, our promises."

"But... I'm not sure how to say this."

"As I looked at that photo every day, I... realized I couldn't tell anymore."

"Couldn't tell if I felt love when I saw that face, or if...
if I felt hatred."

"I... I think losing someone dear is painful for everyone..."

"After a while, I...
I couldn't stand to see it anymore."

"So you...?"

"That's right...
But even as I tried to forget, some part of me didn't want to."

"You see now, right?
Why I don't want to love again."

"By now, the love I felt has soured into resentment."

"Rather than forcing all that hatred onto one person, I...
I think it's better to love everyone around you just enough that you won't regret losing them."

"That's... too sad...!"

"You don't agree, Tosaka?"

"I love your kindness, sir..."

"But when I see that kindness bringing you pain, I have to wonder if there isn't a better way..."

"Ahahaha, I wonder."

"By the way...
There's one more thing I should tell you."


"That photo..."

"It's gone now.
I burned it."


"When you saw it, it made me think about things again.
I never would have shown it to anyone, so I was... rather shaken."

"We both knew that one of us would be gone one day, and...
Neither of us would have wanted the other to mourn."

"So, as I looked at the photo..."

"I thought... it was better.
Better to put it away.
So I burned it."

"Sort of... as an apology for defacing it like that."

"I should remember the beautiful face I knew, not...
a photo covered in scribbles."


"Tosaka, just because I'm a teacher doesn't mean you should always look up to me."

"Th-that doesn't have anything to do with it...!"

"But... I understand that you don't want to forget her, sir."

"I have an idea, Tosaka."

"I will be waiting here at this school, forever.
If after you've grown up a little you still feel the same way... I'll be here for you."

"Sir, that's..."

"I don't like to make idle promises, but..."

"I'm sure you'll grow up into a wonderful person, Tosaka.
So let's wait until then."

"Yes, sir...!"

The screen fades to black, but the music continues.


Graduating, growing up, and then coming back here...
That will be another story.

I don't know what he will say to me on that day. I don't know what I will feel, or what he will feel.
But right now, I am truly happy.


Thanks for coming with me on this emotional roller coaster. Next on the list is Shirogane le bel Sakuya. In spite of himself, his route isn't really a joyride either.

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