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Welcome back to Let's Play Hatoful Boyfriend - Yuuya Route part 2! Can we find more out about this mysterious casadova?


August 30th

Let's just skip this part entirely. Hiyoko arrives early for school, yada yada

September 1st

Something new to be added: here's the music that introduces the new term!


The text is: ジングル明・オルゴール [NEW TERM]. So "Jingle Akira・Music Box [NEW TERM]".

Although we're skipping September 1st, this is a good time to remind you about the ID that Hiyoko discovers in the hallway of a student who has been missing since June.


September 3rd

Math Elective. Wis goes up by 5!


September 13th

Here we get the scene we had during Nageki's route where we find the classroom full of feathers. We'll revisit this one again in full during Nanaki's route.

September 25th


Today's the school festival!
Our class decided to do a maid cafe. I'm not scheduled to work til tomorrow, so... I have today off!

I don't have anything to do, so I guess I'll go look around.

Didn't Yuuya say his class was doing a butler cafe in the courtyard?

Hrm. As a member of the maid team, I can't ignore this threat.

As if there was any doubt that we weren't going. Yuuya's butler cafe is the best.


...aaaaargh! No fair!

They have this, and we're stuck in a classroom?!
I think we've already lost in terms of location..."

"Mon amie?"


"How kind of you to come see m...
Wait, no."

"Welcome back, my lady.
Please, come this way."


Oh! He does look good.
I think I'm blushing.

"Y-you're not fooling anyone, Yuuya! You say that to everybirdie, right?"

"It is my duty, for today.
Please forgive me, my lady."


"What's your class doing, mon amie?"

"A maid cafe."

"Well well! I suppose that makes us rivals. You've certainly done a good job of infiltrating our base, I must say."


Maids vs Butlers: Battle of the Schoolground.
...I think it's a bit much.

"You're not on duty today? Or are you taking a break?"

"I'm on duty tomorrow."

"I see. In that case, I shall come witness your maidery. I will, of course, ask for you."

"I await your return, master!" ~☆



October 7th


We're getting brand new cleaning supplies for the infirmary today!

It doesn't seem like a particularly dirty room, but for some reason they always run out really quickly.

Yuuya went ahead, and I can't keep him waiting.
Blast off to the speed of light! To the maintenance office and beyond!





Yuuya's talking with the janitor, Mister One.

I hadn't expected Mister One, the quiet, foppish bird with a cult following to get along with the infamous studmuffin Sakazaki Yuuya!

"...but I don't think we'll find any evidence."

"Right. I'll check the others."


"Salut, mon amie!"

"I was waiting for you.
Here, I'll take the heavy stuff, you take the broom."

"...that's that, then."


Mister One retreats into his lair with an unsociable expression.

"Mister One seems like kind of a loner. I wonder if it's part of the job description."

"He's a nice fellow once you get to know him.
I think his taciturn nature does him great injustice, personally."

"You're friends with him?"

"I do have a lot of opportunities to talk to him, yes.
It was only to be expected."


He starts carrying the supplies down the hall, ending the conversation.

Somehow I feel like he doesn't want to talk about it.


November 10th


We're going to be deciding our majors soon... I haven't thought about it at all. I'll need to have my career worked out by this time next year, won't I?

I wonder if Yuuya's already decided on his?

Maybe I'll go ask him for advice.

Student A

"Sakazaki? Uh... hey, did Sakazaki come in this morning?"

Student B

"Yeah, he was here this morning.
Dunno where he went."

"D-doesn't he attend class?"

Student B

"He's never been particularly serious, no. He isn't even here half the time...
I don't think he's planning to go to University, is he?"


I never realized!

Hmmmm.... If he is still here, he's probably at the infirmary or the shop.

I'll go to the shop first. We didn't have infirmary duty today and my hunter-gatherer instincts are telling me he's there.


Hello, mon amie. You startled me."


That was easier than I expected.
He's acting kind of weird, though... he isn't shoplifting, is he?

"Are you busy right now?
I wanted to talk to you..."

"Uh... sure... here."



He takes my hand and runs from the store.

"What are you doing?
Why'd you drag me into this empty hallway?"

"Are you excited?"


"Oh well."

"Why did you come and talk to me, mon amie? Were you drawn to my sexy aura?"

"No, I just wanted to talk to you about career plans and stuff..."

"You've always been a diligent girl, Hiyoko.
You know hanging around me is dangerous, though? You won't get off with just a scratch."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, you might get..."

"Shot, stabbed, dismembered, drowned, buried alive... that sort of thing."

With this, the music stops.

"I-I don't know what you're talking about, Yuuya."

"Don't think too hard! I mean exactly what I said."

"I'm going to disappear from this school soon, mon amie. I know it isn't easy, but you should forget about me.
That'll be for the best."

The music continues again.


His tone of voice is as carefree as ever, but his eyes are dead serious. I don't think he's joking...

"Kind of hard to swallow, isn't it? How about this -- I'll tell you something neat, as a parting gift."

"You know the rumors that missing students end up as meat in the cafeteria, and quill pens in the shop?"


"Why do you think I'm so forward, mon amie? And why do you think I work in the infirmary?"

"Live an honest, happy life. Adieu!"

"Y-Yuuya! Wait!"



December 8th

We came in with marks at the top of the class again. Sakuya is furious. All is right in the world.


Thanks again for joining us on Let's Play Hatoful Boyfriend! Join us again next time for New Year! And maybe we'll find out just what it is Yuuya wants to do with his life after high school. Why is it that he's a wanted man?


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