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Hello friends, and welcome back! Here we approach the end of Yuuya's Route! Can we find out the answers to the many mysteries of Yuuya Sakazaki?

January 1st

I thought I'd skip this part, but I just realized we've only really had a New Years' on Nageki's Route! So let's do it again!

The sun!
Its majestic brilliance sweeps across the land, lighting it into incandescent glory!It's the first day of the new year. Looks like I'm still alive to enjoy it!

It's a little cold out, but it's calm and the sun is warm.
I think I'll go visit the shrine.

(St. Pigeonations' Institute)
There are a lot of birds here already. Must be nice to have some warm winter plumage...
Maybe I should borrow some from somebirdie.I think I'll buy an amulet and go home.



"Happy New Year! Here's to many happy returns, right?"

"What are you doing, Ryouta?"

"Exactly what it looks like! I'm working here today and tomorrow!"

"O-oh... it looks good on you...!"

"You came here to buy an amulet, right? Which one would you like?"

Since our boyfriend is a secret super spy, let's go for conquest.

"Here you go!"

"Thanks, Ryouta! Are you here all day today?"

"Yup! The first day's always busy."

"Oh well. I was going to ask if you wanted to get lunch together, but..."

"Sorry, Hiyoko. Maybe some other time?""Since you're here, why not go get a fortune? They're next to the main building, over there."

"Okay! Thanks. See you, Ryouta!"


"Mister Nanaki!
Happy New Year!"

"Oh, hello, Tosaka.
Happy New Year."

"Did you get a fortune, sir?"

"Yes. Unfortunately, I seem to have drawn the Chicken of Ill Omen... Why don't you take one?"

"I will!"

"Hmm, which should I take...?
...this one!"

 photo jan01-08_zps64694873.png

Thank you God on this day for Hatoful Boyfriend.

"Good, you got a better one than I did. I think this will be a good year for you, Tosaka."

"Thank you, sir!"

Wait, isn't that...


"Happy New Salut, mon amie!"

"It is you! Happy New Salut to you, too!"

"Aah, to meet you on the first day of the new year! A good omen indeed."

"Did you come alone?"

"Not... exactly, no."

"I was looking for someone, but...
I seem to have lost sight of them."

You're just as suspicious as always, Yuuya.

"But I've found you instead, so I can't say this was a wild goose chase, mon amie."

"I shall go thank the gods of this shrine for this fated encounter.

And so he sauntered off with a dashing wave.
I guess he was in a hurry.

January 10th

On this day Nanaki-sensei introduces the final term.

February 2nd

This is the introduction of Legumentine's! I'll just skip along and tell you we're buying Yuuya Bitter Black Beans, because he's a cool adult senpai.

February 3rd

(St. Pigeonations' Institute)
Today's the day! The preparations are complete! Time to give the beans to that special somebirdie.

I want to go give Yuuya beans, but...
I don't even know if he's at school today.

I guess I'll have to call him!

There's the sound of ringing, when...


"Salut! Mon amie!"

He answered!

"Hello! How are you, Yuuya?

Where are you right now?"


"I'm fine, but alas, I cannot say where I am.

The best men all have a mystery or two thousand, after all.""Do you need me for something?"

"Umm, could we meet up for a bit?

Please! I'll only ask this once!"


"A once-in-a-lifetime request, in other words? Really?"

"A once-in-a-lifetime (plus many more times in the same lifetime) request!"


"Well, that sounds important.
I can't exactly say no, now can I?""Shall we meet at the usual place in the park tonight, say at eight?"



"Yuuya! I hope I didn't keep you waiting."

"Time spent waiting for a lady is magical, irreplaceable time.
Pay it no mind, mon amie.""Unfortunately, I do not have much time left for today. Forgive my lack of romance, but may I ask what you wanted to meet with me for?"

"Oh, yes!""Its Legumentine's, so I wanted to give you this."

"You wanted to give me beans, mon amie?"


"Aah, how wonderful! I am glad I risked my life to come here."

"I thought maybe your mature, manly spirit would like these."

"Bitter black beans!

Thank you, mon amie. I have loved these since I was but a child.""Had I told you that?"

"Nope! But my hunter-gatherer instincts never fail."

"I see. I wonder if we truly are bound together by fate! How romantic."

"This gives me hope and caffeine to carry me through this darkest of nights.
Adieu, mon amie!"

And so he disappeared into the night.I can't say I have any more of an idea what he's up to than I ever do, but I'm glad he liked the beans!


February 13th

The semester's almost over. In a few short weeks, I will no longer be a sophomore.I haven't seen Yuuya since New Years'. Apparently he hasn't come to school all semester...

There are rumours that he dropped out, but could that really be true?

I feel like a hole has opened up in my heart. I think I'll go drown my sorrows in arcade games.

Wait, isn't that...


"...mon amie?!""Y-you look like you're doing pretty well! I, uh, have some stuff to do. Adieu!"

"H-hey, w-w-w-w-w-wait!"

U-uh, Hiyoko, could you not grab me so tightly?"


"Yuuya, is your wing bro..."

"Look out!"

With this there's the sound of a bullet ricochet, and the music starts. I LOVE THIS TRACK.

A gunshot?!

"Opening fire on a lady?! Such insufferable cads they are.""This way, mon amie. Run!"

"Yuuya, what's going on? Please, explain yourself! What are you? Why are people trying to kill you? Are you a wanted man?!"

"I... suppose I can't really say you're not involved anymore, can I. It's time I explained.""Do you know of the Hawk Party and the Dove Party, mon amie?"

"The political factions?"

"Right. They were names used in human politics, but now they carry a different meaning."

For those of you not well educated in poli-sci, Doves and Hawks are words that also describe a type of leadership. Hawks tend to be aggressive war-mongers while Doves tend to be peacemakers. The wiki articles on these are pretty barren but feel free to take a look: Hawks vs Doves. I think Moa's initiative in doing something with these cultural bird slangs is hilarious.

"The Dove party believes we should live peacefully with the remaining humans, while the Hawk party believes we should exterminate them to make room for birds.
St. Pigeonations' is actually a secret experimental institute created by the Hawks."

Wh... what...?!

"Of course, it's not like the entire faculty is working for them. There's only one Hawk agent actually working at the school.">"By contrast, I was dispatched by the Doves to infiltrate the school and investigate the experiments."

"As you said, I'm a wanted man. Ahaha, I'm proud to live up to that title! I'm an expert at clandestine information retrieval, and information is valuable."

"I imagine you've already realized why I was helping in the infirmary."

HMM WHO Cthe Doctor

"Correct.""'Iwamine' is no doubt an assumed name. He's a researcher for the Hawk Party, and has been developing anti-human biological weapons using data collected by physical examinations."

"Remember when we bumped into each other at the school shop?"

"Yes, I think we..."

"I was investigating where the products sold there come from."

"I found that DNA samplings from the pens there matched the samples taken from missing students.

Same goes for much of the poultry in the cafeteria."

Th-that's... horrible...""But, if the doctor was out to exterminate humans, why did he never do anything to me?"

"Hmm... this is just my interpretation, but I don't think he holds any political ideals.
I think he trusts only in his own knowledge, and his own power to expand that knowledge."

"Something like... a mad scientist, maybe?"

"Exactly.""I suppose it never occurred to him to target you, since you were working for him. I think he was more interested in observing your interactions with the other students."

"I wanted to reveal the Hawks' involvement in the school, but... In the end, it proved too much for me alone."

"And now, well... I can no longer live in the open. I plan to leave this city tonight."

"But I can't leave just yet. I don't know if I can... just leave you here, Hiyoko."


"You may have already been marked as one of my associates, and if that is the case, then leaving you alone would be dangerous.""...I'm sorry I got you involved in all this, mon amie."

"Hardly! I was the one who approached you. You don't need to apologize."

"Ahahha, you're such a nice girl.
Thank you.""Hmmm..."

"I'll let you decide. Do you want to come with me into the world of darkness, or would you rather live a normal life? Of course, if you want to stay, I'll assign agents to protect you."

The music stops here, but when we make our decision, we get

"I want to go with you."

"Are you sure? You may be putting your life at risk."

"Don't make me say it twice."

"Aaah... somehow, I was hoping you'd say that. I haven't been this happy in a long time.""There's nothing more keeping us here, then. Let us go, mon amie."

The screen fades to black.

And so I followed Yuuya into the world of darkness.

Sometime in the future, a pair of spies and their endless battle for justice behind the frail curtain of society will pass into legend...
But that's another story.

After playing through this route I think it's actually one of the weakest as a whole just because Yuuya spends so much of it running around, absent, and keeping secrets from you. It makes logical sense but it's sort of frustrating structurally and makes a bit of a writing faux pas by doing that, but whatever I like it anyway. It also makes up for it by introducing some really pivotal elements of the plot.

But don't worry, we've just only scratched the surface of the enigma known as Sakazaki Yuuya.

And, for the record, the title of this ending is a reference to the Bond film
"You Only Live Twice". Secret Agent Yuuya, aw yeah.

Thanks again, friends, for joining me for this LP! Up next is the aloof professor, Kazuaki Nanaki. Can he keep his secrets as hidden as our secret agent?


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