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Greetings, friends! And welcome back to Let's Play Hatoful Boyfriend! This time we'll be pursuing the upperclassman Yuuya - my personal favourite.


April 11th

Okay I think we all know the formalities at this point so let's move right along.

If you remember much about Yuuya (it's been a while, I know), you should remember that he works at the infirmary, so let's sign up!


April 12th

It's an elective day! Apparently Yuuya admires our sharp wit, so we'll be attending Math class. But unfortunately, he's also not in our class so we'll never be seeing him here. In other words, I can skip right past our electives this time, entirely. (I guess Sakuya is the only one who cares about Charisma. There will be a lot new stuff in music class once we get there.)

Hiyoko leveled up!
Wisdom increased by 5!


April 15th


Oh! I'm supposed to help at the infirmary today.

I shouldn't keep them waiting.
Better hurry!

( St. Pigeonations' Institute Ironically, this was not on the OST I received.)

"Salut, Hiyoko."


"What's wrong? Are you hurt?"

"So sweet of you to worry for me!
But, no. I'm the second-in-command here."

" are?
I never would have guessed!"

"I couldn't be happier, mon amie.
Mystery is the most powerful of aphrodisiacs."

"Anyway, our job as staff is to check the medicines and clean up in here. Normally, I'd do that."

"But today I've got some stuff I need to take care of, so could you handle this mess for me?"

"Of course!"

"My thanks, Hiyoko. Oh, and don't touch the desk -- it's the doctor's personal area."

"I'll take you somewhere nice in return. Adieu!"


Yuuya flutters out the door.
...did he just ask me out?

Anyway, cleaning.

The screen fades out and in, the music quiet.


Some of these drugs are a little weird, no matter how you look at it. Is this really an infirmary?

It feels more like a human, or rather, avian experimentation room.

The desk drawer is open, and there are files sticking out.

Everything was very neat when I was in here last, but maybe the doctor's a little careless about tidying up?

Yuuya did say not to go near the desk, but...

Although I think you'd have to be determined to get on Yuuya's bad side, let's not push our luck.

I'm a little curious, but he did say not to go near the desk.
I'd better leave it alone.

The doctor might show up and turn me into Hiyoko salami.


April 20th & 21st

These two days encapsulate the class hike and the brief prelude introducing the class hike. For some reason, my guide tells me to visit with Kazuaki. So instead of pasting that, feel free to check out the Nageki route where we also spoke with Nanaki, or wait for when we get to his route.

May 6th

This is an elective day, so we go to math class and our wis goes up by 5. Hooray!

May 16th
God I'M SORRY FOR SKIPPING SO MUCH, THE FIRST TERM ISN'T VERY SPECIALIZED. On the 16th the birds talk about what they're going to do for the sports festival, so I'm just cutting out that part.

May 21st
 photo San1-15_zps5e5187eb.png
Today's the sports festival!

I never did make up my mind. What should I do?

 photo San1-16_zpsa62abbf5.png


Did you come to gaze into my eyes, mon amie?"

"Umm... I heard the first-aid team was shorthanded."



I think I might have mentioned this before, but the actual translation choice was "Salutations", and so I've been ironing that out in my LP because I think it's dumb. Originally, Yuuya said "Salut", which is a french greeting (pronounced "Sal-uu"), so why the translator chose to turn it into "Salutations" is a bit beyond me, but I don't think that they themselves are a native English speaker, which might account for some of the problems. It could also be that they don't know french.

"Alas! Spurned for the sake of medicine. I must work harder to prove my love."

"Anyway, happy to have you. As you can see, we have plenty of work to do."

"Ah... the obstacle course does always hurt a lot of birds. Why use a game designed for humans?"

"Beyond me, mon amie.
I suppose it's tradition."

As a note, just in case you don't know - "mon amie" is just "my friend"!

"Where's the doctor? Shouldn't he be here, too?"

"Over there."


He's resting in the shade of a tree, some distance away. It looks like he's taking notes on the performance of the birds on the race track...

"What's he doing over there?"

"He doesn't want to ruin his girlish complexion working in the heat. He does the same thing every year."

I'm sure that would be a good excuse if you didn't have feathers.

"Is he taking notes on something?"

"A lot of the birds graduating from this school get scouted by pro sports teams, so maybe he's checking up on the promising ones?"

"Uh-oh, they've started. We'll be busy soon -- get ready, mon amie."

"Yes, sir!"


And so I spent the sports festival patching up damaged doves with Yuuya.

I learned some first-aid from him so it was time well spent... I think?

May 27th

We get our mid-term marks back and we've done well because we go to math class. THE END.

June 22nd

(St. Pigeonation's Institute)

"Mmm! Today is a good day.
I feel like I'm shining!

I wonder what I should do during break..."

This time we find Yuuya hiding out at the store!


I don't really need anything, but I think I'll go to the store.

I've never really looked around there before.

Wow! They've got all sorts of things for sale!

Though, these nest-building materials... look like what you'd find in a human stores trash.


"My, how mature of you, mon amie.
Planning to settle down already?"


"N-no, that's not it! I'm still a high school student...!"

"That may be so, you know we doves reach sexual maturity within a year of birth."

Yuuya stop being gross.


...they do?!
That seems a little hasty.

"That aside, what are you here to buy, Yuuya?"

"Your love, of course."

"My l...?!"

"Yuuya, that's...
We're not...

"I'm not good enough? Oh well, I'll have to try again later."


Is this how he talks to every girl he meets...?

Yuuya is being gross and Hiyoko is damn well going to tell him so.

"I think that's a little rude, Yuuya!"

"What is?"

"That sort of... loose talk. Like I'm a game, or something"

"You know, that's the first time a girl's ever said that to me."

"I'm surprised."

"Thank you, mon amie. I'll carry this warning in my pigeon heart forever. Adieu!"
June 26th

Math class again!
July 7th

Today is Tanabata!

There's probably a bamboo tree in the plaza this year, too...
I think I'll go make a wish.

Wow, there're lots here already!
Anybirdie I know?

Oh, we also got Nanaki's.

What should I wish for?

This time, we're going with the artist dream, which is kind of funny since I'm not sure if Hiyoko has any artistic talent whatsoever.

"I wish to become a famous artist whose work is known the world over!"

Since we're turning Nanaki down for his walk home again tonight, we'll just mosey past that part too.

July 11th

Math elective! We gain 5 wisdom!


July 15th

This is the post-exam day where Nanaki congratulates us on how well we're doing academically. Hooray!

July 13th


Cleaning the classroom took longer than usual.
I need to hurry to the infirmary!

Ah, yes. The source of endless wisdom.

"What is it?
I'm in a bit of a hurry..."

"Nothing much.
Just... have you heard of the seven mysteries of St. Pigeonations, Hiyoko?"

"This school even has its own horror stories? Do tell."

"Yeah. Well... there's one that says that sometimes students will disappear in the infirmary only to show up again as food in the dining hall and quill pens in the school store."

"Sounds like an urban legend to me."

"It does, but... Doctor Iwamine is pretty suspicious. Be careful, okay?"

"You go to the infirmary a lot, right?
Has he ever done anything to you?"

"No, but...
Well, you're a girl, Hiyoko.
I'm a little worried."

You forget that I'm a monstrous she-hulk.

"That's true. I'll be careful."


Ryouta always has been one to overthink things. Anyway, can't keep Yuuya waiting!

"Excuse m..."



Yuuya and the doctor are talking about something.

"Did you really think I hadn't noticed?"

"You sure look like you woke up on the wrong side of the nest.
What are you talking about?"

"I shouldn't have to explain.
You know exactly what I'm talking about."

"I have told you never to touch my desk, haven't I?"

"And what makes you think I ever have?"


This doesn't look too good.


There you are, mon amie!"

"Hiyoko can back me up on this.
We were in the courtyard together until a few minutes ago."

"She said she was going to the restroom, so I should go on ahead.
I only just got here."

"In other words, I haven't had time to go rifling through your stuff, doctor.
Right, mon amie?"


Just what is going on here?

It sounds like the doctor suspects Yuuya of having searched his desk while he was out...

I came straight from the classroom to here, so Yuuya's obviously lying.

We can't leave a friend in trouble now, can we?


I don't quite know what's going on, but I don't like the look on the doctor's face.

"That's right. Yuuya and I were having a sexy and luxurious sunbath in the courtyard up until a few minutes ago."

"Sexy and luxurious it was indeed. Well, doctor?"

"...very well. I shall have to wait for more solid evidence."

"Please, do be careful."

"Of course, doctor."

The screen and the music fade, and we reappear in the hallway.

"Yuuya, what--"

"Forgive me, mon amie. I can't explain right now."

"But... one day."

And he's gone. What was that supposed to mean?

Is something really happening in the infirmary?

July 15th

Today we get back our exams and we've done really well, of course. SCORE.

July 20th

The school bell rings.

Today's the last day!
It's been a semester already...

Sometimes it seemed long, and sometimes it seemed short, but either way, it's summer now!

I should probably find out if I need to come to school to clean the infirmary at all.


"Well, I will be here just about every day that the building is open... but there isn't really any need for you to come too."

"There's nothing I could do to help?"

Was there anything else?"

Really, Hiyoko?

"No, that's all."

"I will ask you to leave, then.
You aren't an unpleasant companion, but I have many experiments to conduct."

I got kicked out again.

What did he mean by 'experiments', anyway?
Like a chemist does?

August 6th

Today's the local summer festival! I think I'll go with somebirdie.

"Salut, Hiyoko.
I am honored to ask as your escort tonight, my love."

"Oh! Yuuya!
Sorry, did I keep you waiting?"

"Don't worry about it.
A gentleman never keeps a lady waiting, so I always show up half an hour early."


That's... pretty early.

"Shall we go, mon amie?"

"A successful festival indeed. Take my hand, Hiyoko, lest the crowd separate us."


"Don't tell me you're a hand-holding virgin?"

"Better late than never. You were the one who invited me.

While I love all of the Hatoboyfriends I can't help but feel that there are some, like Yuuya, where Hiyoko just doesn't really have the chemistry for it to be a convincing romance. Yuuya, for example. She just doesn't take his crap or really understand it, haha.

"Um... okay."


His feathers are... soft...

The screen and the music fades, taking us back to the park with Yuuya.

"This was fun, Hiyoko.
Where do you live? I'll walk you home."

"Umm, Yuuya...!"

"What is it? Do you want to play some more? The night is yet young, and if dangerous games are your desire, I will accompany you."

"Th-that's not what I meant!
I... wanted to ask you something."

"Of course.
Just, my height and weight are classified information, so I can't tell you those."

"Why did you lie to Doctor Iwamine?"

Ooh! Flashback.

"She said she was going to the restroom, so I should go ahead.
I only just got here."

"In other words, I haven't had time to go rifling through your stuff, Doctor.
Right, Hiyoko?"

The title of this song is アゲハ "MEMO". The Memo bit comes up a little later, but アゲハ means "Ageha"; a swallowtail butterfly. Something I'm surprised isn't recorded on wikipedia is how the Ageha is a generational symbol for the harajuku western backlash type of fashion culture, such as Goth Lolita, Ganguro, and Gal. I'm not sure if it has anything to do with the song, except that Yuuya is probably the only present male representative of the Ageha spirit, IMO. And you should definitely listen to this track, it's wonderful, and is a taste of some of the beautiful music to come.

"I came straight from cleaning my classroom. I hadn't seen you before I went into the infirmary."

"But you told the doctor that we'd been together. Why?"

"That was... a month ago, now.
I was hoping my obligation to explain had lapsed."

"You knew I was lying, then. So why did you play along?"

"Because... the doctor looked mad?
I felt like if I didn't help you he was going to do something to you--"

"Hey! I'm asking the questions here!"

"Ahaha. Sorry, mon amie.
Your hunter-gatherer instincts are too much for me.
But yes, if you hadn't helped me back then..."

"I'd probably be in little plastic bags in the freezer by now."

Can you guess what we do in the Shuu route?

"Th-that's not funny!"

"Indeed, it isn't funny at all.
And it's not a joke. Ahaha."

"Please, give me a straight answer, Yuuya..."

"That was a straight answer.
I'm always straight, in love.
Almost always."


"No, I meant..."


"Uhh, Hiyoko, could you do me a favor?"

"What now? You're just trying to avoid the question again."

Listen. I'll only say this once."



What's going on?
His usual detached air is gone.
He's looking around, almost nervously.

"...I'm sorry, mon amie. It looks like we had better split up. Can you get home alright by yourself?"

"O-of course, I..."

"Good girl. We'll part ways as soon as we reach that intersection. I'll head into an alleyway, so go straight home.
Don't look back."

"The night roads are laden with traps. Be careful.
Adieu, mon amie!"

He turns briskly and disappears into a narrow alley.

What on earth is going on? He told me not to look back, but...


A gunshot...?!

The scene fades at last and Hiyoko gets home safely.

Later that night, he sent me an e-mail.

"Did you make it home in one piece? I'll be visiting in your dreams, mon amie, so sleep well."

The message bears no trace of the tension I felt in him earlier.
Are you alright, Yuuya...?

He really is a mysterious bird.
I think I'll assume that his existence is one of the seven mysteries of St. Pigeonations'.


August 14th


The late sunset in the summer makes it easy to stay out late! I feel like my internal calendar is off already.

I think I'll get some udon and go home before I get life counseled.


Wait, isn't that... Yuuya?

He's rummaging around in a garbage can.

"Yuuya, what are you doing?!
Have you fallen so far, mongrel?!"

"Good evening, mon amie. You sound rather like a certain someone."

"I-I can't believe you need to fish around in trash cans for food, Yuuya...!"

"Please, don't misunderstand, mon amie. I was looking for something."

"Sadly, no clues were to be found in this barrel."


What is he talking about?

"Let's keep this a secret from Sakuya, shall we?
I would have for him to have new names for me when school starts up again."

"'Mister Garbage Disposal'!"

"Something like that."

"I would like to escort you home, mon amie, but unfortunately I am somewhat busy at the moment. Will you be alright on your own?"

"A hunter-gatherer can always find her way home!"

"Indeed. Adieu, mon amie!"


The smell of garbage surrounding him fades as he strides off into the night, but the mysteries don't. What was he looking for?

Maybe we can find out in Let's Play Hatoful Boyfriend: Yuuya Route Part Deux!


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