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Welcome back, friends, to Let's Play Hatoful Boyfriend, Ryouta Route part 3! Can these lovebirds get it together, or is love just not in the cards?




January 1st

"Happy New Year!"

"...but it's raining!"


Oh well.

I'd go to the shrine but this weather makes the wilderness dangerous.
I think I'll sleep in like a good girl instead.

I won't be able to send out cards in this rain, either!

January 10th

On January 10th Nanaki welcomes us back to school in time for the Third Term.

February 2nd


(St. Pigeonations' Institute)


It's still light out, so maybe I'll go somewhere before I head home. Wheee!

Oh! Tomorrow's Legumentine's!
I think I'll buy some beans.

Today, Legumentine's is a holiday where you give beans to the boy you like, but apparently it used to involve throwing them at pigeons.

 photo feb02-02_zps513d0f14.png


"Good evening! Here for the beans?"

"Yes. Is there a kind that you think is particularly good?"


"This year's trend is towards these bean medleys for racers, but they are a little pricey. It's hard to say without knowing the bird in question, really."

"Hmm... that's true. And sometimes the cheap ramen tastes better than the expensive stuff."

I remember this one! Ryouta likes Calm Corn because it's gentle on his stomach.

"I'll take these!"


"Thank you, Miss. Here you are."


February 3rd

(St. Pigeonations' Institute)


Today's the day! The preparations are complete! Time to give the beans to that special somebirdie.

"Ryouta, wait!"


"Umm, do you have a minute?"

"Sure. What's up?"

"Here! Calm corn for Legumentine's!"

"Woah! Thanks, Hiyoko!
Are you sure?"

"I love these, they're really good!"

"It said they were easy on birds' stomachs, so I thought you might!"

"I know sometimes it's tough, but... I like being around you and helping you, Ryouta."

"...thank you, Hiyoko. That makes me really happy."

"You like udon, right?
Let me take you out sometime."



He seems happy. Yay!


February 10th


Tests are over, and there's nothing else to do but wait for spring break. This year really was over before I knew it.

That aside, it's cold... I need to do something about the temperature in my house before I get sick.

Huh? Someone sent me a text message.

"In the park. Come quick."



Ryouta is huddled on the bench where we usually meet.

"Ryouta, what's--"


He's crying?!

"It's still cold out, Ryouta.
You'll catch cold without a coat on..."



"Hey, Hiyoko..."

"My mother...
died, today."


I can't find words. I had a feeling this conversation would come, but...
I don't know what to say.

"She... was a dove, but... she...
She always got sick when...
When it was cold... That's not right. That... isn't supposed to happen."


"I'm alone now, Hiyoko."

"You still have me, don't you?"

"She said the same thing, at the end.
'Rely on Hiyoko, and let her rely on you'."

"...but I think that would be irresponsible of me."

"I love you, Hiyoko.
More than anyone else, now."

I-I love you too, Ryouta!"

"But, I...
How can I say this...?"

"My mother was weak, but...
It's not as if she had a short life, for a dove."


"...what are you trying to say, Ryouta...?"

"If... if you were to marry me...
I'd die much sooner than you."


"We're different species. We have different lifespans, too. That's nature. But... knowing that from the start, knowing that I would end up leaving you alone, it... It just seems too irresponsible."

"That doesn't matter! It doesn't mean we can't be together. I love you, Ryouta! I want to be with you until the end!"

"I know what it feels like to be left alone, now. I don't want to make you feel this pain, Hiyoko..."

"I think we should... go our separate ways."

"No! We won't!"

"That's what life is, Ryouta!"

"It's unfair, and painful, and sometimes it seems nothing good will ever happen."

"But fighting on, following our urge to seek happiness anyway...
That's what makes us alive!
That's how our ancestors lived, and died, and evolved, and brought us to where we are now!"

"But we... birds weren't meant to come this far. We've advanced more than we were ever meant to."

"That doesn't matter!"

"Ryouta, I love you. I want to be with you as long as I can, even if it's just for a little while."

"I think you want to be with me, too.
Where's the problem?"


"I'm not as healthy or strong as you are. I'm not smart, or handsome, or rich."

"But, I'm happy. Thank you."

"You don't have to think about it so much, Ryouta. We can worry about the future when it comes. Right?"


"I don't think I'll calm down for a while yet, but..."

"I'm glad I was born, if only because I got to be with you.
It's like a miracle."

"...Thank you."

The screen fades to black.


We have to part with everyone, eventually. If it comes a little early, then... that's life.

I don't care how long I have.
I'm happy enough just being with Ryouta.

...but, live as long as you can, Ryouta. Live as long as you can, so that you can take wonderful memories with you when you return to the sky.


 photo ryoutaed_zps333932ee.png

And that's a wrap for Route Ryouta! Thanks for joining us at Let's Play Hatoful Boyfriend! Next time: Nanaki, or Yuuya? It's been a long time since we've stepped into the infirmary to see our flirtatious fabio, after all.

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