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Hi friends! Just relax and sit tight while we visit some of the unexplored content in this here menu, and elsewhere, before we proceed into new BBL territory. Let's take a look at the gallery first, shall we?




 photo gallery1_zps44bae23f.png
 photo gallery2_zps7eb6c6a3.png
Most of these images should look familiar to you, and if they don't you might want to go take a look at the previous routes to refresh your memory.

That first, black image there is, in fact, the game over screen! We'll take a look at that later. First, take a look at the ending cards for the routes that have extended versions.

 photo sakuyaed2_zpsbc6812c7.png

This ending cuts out when Sakuya goes to speak with his father, which is why our renegade fantail is depicted here rather than in his other, singing ending card.


 photo okosaned2_zps8d375cf5.png

It's been a while since we've seen Okosan's ending, but his is similar. It cuts off after Hiyoko and San have sworn to go find the ultimate pudding (or whatever it was) together. It doesn't add in the part where they manage to find it.

And finally...

 photo shuued0_zps0997e7c3.png


And with that, let's head back to the title menu.

Don't worry, we'll get back to the Game Over screen in a bit! For now, let's check out the archive.

 photo archive_zpsd7b4d2f2.png

As you can see here, as well as in the gallery, there are a few things missing. I can only assume that all of these will show up once we get through BBL, since I haven't actually done it on my own yet! We're going to do it together, yay!

We can click on each of these drawers and learn some additional information on the world of Hatoful Boyfriend. I'm sure many of them will have to do with the questions you all have already.

Let's start with number 1:

 photo archive01_zps419c9ba5.png

file 01:
Hallucinogenity Report

We have established one of Student No. 60781's special characteristics.
He acts as a neurotransmitter, producing a trance-like state in bystanders.
The effect is similar to that of a narcotic.

We will continue our observation.

 photo archive02_zps842435d2.png

file 02:

I feel uncomfortable.
Where did I come from?
Where was I born?
The fact that I am trapped in here is the least of the mysteries plaguing my mind.

I'm nervous.

 photo archive03_zpsce268d01.png

file 03:

I woke up in a different place this morning.
I don't remember well, but it had pale fluorescent lights and a white ceiling.
It can't have been in the library.

Where was I?

 photo archive04_zpsf74a6c14.png

file 04:
Goodwill Ambassador Selection

Selection criteria for the human ambassador has been forwarded to management, along with a draft of the emergency response manual.

Given the risk of influenza, a human with as strong a natural immunity as possible is desirable.
The presence of hereditary immunoglobins is the most important criterion. Others are detailed in the attached documents.

 photo archive05_zpsa6c96772.png

file 05

I think and I think,
but I find no answers.
I feel as if I have forgotten something very important.

As if I promised something to someone very important...

 photo archive07_zpsafa7fcd0.png

file 07
Carrier Aptitude

We have examined the genetic records of the entire student body. None of them exceed 98% compatibility.
We are continuing to investigate carrier aptitude levels.

We will report on the possibility of inducing carrier capability in a normal individual next week.

 photo archive08_zpsa172dcfc.png

file 08
Underground Facility Fire

We have temporarily opened the dividing wall in the underground facility, at the request of the biological science division.
We should be able to reconstruct the circumstances of the fire.

Subject 00 remains in cold storage.

 photo archive09_zpse5606075.png

file 09
Reference Bird Deceased

The death of Subject 00's relative has been confirmed.
His remains are stored in area D3, Section 1.
They are boxed and processed.

 photo archive10_zps065f9ad5.png

file 10:
Homo Sapiens' Resistant Capabilities

Adaptability for Homo sapiens to be raised an estimated 0.06%.
There are fluctuations in mammalian evolution rates. We may need two or three more samples.

 photo archive11_zpsd43fcb52.png

file 11:
The Intelligence Agent

We have chosen to let the Dove Party agent who has infiltrated the school to operate freely for the time being.

A number of the incoming students have proven to be quite fascinating.
If possible, please examine the details in the attached documents.

I do not think they will oppose me.

 photo archive12_zps85040cd6.png

file 12

I've been feeling better since that nosy girl showed up.
I do not think I will find any answers like this, so perhaps it is time to close the curtains.
I am fulfilled.
Just as I was back then.

Back then?
Back when?

 photo archive14_zps1e941407.png

file 14

I'm trapped here, as always.
But I noticed something new.
It seems that I can move freely along the vertical axis.
After napping today, I woke up in front of the lockers in the chemistry room.
If I remember correctly, the chemistry room was directly below this room.
Am I able to move myself up and down through my own will?

And that's all we have of the files for now. So let's run along and get ourselves a Game Over screen!

I happened to have a save file from the Sakuya route, so I've continued from there and rejected him and got him Bitter Black Beans so this should work out.


February 3rd
(St. Pigeonations' Institute)
Today's the day! The preparations are complete! Time to give the beans to that special somebirdie.

"Ryouta, wait!"

Ah yes. I screwed up Sakuya so much by now that Ryouta's the one who likes me the most. SORRY, RYOUTA.



"Umm, do you have a minute?"

"Sure. What's up?"

"Here! I got these for you!"

"Th-thanks, Hiyoko..."

"Umm... do you maybe not care for these...?"

"N-n-no, that's not it!
I-I mean, it's a present from you!
Of course I'll eat it!"

"Don't worry about it, Ryouta!
You're not fooling anyone, anyway."


"I-I'm sorry, Hiyoko.
These will make me sick..."


Noooo! I forgot about his weak stomach...!

"Oh, that's right, you have to be really careful with what you eat.
S-sorry, Ryouta..."

"You don't have to apologize!
It's my digestive system that should be saying it's sorry."


All I managed to do was make a faux pas. I'll have to be more careful next year...


"...which brings us to our main topic: the observational reports on the human representative at St. Pigeonation's."

"As you can see, while she was meant to act as a goodwill ambassador, she... fails to display sufficient intimacy with the birds."

"We of the Hawk Party cannot overlook this situation. These reports only confirm what we already knew of human nature."

"We will execute the termination sequence. Adjourned.
Coffee, anyone?"

"Mmm! I love watching the stars at night... I can feel the excitement bubbling up from light years away. Yodelehihooooo!"



I think I just heard someth-

The screen shakes, and goes black.

Who's there? Ninjas?!"


"You don't need to know. It'll be all over in two seconds."

There's a sound reminiscent of a knife going through the air.

Aah... ah..."

This is a reference to an old dungeon adventure game, but I can't remember for the life of me what it is. Either way, Moa is a nerd and I love her. This part also plays the game over music from that game, too.



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