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At last we come upon the climax of our tale. Can the Angels of our story survive against the Tree of Blight?!

January 1st


The sun!
Its majestic brilliance sweeps across the land, lighting it into incandescent glory!

It's the first day of the new year. Looks like I'm still alive to enjoy it!

It's a little cold out, but it's calm and the sun is warm.
I think I'll go visit the shrine.

 (St. Pigeonations' Institute)

There are a lot of birds here already. Must be nice to have some warm winter plumage...
Maybe I should borrow some from somebirdie.

I think I'll buy an amulet and go home.




"Happy New Year! Here's to many happy returns, right?"

"What are you doing, Ryouta?"

"Exactly what it looks like! I'm working here today and tomorrow!"

"O-oh... it looks good on you...!"

"You came here to buy an amulet, right? Which one would you like?"

For Anghel I think Conquest is key.

"Here you go!"

"Thanks, Ryouta! Are you here all day today?"

"Yup! The first day's always busy."

"Oh well. I was going to ask if you wanted to get lunch together, but..."

"Sorry, Hiyoko. Maybe some other time?"

"Since you're here, why not go get a fortune? They're next to the main building, over there."

"Okay! Thanks. See you, Ryouta!"


"Mister Nanaki!
Happy New Year!"

"Oh, hello, Tosaka.
Happy New Year."

"Did you get a fortune, sir?"

"Yes. Unfortunately, I seem to have drawn the Chicken of Ill Omen... Why don't you take one?"

"I will!"

"Hmm, which should I take...?
...this one!"

 photo jan01-12_zps7998d5a5.png

"Good, you got a better one than I did. I think this will be a good year for you, Tosaka."

"Thank you, sir!"

I think that's enough celebration for today! Time to go home.

Over by the office, isn't that...

"Ah! The emotions stirring in this Crimson Breast...
Has the Time of Judgement come already, oh lord?"

"I understand that you're upset, but you're holding up the line..."


Anghel appears to be having some sort of breakdown at the amulet stall.

"Oh, Hiyoko! Good timing!"

"Anghel couldn't decide which to get, and now he's hysterical.
I'm gonna get pay docked for selling slowly..."

"I need to get him out of the line, but..."


Looks like I get to be Anghel's babysitter!
Who could've known?

"What's wrong, Anghel?"

"Do you know of the infinite possibilities of this universe, Edel Blau?"

"Infinite possibilities?"

"The present is a single point in the vast, Cosmic Soup of Time. Do I place myself under the protection of the Wise Kingfisher, or the Guiding Pearl, or..."

"I must decide which one will most likely aid me in the-"

"How about traffic safety?
You strike me as the type to fly out into the road and get hit by a car, Anghel. Traffic safety is good!"

"Ryouta, can you give us a traffic safety charm?"

"Here you are! Thanks, Hiyoko!"


And so I paid for the amulet and dragged Anghel out of the choked-up line.

The music stops.

"Y... you lifted the mighty Burden of Decision from my shoulders, Edel Blau?"

"Yup! Don't worry about it."

"Here's your amulet. Don't lose it!"

"...I thank you.
Guide me well, oh Wondrous Pearl!"


And so Anghel took off into the trees, clutching his traffic safety amulet.

I wonder if he'll remember to look both ways.


January 10th

February 2nd
This is the introduction of Legumentine's! Anghel is fond of Bitter Black Beans.

February 3rd

(St. Pigeonations' Institute)
Today's the day! The preparations are complete! Time to give the beans to that special somebirdie.

Anghel's in class 2, right?
I wonder if he's still in the classroom...

The screen goes black and then opens up on the same classroom shot, because all classrooms look the same.

"Anghel? Are you in here?"

The music stops.



"Hi, Anghel! I, umm... have something to give you."

"Quiet, Edel Blau! We are in grave danger!"



Anghel pulls me from the room, and runs into the hallway as if fleeing from something.

"Do not call on me in that room, Edel Blau, for a terrible evil lurks within!
Well, not that terrible, but..."

"There is a risk that I could be cursed if others were to learn of our connection."


In other words, the other boys in your class would make fun of you for having a girlfriend.

It's hard to be a teenager in Japan.

"Sorry, Anghel. I wasn't thinking."

"It's Legumentine's today.
Do you... want my beans?"

"Th-these are...!"

The music stops.


A change comes over him.

The music starts again.

"He he he... aah, Black Beandonna...!"

"Wh-what's going on?"

"Agh! Get out! This is my body, and I won't let you use it as you please!"

"These beans are evil, Edel Blau of the Blue Sky."

"They look like normal Black Beans to me..."

"Indeed. Have no fear, I shall destroy them now."


He opens the package and dumps the contents into his beak.

"*cough* *cough*"

"A-are you okay?!
How do I Heimlich a pigeon?!"

"D... don't worry... about me...!
Escape while you can, Edel Blau...!"


Maybe he's a little young for black beans.

Anghel reminds me of the elaborately imaginative games I played when I was a kid.

February 3rd


My second year is almost over...

This has been a long year.
I've gotten involved with a Filipino...
a Bananaman... an eccentric fallen angel...


There's a letter in my desk.

"The time has come. Meet me at Rufa, the Tree of Blight.
-Crimson Angel of Judecca"

It's from the eccentric Filipino Bananaman!

"Is he planning to break into the infirmary...?"


The Doctor being what he is, I'm worried for Anghel. I'd better hurry.



Did I go into the wrong room...?
No, I'm sure this is the infirmary.

But this place is like nothing that belongs in a school.

"It is time to end this, Dark Sorceror Wallenstein...!"

"I have waited for you, Crimson Angel of Judecca. Waited... from the very beginning."

"The Tree of Blight has fed on the Flesh and Blood of the Innocent, and has opened the Gate to Dark She'ol.
We stand at the very border between this world and the next!"

"And so you have appeared, lured here by the Taint of She'ol leaking through.
Just as planned...!"

"So, your plan has been to swallow the school into the Abyss all along.
Too bad! I will not allow the Tree to reach maturity!"

"Hohohoho! Please, do not misunderstand.
I have no intention of bringing The End with this wooden toy."

"No, what I want... is your Accursed Flesh, Angel of Hell."

"I am Wallenstein!
You must agree that it is a fitting name for the Dark King.
Come to me, Spirit of Evil!"

There's a roaring sound and the screen turns a deeper red.




A black miasma floods from his chest, and is swallowed by the tree.

"What are you doing, Doctor?!
This is cruel!"

"You should know, Reincarnation of Edel Blau, the Apostle who aealed the Crimson Angel of Judecca."

"This dove holds within him an Avatar of Destruction!"

"An avatar of... destruction...?"

"Have you forgotten, Edel Blau...?
That day, long ago... in the time of Gods and Demons...
...when you took up the sword to end my rampage...?"

"I have drawn out the power you sealed in his breast with the Forbidden Matrayana."

"The Tree of Blight has consumed both the students of this school and the mindless power of the Crimson Devil!
Welcome to The End!"

"Arise, Himnesia, Bringer of Death!"

The music stops.

"No... it's over... it's all over!
The world will be swallowed by Darkness...!"

"You can't give up, Anghel!"

"Edel Blau..."

"Have you forgotten, Anghel? I still have that ID card with the weird squiggles you drew!"

"We still have hope!
All we have to do is kill this final boss thingie, right?"

"We stand together, Anghel...!"

朱色の回転木馬 - Vermillion Carousel. For the love of god listen to this song.

"...I never thought the day would come when we two would join in battle once more."

"I... had not the courage to face down my evil half.
But you...!"

"Take this, Edel Blau!"


This is... the mapping pen!

"Saekro'm, the Holy Spear, is yours to wield! Come!"


Anghel uses Dark Void Shockwave!

Himnesia takes 24 damage!

Finally all of our math classes have paid off. The easiest way to handle this fight is to level up your wis as much as possible and dishing out tons of damage that way. I believe this is the 'enlightened' note on the box in the top right corner. Your HP is your Vitality. Without the proper planning and consideration for this fight, it is practically impossible, and you die. You really have to know it's coming. Luckily, you have me!

For the record, also, there aren't really any battle animations you're missing, just a few sound effects. Attacks are indicated with a flash and shake of the screen.


Hiyoko uses Eye of Judgement!

Himnesia takes 360 damage!

Himnesia unleashes Obliteration Blade!

Hiyoko takes 215 damage!

Anghel uses Blood Lotus Cremation!

Himnesia takes 68 damage!


Hiyoko uses No'chin Ki Shum!

Himnesia takes 432 damage!

Himnesia unleashes Obliteration Blade!

Hiyoko takes 240 damage!

Anghel uses Crimson Seraph Chain!

Himnesia takes 54 damage!


Hiyoko uses Blauhimmen Flight!

Himnesia takes 540 damage!

Himnesia defeated!

Anghel, you were useless. The music continues through Himnesia's defeat.

"No! Himnesia... was destroyed...?!"

"You miscalculated, Wallenstein.
You did not account for Edel Blau's presence here!"

"Bah! I must withdraw!"

"Do not forget!
I shall summon a second Himnesia, and a third, until the world is torn apart by their Thirst for Blood!"

"Wait, Wallenstein...!"

The screen goes black.


And so our adventure ended as quickly as it began.
We never saw the Doctor at the school again...

"Anghel, I remember everything!"

"I remember your Fall, and I remember chasing after you to try to bring you back, and..."

"...and you remember skewering me with Saekro'm and imprisoning me in the Cage of Ice?"


"I do not resent you.
I had lost myself, and was but a Demon of Blood, destroying all in my path..."

"But the Demon is gone, now."


"I think you can live normally now, Anghel."

"Anghel, I... no."

"I hope we can stay together like this, Yoshio."

The screen flashes.



He huddles in the corner, wailing in anguish.
I guess that rule is still in effect.

I wonder when he'll let me use his real name...

I hope that route ending came as as much of a shock to you as it did to me the first time I saw it!

Up next I'm going to make a small post featuring the bonus material of the game to prepare you for the dramatic conclusion of Hatoful Boyfriend: the BBL Route! Stay tuned!


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