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And so our romance with Shuu continues! Is this the romance Hiyoko thought that it would be?



September 1st



Huh? Is that...

"A student ID?"


Whose is it? Someone from 2-2?
...not a name I recognize.

Should I go find their classroom?
They might already have gone home, though...

Well, any teacher will do, right?

 photo sep01-05_zpsbdb374c0.png


WHOAH this surprised me. Did this happen the last time I played the Doctor's route...?

"Good afternoon."

"What is it this time?"

"Umm... I found someone's student ID, and I thought maybe you'd know what to do with it."

"Isn't that something for the staff room? Why bring it all the way here?"

"It was closer!
And they've started printing out tests in there already, so I'm not sure I can go in..."

"There is no need for excuses, young lady. Leave it there and get out, please."

"Yes, sir."

"...wait, Miss Tosaka."


"Where did you find this?"

"Umm... It was on the staircase between the first and second floors. On the south side."

"I see. Hoho, it wouldn't do to have someone finding it and asking questions...
I am indebted to you, Miss Tosaka."

"Asking questions...?"

"Nothing you need to worry about.
Please, do be careful on your way home."


What was that all about?
He certainly is as strange as ever.

Hiyoko is doomed to be really dumb, no matter how high her wisdom score.


September 25th


Today's the school festival!
Our class decided to do a maid cafe. I'm not scheduled to work til tomorrow, so... I have today off!

I don't have anything to do, so I guess I'll go look around.

A whole bunch of clubs have food stalls outside...

They looked good when I was coming in, so maybe I'll go get something for lunch!

"Wait, isn't that..."


A familiar silhouette floats by on the other side of the crowded schoolyard.

"Doctor Iwamine...?"


I thought he'd be cooped up in the infirmary doing something boring today!

Maybe I should ask him to eat lunch with me?

See, there's the smart thing, and then there's the Shuu-dating stuff we continue doing.


I'll have to catch up to him first!

"Umm... he did go this way, right...?"


Did I lose him?

Where did he go?
There aren't even any stands set up here, and there's nothing in the pamphlet about anything outside the main area...

The only thing back here is -

"The incinerator...?"

"Who goes there?!"





I was following him up until a minute ago, but now he's behind me?!

"Oh, it's you.
Stalking is a bad habit, young lady."

"No, I wasn't..."

"I was just wondering what you were doing!"

"Is it a crime to walk about one's own school?"

"But there's nothing back here..."

"There's the incinerator."


"I was placed in charge of the Science Club's activities today."

"I just came back here to get rid of some things that were left over.
Unneeded... things."



My hunter-gatherer instincts are telling me to change the subject.

"O-oh, right! Sir, would you like to walk around together?
I heard the haunted house is-"

"No, thank you."


At least let me finish inviting you before you refuse!

"As I said, I'm supervising the science club. So I do not have time for fraternization."



And so I returned to the cafe, scared off by his obstinance and my own survival instinct.

"Tosaka Hiyoko...
If only I could tell how she plans her actions, I could deal with her fairly easily..."

" troubling."



October 7th



I handed in my recorder instead of my math homework!

What do I do? Is Mister Nanaki still in the staff room...?


"Excuse m--"



Mister Nanaki and Doctor Iwamine. I hadn't expected to see them together.

"...and you see nothing peculiar about these numbers?"

"Nothing at all."

"There is a statistical deviation visible in the data on students from the past few years.
I had hoped to get some insight from you, but..."

"It would seem I have overestimated you."

"Really? Sorry I couldn't help, then."

"You should look more closely, Mister Nanaki!"

"Hello, Tosaka."

"Even the students disrespect you?


"Umm, sir, I gave you my recorder earlier instead of my homework!"

" you did. Here you go."

"Here's the workbook! Sorry sir! Thank you sir!"

"Like teacher, like pupil...?"



November 10th

We're supposed to go to the infirmary today.
Better hurry!

"Excuse me... huh?"


"Where's Sakazaki? Didn't he come yet?"

"Mister Sakazaki won't be here today."

"Or tomorrow, or the day after... hohoho."

Goodbye, Yuuya. :,) Sakuya will never know your secret.

"Umm... what did you...?"

"He's been absent for almost a month, now."


I never realized!

"Did... something happen...?"

"Who knows? He never was a very good student. No one's surprised to see him playing hooky again. Hohoho."

" know something about it, don't you sir?"

"Me? Of course not!
I only know what happens in this little room."


That somewhat alluring, somewhat evil smile tells me all I need to know.
He had a hand in this.

"You do know something!"

"Sleeping pills."


"What are you standing around for? You're his replacement, now.
Count our supplies and mark down everything we're low on."


I don't think that counts as an explanation.

Yuuya skipping school? I never thought of him as that type...
And he hasn't even called me!

"Why did you decide to become an assistant here, Miss Tosaka?"

"Because, um..."

Here we go. He's squeezing a confession out of us even before Legumentine's.

"Is that so?"

"What a coincidence. I think I'm starting to like you, too, though I can't say I thought much of you at first."


He... likes me? Is that good, or bad?



My heart's racing, but I can't tell if it's love or fear for my life!

I wonder where Yuuya went...?


December 24th


Today is Christmas!
But Christmas is too mainstream, so I'm not celebrating.
Which is to say, my family is Shin Buddhist.

This is interesting! I don't know much about Shin Buddhism. Since Hiyoko is Japanese I would have assumed she was Zen Buddhist.


Huh? There's someone at the door.


"Howdy! Pelican Express here with a package for Miss Tosaka Hiyoko! Sign here, please."

"Oh! Thank you!"


"Thankee, little girl! Have a good one!"


I wonder what it is? I don't think I've ordered anything recently...

It's from Doctor Iwamine.

Whoah, there's even a letter!

"I greatly appreciate your hard work in the infirmary. I hope this suits your tastes.
Merry Christmas.
-Iwamine Shuu"

He has really nice handwriting...
Let's see, what's in here?
There's a big box, and a small one...

Inside the small box is... a quill pen.

It's beautiful! A real, white bird feather... is he really giving this to me? It looks pricey!

The big one is...


It looks like... a roast chicken?
Or maybe a turkey? I'm not sure what people eat on Christmas.

It's still warm! He must have had it delivered in a hurry.

"Thank you, doctor!




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Date: 2013-06-16 01:10 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
I think maybe the little who's speaking pics are messed up in the section where they're talking about Yuuya being absent.

That said, just one big old WHAAAAAAAAAT!!! at that last scene. That's not what I think it is is it...

-- Arii


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