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It's nearing the end of the year at St. Pigeonation's and the object of Hiyoko's affection seems immune to her charms! Will Okosan see her in a new light before the end of third term? Let's find out in the final installment of Okosan's route!

January 1st

"Happy New Year!"

"...but it's raining!"


Oh well.

I'd go to the shrine but this weather makes the wilderness dangerous.
I think I'll sleep in like a good girl instead.

I won't be able to send out cards in this rain, either!

And that, my friends, is basically a rundown of what people in Japan like to do on New Year.
Additionally I'd like to note that it's also sort of significant that Okosan doesn't have a New Year event either. I'm sure this means he has enough written material elsewhere, but these can be significant dates for pigeon boyfriends.

January 10th

 (St. Pigeonations' Institute)

"Happy new year, everyone."

"I hope you all had good vacations? I hibernated."

"What a shocker."

Above you see one of my favourite lines in the game.


"You're still hibernatING!
Sir, wake up!"


"Umm. I've said this before, but your junior year will be over before you know it."

"Let's enjoy this time while it lasts!"

There's nothing special this semester...
Nothing to worry about!


February 2nd


(St. Pigeonations' Institute)


It's still light out, so maybe I'll go somewhere before I head home. Wheee!

Oh! Tomorrow's Legumentine's!
I think I'll buy some beans.

Today, Legumentine's is a holiday where you give beans to the boy you like, but apparently it used to involve throwing them at pigeons.


I'm sure many of you know this already because of the animes, but just in case I'd like to clarify that in Japan, Valentine's is two holidays! On Valentine's (February 14th) girls will give chocolates to boys they like. Because of the huge consumerism machine that the country is, you can buy specifically catered chocolates to your relationship to the boy, so you can just get friendship chocolates too if you wanna make sure not to muddy the water. Later, on White Day (March 14th) boys will give girls chocolates in return.

Although Hatoful doesn't mention a pigeon-equivalent to White Day, you can see that the one-sided intentions for Legumentine's to Valentine's are pretty clear.

 photo feb02-02_zps513d0f14.png


"Good evening! Here for the beans?"

"Yes. Is there a kind that you think is particularly good?"


"This year's trend is towards these bean medleys for racers, but they are a little pricey. It's hard to say without knowing the bird in question, really."

"Hmm... that's true. And sometimes the cheap ramen tastes better than the expensive stuff."

You'd think that a runner pigeon would want the expensive Racing blend, but for Okosan this isn't the case. He's buff enough already. We're buying him the Swollen Hemp.

"I'll take these!"


"Thank you, Miss. Here you are."


February 3rd


(St. Pigeonations' Institute)


Today's the day! The preparations are complete! Time to give the beans to that special somebirdie.
This is one of those events where you have no say in where Hiyoko is going to end up, the game just intuits based on your choices who likes you the most at this point. So you BETTER HAVE BOUGHT THE RIGHT BEANS.

"Okosan! Okosan, wait!"

(What is it? Okosan was about to escape into the great outdoors!)

"I have something for you! It's Legumentine's, remember?"

"Here! Hemp seeds!"


The screen shakes.


It shakes again.



He seems extremely excited.

"Okosan, umm... A lot's happened since we met last spring..."

"The semester's almost over, but I hope we can--"

The screen shakes.

(Enough flirtations! Hand over the hemp and no one gets hurt!)


He leaps at me, grabbing the package and scattering its contents across the floor.
He pecks at the seeds with a motion reminiscent of a jackhammer.

I don't think he's going to listen to my confession.

Maybe I should have told him before I let him see the seeds...
Oh well. At least he's happy!

"Munsh munsh!"

(Hiyoko is an angel of the pudding god, come to this world to spread joy and goodwill!)

(Okosan will remember this gift forever!)


I seem to have earned his lifelong trust with hemp.
That's pretty cheap lifelong trust...


February 12th


Finals are over! Time to coast along until spring break.

Is the track team doing anything during break...?
I should go ask.


"Are you in here?"


There he is.

He has a bag of dried beans and a canteen. Is he going hiking?

"What are you doing?"

(As you can see, Okosan is preparing to depart on a great journey!)

"Over spring break?"

(No! Okosan has quit school and is going on a quest!)


"Okosan, you can't do that! It was a miracle for someone with a brain like yours to get into this school in the first place, and if you waste this chance you'll end up a failure!"

(Okosan will not be stopped! Okosan is going on a quest to seek the true pudding!)

"What is 'the true pudding'?
It's not what I think of as pudding, right?"

(Pudding is the ambrosia of the gods! Miracles in jiggling, corporeal form! Treasure shining with the seven colours of the rainbow!)

(Those who partake of its wobbling flesh will never experience sadness again!)


Seven colours of the rainbow? I'm not sure I'd want to eat that...

"You're serious? You're leaving?"

(Okosan never goes back on his word!)

"I'm coming with you."

(What?! Fair maiden, this quest will be mortally dangerous!)

"I don't care. If this true pudding really exists, I want to find it with you."

(Hrrmm... Okosan knows your abilities well, Hiyoko.
You will not be an impediment.)

"So you'll take me with you?"

(Very well! Birds of a feather must flock together, after all!)

Let's go!"

(Until we catch the end of the rainbow!)

With a telltale zoom, the screen fades to white.


And so our quest began.

We will not rest until we have partaken of the seven-coloured, jiggling wonder that is the true pudding!

Wait until Ryouta hears about this.

The screen turns to black, and the music fades. What proceeds is the extras provided by the "full" Okosan ending.


We ran for years across fields, forests, and mountains, searching ever onwards.

And now we stand in the ancient, unexplored Ruins of Pudding.

"Coo, coo!"
(This chest must contain the Pudding Itself! Help Okosan open the lid, Hiyoko!)

"So... this is the end?

The screen fates to white.

"Aah! It's bright!"

(Eyes! Eyes!)



There's nothing inside. A fake...?

"What should we do, Okosan?
I guess this..."


"...clad in feathers of the purest white, his golden pudding steed shining like the sun itself...

Unfortunately, I couldn't find a file of the music that plays here. Imagine light church organ music.

"At last he returns to his lost home, guiding the pigeons to the pure, promised land!"

"Wh-what's wrong, Okosan?
Why are you talking?!"

"I am no longer the one called Okosan. I am now... Pudi, Lord of Pudding!"

"Okosan was but my avatar on this mortal plane.
I am now complete once more...!"

"Okosan, what are you...?"

"I am grateful to you, fair one. I have at last achieved my goal."

"I am the bringer of True Pudding! I shall bring about a world of pudding!"

"What is this pudding you're talking about? Come on, tell me...!"

"Pudding is hope.
It is... the future."

"I shall now become... the very concept of pudding itself."

"Th-that's not Newtonian!"

"I have enjoyed our travels together.
However, you must live on and forget me!"

"That is life.
If you can fulfill the concept of pudding, I shall be satisfied!"

"I shall not live, or die.
I shall be the concept of Ideal Pudding, never in wax or wane!"

"There shall be no regret."

"Farewell, Hiyoko...!

The screen fades to white.



And so the world was engulfed in pudding.

According to the fundamental principles of Okosan's new universe, every living being carries pudding in its heart...


And that's a wrap for Okosan, my friends! I hope you've enjoyed my LP of Hatoful Boyfriend so far. Fortunately, this is JUST THE BEGINNING. Any comments/criticism/discussion is appreciated.




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photonement: Raising pointer finger and speaking with a smile (Delight)
From: [personal profile] photonement
Hey I just wanted to tell you I love your format, the comments are very unobtrusive and astute. But I think there is something you are missing! Setsubun, the bean throwing holiday at the very beginning of February! I'm on mobile gomen


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