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So I haven't gotten too many responses on where to begin I've decided to date Okosan, since he's quite iconographic for what people expect Hatoful Boyfriend to be like, so let's do that first.


April 11th


"Err, I think we want to choose the class council today."

"As you all know this school doesn't require you to join any club."

"If you want to, you can, but if you don't then you're free to go home after school."

(Okosan has time only for the track team!)

"That's good. What about you, Shirogane?"


"A foolish question. I already hold a position here."

"Oh that's right. You became student president when you were admitted."
"Nepotism, ho!
Don't we get to vote!?"
"Just coming to school is enough for me."


"You have to take care of your mother on your own, and all..."

"Hmm, I wonder what I should do."

Unfortunately, we can't flake out with Ryouta - Hiyoko is determined to join something or other. As a note, the infirmary only appears to select for your second route, leaving two of our eligible bachelors out of the picture until you have a basic understanding of what Hatoful Boyfriend is all about. The hatoful demo, however, has no such restriction.

So, if we're romancing Okosan this time through, we're going to be signing up for the track team!


"That's everyone, isn't it?"

"Have fun!"

April 11th

Today is an elective day! You can see Hiyoko's stats in the upper right-hand corner. These are actually useful in some routes! You'll have to wait and see how when the time comes. But as a note: Okosan is one of the characters with two endings: "normal" and "full". Since the "full" ending just expands on the normal one, we're just going to get the full endings in this LP. For Okosan, this means LOTS OF GYM. I HOPE YOU LIKE RUNNING.

I wish Math had been an elective in my school. It would have made my life a lot easier.


"I had to sit out on the wing training, but it was fun anyway. Maybe someday I'll be able to fly, too!"

(You won't!)

Hiyoko leveled up! Vitality increased by 5!


April 15th

 photo San1-06_zps0e13afda.png


I need to go sign up for track!

I want to join the team but... I wonder if Okosan's having a fit again.

I'll find out when I get there!


 photo San1-07_zps5615401a.png


(A Hiyoko appears! Is this a challenge, then!? Choose your weapon, ma'am, and draw!)


A fit he is having, but not over pudding.

"Not really... I want to join the team. Do you know where the captain is?"



(He stands before you! Okosan is the captain, and a faster bird the world has never known!)


I never knew!

Well... here! My forms! Thank you!



(A dove never refuses a challenge! Commence the entrance examination!)


"There's an exam?"



(Of course! Track isn't daisy-chain-making, missy!)

(Okosan will be your opponent in noble combat! Sprint, or long-distance?)



After having botched this once before, Okosan thinks that Sprint is for showy lame-o's who don't know how to really run, so... let's do long-distance this time.


(Long distance? You've got guts! Let us begin!)

"Coo, coo!"
(On your mark!
Get set!

Okosan's avatar fades with the accompaniment of a zooom! sound effect.

"How is he so fast?!
He can't even fly this fast!"

The screen fades to black for a moment, before fading back in.

"-pant-... -pant-..."



(You're still weak, but you've got potential! Welcome to the team!)

"Th... Thanks...?"


(That's all, folks!)

And so I joined the track team. Who knew doves could run like that?


April 20th

We fade in to another day in the life of hunter-gatherer Tosaka Hiyoko.

Ahh... sitting at home is so relaxing.


Did I mention she lives in a cave?


Tomorrow is the class hike!

Should I prepare anything? We won't be going far, so I don't have to...

Well, health first!
I think I'll have some udon and go to sleep.


April 21st
 photo San1-10_zpscf18c449.png

Today is the hike! We've stopped for a break on the hillside. Who should I talk to?


 photo San1-11_zps1962f013.png

Actually, the real reason I chose San first is because he is available for all of the events that I could remember.


I wonder where Okosan went?

I haven't seen him since we stopped here...


 photo San1-12_zpsca03c2ab.png


"Coo! Coo!"
(It's not here! The pudding is not here!)





"It's missing? Did you bring it to eat for lunch?"


(No! Okosan believed that wonderful pudding could be found on hikes!)



"Is there a kind of pudding that lives in the mountains...?"


(Okosan will now search elsewhere for the pudding!)


Okosan disappears again with a zoom.

 photo San1-10_zpscf18c449.png


...and he's gone.

What kind of pudding is he looking for, anyway?


May 6th

May 6th is another elective day, so off to gym we go.

 photo San1-13_zps45628925.png


"It's too hot! I feel like I'm going to have a stroke.

(It's re-hydration time!
Okosan wants to go swimming!)


Hiyoko leveled up! Vitality increased by 5!

A lot of Hatoful boyfriend is just these activity days.
May 16th

 photo San1-14_zps0636b974.png


"Err... I imagine you're all well aware, but..."

"The sports festival is right around the corner. Please think about what you'll do!"

"Sports festival season already...?"

"If it were in the fall it would conflict with the cultural festival, so it's always been in May."

"What are you going to do, Ryouta?"

"I haven't decided but...
Probably the three-legged race.
Somebirdie has to."

Okosan will handle the marathon! Indeed he will!"

"You do have a lot of stamina, Okosan... What about you, Sakuya?"

"You can't possibly be expecting me to run in some race, can you?"

"It is a sports festival. Is there an event that doesn't involve running...?"

"How about being a cheerleader?"

"The general, in other words...
Very well, leave it to me."

"Um... I don't think that's..."

"Also, the first-aid team is always shorthanded, so I'm sure they could use help if anybirdie still can't decide."

The bell sounds.

"That's all for today."



Ryouta's doing the three-legged race, Okosan's running the marathon, and Sakuya's a cheerleader.

Yuuya might be running the first-aid tent...

What should I do? I'll have to think about it.


And, before you know it...!
May 21st

 photo San1-15_zps5e5187eb.png


Today's the sports festival!

I never did make up my mind. What should I do?

 photo San1-16_zpsa62abbf5.png

Like I mentioned earlier, the first-aid tent I don't think should be on this list either. But whatever, we already have our minds made up! This is the Okosan route LP, after all. So, to the Marathon!

(You're running the Marathon, too, Hiyoko?)

"Yup! Someone needs to act as female representative.
Good luck, Okosan!"


Feminist Hiyoko, fuck yes.


"Coo, coo!"
(Never worry, never fear! Okosan never brings up the rear!)


Okosan disappears, with his iconic zoom sound effect.


Swift as the wind, as usual. I think he came in first, but I can't see from here.

I'd better do my best, too!

Hiyoko takes off with her own zoom effect. Attagirl!

May 27th

The first barrier for all students who make it this far, the midterm exam!

We're getting them back today...
Aah... I don't think I did too well.



"Hmm... I don't think you did too badly..."



"Not too... mmm... nope, sorry. You did badly."


"Try harder next time, okay?"

I disappointed Mister Nanaki... I'll have to study more from now on.


Joke's on you, we aren't going to study at all.

June 12th

I'd better hurry back to class!

Whatever Hiyoko was doing before this moment on June 12th will remain eternally a mystery.

"Hello everybi--... huh?"

There's a pile of overturned desks in the middle of the floor.
Ryouta is overturned next to them.

Rock doves' underwings and bellies are light, so they look pretty different upside-down...

"I mean, wait, what's going on!?"

"O-Okosan and Sakuya are..."

I look up to see the two of them at each other's throats in the corner.

I think we might have a diplomatic incident on our hands.

"What happened, Ryouta?"

"Sakuya was making fun of Okosan..."

"He called him a stupid mongrel who only thinks of imaginary pudding, and said he was ashamed to be in the same class..."

"That's terrible!
I mean, Okosan is a nutcase and I don't know what he's saying half the time, but he really does like pudding!"

"Either way, Okosan kind of went for the jugular, and..."

" tried to pull them apart, and Okosan used WING ATTACK on you?"

"Y-yup... you're our only hope now, Hiyoko...!

"Coo, coo!"
(Okosan will not allow pudding or himself to be ridiculed! You will apologize!)

"You tell me to take back my word? I shall not!"

"A mongrel like you hasn't even the right to speak to me."

(Okosan is not a mongrel!)

The battle still rages, and it looks like Ryouta's sacrifice was in vain.

Time to side with your man. FOR NOW...

"Sakuya, that wasn't very nice! Just because you don't know what Okosan is talking about doesn't mean you can start slurring him!"

"You... are you siding with this mongrel rebel? Aren't you supposed to be a human!?"

"Coo, cooo!"
(Okosan is resolved! Okosan will end this now!)


He drops low, and prepares to strike with all his might.


Sakuya fades from the screen.



Okosan crashes into Sakuya with a spinning bodyslam.

Sakuya goes flying out into the hallway, bouncing helplessly.
...that must have hurt.

(Okosan is a match for any aristocrat!)

"Coo! Coooo!"
(Okosan is a match for the mighty giants themselves!)


He puffs out his chest and swags his way out of the classroom like a real gansta pigeon.

...wait, class is about to start!

"Okosan, come back! Break is over!"



June 22nd

(St. Pigeonation's Institute)

"Mmm! Today is a good day.
I feel like I'm shining!

I wonder what I should do during break..."

Today, the only place where we can find Okosan is in the Cafeteria!

"I think I'll eat at the Cafeteria today..."

"Excuse me! One half-dead fried rice please!"


Yum! My favourite.
The screen shakes suddenly.



(Okosan is a match for any aristocrat!)

(No! This is wrong! A fake! A vicious lie!)


A familiar voice indeed.

(Okosan is a match for any aristocrat!)

(This is not pudding!)

"I know! You said! So come on, let's eat outside! We can't horse around in here!"


"What's going on?"


Not that I can't tell by looking.

"San saw the pudding here and went nuts."


"I stopped him from going on a rampage, but...
Ow! Cut it out, Okosan!"

(Release me at once!
My RAGE VOLTAGE is rising!)

"Help me, Hiyoko!"

This time, we're going to choose to be a terrible friend and side with the d for our booty. Sorry, Ryouta.


"Let him go!
Don't you realize he's a fantail!?"


(Silence, fool boy!)

There's a short moment with some window-breaking sound effects, that we become very familiar with a little later on.

Once freed, Okosan rampages for a while and then comes over with a satisfied expression.


(Okosan loves you, gentle maiden, but fake pudding cannot be forgiven!)

"Very well. San in the forest, and me in Tatara village, our love pure! Carry me away on Yakul!"


This is a little weird but it's actually a reference to Princess Mononoke! Although I always type his name as "Okosan" unless specified in the text, he is often referred to just as "San", which is the same name as the heroine in Princess Mononoke. "Tatara village" threw me off a bit, but this was translated in the official localization as "Iron Town". "Tataraba" was the original name, which means "iron-making place". Yakul is the name of the main character - Ashitaka's - awesome red deer that he rides. 

At the end of the movie San declares that although she loves Ashitaka she can't forgive the humans of Iron Town, so she returns to the forest, which is the line that Okosan is quoting.

"Who the heck is Yakul?!"


June 26th


Another San day, another gym class.


Today is calisthenics.

"Ryouta... you're in highschool and you still can't do a chinup?"

"Don't look at me like that!
You're making me feel like a failure..."

Hiyoko leveled up!
Vitality increased by 5.

July 7th


Today is Tanabata!

There's probably a bamboo tree in the plaza this year, too...
I think I'll go make a wish.


Tanabata is based on a legend where two lovers are separated by the Milky Way, and on this night they are able to see each other again. 


Wow, there're lots here already!
Anybirdie I know?


San was here!

What should I wish for?


Just pretend you didn't see that last one - it's not supposed to unlock until after you play through the doctor's route. For Okosan, we want to CONQUER THE WORLD BY FORCE! 

"I wish to crush all opposition that rises before me and rule the world with an iron fist!"

"Oh, hello... is that you, Tosaka?"

"Mister Nanaki!"

"You should be careful out this late! It can be dangerous for a girl, you know."

I was about to head home.
Would you like me to walk you to your place?

Silly Nanaki. You don't understand that in the manga I wrestled a herd of bulls on my way to school. No one can threaten me and my hunter-gatherer strength.


For everything but his own route, the answer to this is NOPE. but he will continue to ask us, every time.

"No, thank you. I still have some errands to run."

Well, don't stay out too late!"

Nanaki disappears to go walk home alone all by himself.

Wasn't the Keymania IIDX public playtest starting today? Maybe I'll stop by the arcade..."
July 11th

July 11th and we're still in school in Japan. Joke's on them because our wisdom is still at 1.

A rock dove is wiggling about on the surface of the water, advancing neither forwards nor backwards.

"You can't swim, Ryouta...?"

"I-I'm doing my best! I'm going to learn before I graduate...!"
Hiyoko leveled up!
Vitality increased by 5!

We fade out here, only to fade back in on the same pool.


Today is swim class!
All these damp, tight-clinging feathers are making my heart race...

Oh my god.

"Coo, coo?"
(Hiyoko is a human! Can you still swim?)


(Okosan challenges you to a race, then! Okosan has never swum against a homonid!)

"So you're fast in the water, as well as on land?"

"Coo, coo!!"
(Naturally! Okosan is the fastest in all things!)

"All right, then! Let's go!"


Get set... Go!



Okosan is running across the top of the water with incredible speed before the signal has stopped ringing in my ears.

"Th-that's not swimming!"

"Coo, coo! Coo!"
(Okosan is victorious!
You are slow, Hiyoko!)


And so I learned that I would need to redefine my very concept of swimming before hoping to defeat Okosan.


July 15th


We get our finals back today!
I'm not sure I did too well...



"You didn't do too badly...
I think..."


"You... nevermind, you did badly. Sorry."


"Try harder next time, okay?"


I disappointed mister Nanaki... I'll have to study more from now on.


July 20th

The school bell rings.

Today's the last day!
It's been a semester already...

Sometimes it seemed long and sometimes it seemed short, but either way, it's summer now!

I should help clean up the club-room and re-check the summer schedule before I go home.

To the track club!

"Munsh munsh munsh!" (sic)


Okosan looks excited.

...not angry for once, but still, this is...

What are you doing!? The floor is covered in beans!"

"Munsh munsh!"
(They're gooooood!)


It looks like he's been stockpiling his nutritional balance supplements and is eating them all at once.
He certainly seems happy about it...

The correct answer is to scold him. If you join in the two of you just end up making poor life decisions sitting on the floor. Now...

"Okosan, stop it!"

(These are Okosan's beans!
You cannot interfere!)

"Be quiet!
Where is your pride as captain of the track team!?"

(Come at me, whippersnapper!)

The screen shakes, with several hitting sound effects. At least this way they can work off those supplements.


And so began a food-fight that spanned several hours, the floor awash in blood and beans.

(You've got guts!
Okosan will step down in light of your determination.)

"You're... -pant- ...not bad yourself... -pant- ...Okosan..."


I think I just got rival-zoned.
July 22nd

 photo jul22-01_zpsc2f45ed2.png


It's easy to fall out of practice and get fat and lazy during summer vacation.

A hunter-gatherer's body is her way of life, so maybe I'll go running today!

As Hiyoko runs we get to see the sights along with her.

We then fade to black for a moment before the scene reopens:

"Aaah! That was a good run."


A true Running Girls' way to start vacation!

"I wonder how far I ran... I always lose track of where I'm going once the runners high kicks in."



...where am I?

I must have wandered out of my usual stomping ground at some point.

Which way did I come from...?

"Don't fail me now, paleolithic homing instinct...!"


The sun's setting. I'd rather not sleep outside...


Hey, you."


In steps my finch-wife. Swoon! Make sure to listen to the song here, as it's pretty remarkable. I had to speak to my wonderful ghostfriend, revolutionator on tumblr, about the translation and they had this to say:


Chiriikunara, isso zankoku ni ~by your hand~

chiriiku is a beautiful word it's like, the 'chiri' is the scattering or dispersing of something like rain or blossoms
the iku is to pass away/die
isso is like 'all the more' or 'better to be'
zankoku is 'cruel' (of course, haha)

so it's like 'If I were to die, I'd rather it to be harshly (by your hand)'


"I don't know you. Where'd you come from?"


A sparrow stands next to me, squinting up at my face.


Her wing is resting on a motor scooter.

It looks a little bit vintage. How cute!


I feel a strange pressure...
I can tell right away that this sparrow isn't just anybirdie.

It's the feeling of love at first sight. And the influence of a wicked jazzy/rock track.

"Umm, I'm out from St. Pigeonation's. I was out for a run and got lost."

"You ran all the way from there? You must be good."

"It's about a two hour drive from here."



I guess that's why my legs hurt!

"Aaah... I wonder if I'll be able to run home again..."


"I like the cut of your jib."

Anyone that determined deserves a ride home. Come on."


The intimidating sparrow gestures at her scooter.

It's a little small, but we should both fit... I think...?

"Th-thank you!
Umm... may I ask your name?"

"Koshiba Azami.
I sell takoyaki."

"Call me Azami.

"Then thank you, Azami!"


The music fades and by the light of the moon all we hear is the quiet putting of Azami's motor scooter.


"You're a very... cautious driver."

"Carve it into your soul, kid!
One accident is all it would take, and that would be the end of both of our lives."

"It may seem strange to a young girl like you, but... once you've lost someone, you'll understand."


There is a far-off look in her eyes.

I'm sure you know what you're talking about, but at this rate I might get home faster by walking!

"Do you think we'll get there by dawn..?"

"Carve it into your soul!
The speed limit for scooters is 30 kilometers per hour!"

"We're not even going that fast!"

"Following traffic laws is part of my credo!"

"Isn't riding tandem against the law, too?"

"That rule is for humans."

"Birds are light, so one or two more doesn't stop the breaks from working."

"We're fine like this."


But I'm not a bird...

And so we putted along at Azami's hyper-cautious speed. By the time we got to my house it was almost light out...

July 24th


It's still a long time until the semester starts...
And I still have a lot of homework!

Maybe I should apply for a part-time job, since I have the chance?

There are a few cases where getting a job is useful, but for Okosan's route it's just a waste of time.


Hmm... I think I'll wait until I'm in college. That way I can skip lectures to go to work.

Slacking off and having fun is more the highschooler thing to do.

August 6th


Today's the local summer festival! I think I'll go with somebirdie.


(Is it true that you will take Okosan to a wonderful place?!)

"Yup! Today's the summer festival. Let's go together!"


(Okosan smells excellent things!
Okosan's excitement is almost at maximum!)

"There's lots of good food!
More than we could ever try!"

(Perhaps even pudding!)

"Well... probably not.
I've never seen a stand selling pudding..."

"Oh! Look, look! The fireworks are starting!"

The screen flashes and there's the sound of popping fireworks.

"Aren't they pretty, Okosan?"





"Nooo! He's lost himself to the shining lights and returned to his feral ancestry!"

"Calm down!
Okosan, calm dooooown!"

And up next comes the return of school and the beginning of the second term, and second half of the game. Sorry about the messed-up coding, it's been a pain in my ass.

For next time: will Hiyoko's love for Okosan see itself through? Does Okosan understand what love is, aside from between a dove and his pudding?? Stay tuned!


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I really love that you're doing these, esp. giving cultural notes for the stuff I was always too lazy to look up!



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