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"Why, if it isn't my darling little brother. Salut!"

"You scum! You villain!
Explain yourself!
Why are you still alive?!"

"Why? Well, for starters, I could never bring myself to leave all the ladies sad and alone."

"How much must you mock me before you will be satisfied?!"

"Hello again."


"Truth be told, Leone here gave me an antidote.
I was loitering around on the border between life and death, and he pulled me back up in a miraculous revival."

"But he said he was going to go recover your body...!"

"I do not recall saying I was going to recover his corpse."

"Lunacy! Madness! Inconceivable!"

"Give it back! Give me back the time and mental energy I spent mourning you!"

"You mourned me? I'm flattered."


"We can't stay long, Sakazaki Yuuya. It's time to set out on our next Bright and Massive Mission.
This is your chance to regain the department's trust."

"Roger that! Let's go, Sexy and Luxurious!"


"Coo, coo!"
(Okosan smells food! There is deliciousness nearby!)

"Hehehehe! Black Beandonna...!"

"Coo, coo!?"
(Anghel! Do you have food?!)

"Ah! What did I...?
Gah! The Demon Spores encroach again...?!"

(Stick 'em up! Okosan demands your beans or your life!)

"So you appear, Bone-White Bird of Bean-Eating.
By the Oath of Old, join me!"

"...they're still going at it?"


"Hello, Shirogane. How are you?"

Why are you, of all people, pushing Iwamine's wheelchair...!?"

"I would never have expected to see you two together."

"Taking responsibility for injuries dealt to another party by tending to them seems to be a natural enough reaction to me."

Sensei, you really have no obligation to be civil to this man.

"I need to apologize somehow, don't I?"

No, you really don't.

"...if you change your mind and decide it's time to exact revenge again, I never met either of you, understand?"

"Come on, Shirogane... that would never happen, probably."

"Hohoho, how wonderful.
I can feel the suspense in the air!"

"Somehow I feel like attempting to apply ethical guidelines to either of you is completely futile."

"Anyway, I needed to talk to you.
I have the results from the experiment the other day."

"There were no problems?"

"None at all. It was a perfect success."

"Well, I guess... that means it's time, doesn't it?"

"I have the date.
If you can come, please do."

The music fades.

"...Mister Kawara."

"Mister Kawara, Miss Tosaka. Can you hear me?"

"Morning is almost here."


Wake up, Kawara! Tosaka!
I told you I wouldn't go back on my word!

 And that's all there is! Until Holiday Star! But before we wrap up here let's revisit the bonus content we've unlocked:

But wait! There's a tiny bit left... First, let's check the gallery.

 photo galleryp2_zps52a09f4f.png

 photo hitorig_zpsc0d64b74.png

 photo isa_zps524b97e7.png

 photo ryuuji_zps129fa459.png

And to the archive...

 photo archives_zps76eb5a50.png

Before, we were missing files 6, 13 and 15.

 photo file6_zps37d0bc56.png

file 6:


The Spanish Influenza

An acutely infectious strain that was pandemic in 1918. Approximately six hundred million people were infected, and of those approximately one million died.
It claimed the largest number of lives in the shortest period of time during the Human Era.

From information found in remaining records, the pathogen itself is thought to have been a derivative of Avian Influenza.

 photo file13_zps9b16466e.png

file 13:

The Heartful House Incident

The Heartful House Orphanage, in Area L9, Section 6, was attacked by the Human Liberation Front terrorist organization.
The terrorists barricaded themselves inside, taking the residents hostage.

Eleven residents were killed during the incident, and eight officers died storming the building.
Two residents are known to have survived, but their current whereabouts are unknown.

 photo file15_zps64ea1d6e.png

file 15:

Ave's High City Bombing

In 2173, the Ave's High City building in Area A23, Section 1, was bombed by human extremists.

Immediately afterwards, the Hawk Party spawned the Earth Crawlers extremist organization.

 photo archives_zps76eb5a50.png

Now you'll also see that there's a couple of new things down at the bottom. The little red one next to the photo says "omikuji", or paper fortune! And it gives you a randomized silly bird blessing from the new years festival.

The photo itself, is something entirely different.




It's the second day of the festival! It is SUPER MAID TIME from dawn 'til dusk!

"It looks great on you, Hiyoko!"

"You think so?
Somehow I feel like these outfits suit you better than they suit me..."

"No, really, it's cute!"

"Thank you! You have today off, right?"

"Yeah. I was thinking I'd go take a look around the festival."

(Okosan prepares to depart, as well! The delicious smells of edible things summon him yonder!)

"Give me a call if things get busy, okay? We can come back and help out."

"Okay! Have fun, you two!"

The screen shakes.

"What mockery is this?!"

"What's wrong, Sakuya?"

"Why! Why must I wear these...
These hideous things?!"

"Because it's a maid cafe! If there weren't any maids it would just be a normal cafe."

"But I drew the winning straw!
I am supposed to be the manager, not a maid!"

"That's true, but one of the others is sick, so we're short on maidpower. You're the only other person on duty today..."

"Why must I be reduced to the role of a mere understudy?!
Their illness is no one's fault but their own!"

"There are others here with no duties, are there not?! Why not have Nanaki do it instead?!"

"Because he's already helping out!"

"Good morning, Tosaka!"

"Wh... what...?!"

"Waaaaah! He's so cuuuuute! I always thought quails looked good in frilly clothes...!"

"Umm... thank you.
This is a little embarrassing, Tosaka..."

"A grown man, dressing in girl's clothes of his own accord...
What... what is this country...?!"

"Salut! Is the lovely mademoiselle here?"

...wait, no, I mean, welcome back, master!" ~☆

"Well, I am glad you invited me here. You look exc-"


"Scum! Wipe that smirk off your uncomely features! Out with it, if you have something to say!"

"Well, not exactly... how can I...
My, what an aggressive girl this one is. Just my... ty... pfff!"

"How blatantly you struggle to subdue your laughter, master!" ~☆

"I'm not, I'm not laughing!
Tell me, pretty maid, how would you like to take a photo with me, as commemoration?"

"Do you mean to ridicule me, you dirty mongrel?! I shall take this to court! I will ruin you!"

"That's no good, Sakuya! Maids aren't supposed to go around ruining people! Here, go get a menu and take his order."

"Your master is waiting for you!"


"Sakuya, no! The menu isn't for throwing at the master!"


And that's a wrap, friends!

This LP has been a bit of a complex experience to put together and by that I mean I needed to do almost no genuine translation of my own, I didn't write the story, I didn't program anything, but I sure wrestled with coding and spent a lot of time putting it together, so I hope you enjoyed reading it!

The reason I wanted to put this LP together is because Hatoful Boyfriend is a real treasure to me, and is one of my favourite stories ever. For some of my friends it's been a little difficult, thanks to computer troubles or frustrations with visual novels, so I hope now I can get them to read it. I just really want to share this masterpiece with people in any way that I can, so I'm
glad you came. I hope you loved this story as much as I did, and I hope that I provided with you something extra for having read it this way. Please share it with friends if you need to, to get them to love this story, too!

The coding putting this together has been a bit of a struggle with Dreamwidth but I think I'm finally getting the hang of it here at the end. I hope there wasn't too many distracting annoyances bringing you up to this point. Thanks for being patient. <3

That said I want to once again encourage you to
buy a copy of Hatoful Boyfriend of your own to support Moa and keep the stories coming, and also to get the full experience for yourself. You could also drop her a line on twitter or tumblr to say sweet things. She understands English, so say it with feeling!

As for me, I'll be working on an LP on the Hatoful sequel,
Holiday Star sometime in the future, but I'll probably be taking a break before that to finish some art work, work on a comic or two for the hato fan book, visit my fiancee in Finland and finish reading the Dangan Ronpa 2 lp. I'm assuming you arrived here via my tumblr, but if not here it is in case you're looking for updates or something.

Thanks for reading and commenting and generally making this worthwhile for me. I'm happy to have the opportunity to share something precious to me with you. <
3 Thank you so much for coming this far with me.

-Dawn Davis / playerprophet
July 4th, 2013

Date: 2013-07-06 01:55 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Yuuya actually says "maidemoiselle" in the cafe scene, making a pun.

Date: 2013-07-17 04:03 am (UTC)
sqbr: flying mouse from Digger (fledermaus)
From: [personal profile] sqbr
Thank you so much for making this, it was quite an experience! I have actually bought the game but couldn't get it to run on my machine, I'm glad I finally got to see how it all ends.

Date: 2013-07-30 04:25 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Thank you so much for making this Let's Play. No matter how many people talked about this game, I could never get past that it was a pigeon dating sim, but I am glad to have experienced this.

The story made me laugh, it made me scream, it made me cry, and most amazingly, it made me believe that a partridge with a meat cleaver could take down a human being. A creepy, creepy partridge.

Yuuya is my favorite.


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