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"A staircase in the preparation room...?
I've never noticed one. I wonder where it could be..."

"If the scarecrow went down there with the Doctor, it would need to be a pretty big opening..."


We'll have to go and look.

" PM already. We only have three hours until we're overrun by bloodthirsty humans."

"We don't know for sure if there's an escape route in the basement, but it's our best bet."

"Maybe we should get everybirdie in the gym to come with us as soon as we find the stairs..."

"Leave that to me."

"Mister Leone!"

"I'll take care of the other students. Don't worry, I'm not a Massive agent for nothing."

"Well then. Thank you, Mister One."

"Umm... you aren't going with him, sir?"

"I'm going to come with you, Kawara.
We never know what could happen!"

"...thank you, sir."

"You're welcome.
I am your homeroom teacher, after all."

"You've done such a good job so far, I want to be there to help you if things get dangerous."

"...what about you, Sakuya?"


" two go ahead.
I'll catch up with you."

I wonder what kind of expression he would be wearing in an otome game with humans.

"Right... okay.
We're going to get out of here together, okay?"


Too much has happened today, for both Sakuya and me.

I don't know what's on his mind and he doesn't seem interested in telling me, but-
if he wants to be alone, that's for the best.

"I guess it's the two of us then, Mister Nanaki."

"If something bad happens, one of us can come back to warn you and the others, Mister Leone."


"Commence operation breakout it is, then."

The music stops.

"Not so fast!"

Glass shatters.



What does he want now? We don't have time for messing around...

"Textoris Melodia Funeris! You travel now to the Abyss of Despair, do you not?!"

"Uhh... the abyss of despair...?"

"I sense Demon Spores far greater in power than even those released by the Tree of Blight... I cannot allow you to face the Dark Sorcerer Wallenstein alone!"


The Wallenstein guy is the Doctor, right?

"Okay, uh..."

"We're coming for you, Wallenstein!"

"Wait, Anghel, we need to be careful! Wait!"

"He certainly is lively.
Let's go!"


"I think this is the first time I've been in here... It's kind of bland."

"Mmm, yes.
Not a very friendly room, but not distasteful, either."

"This place is flooded with Demon Spores. Any good bird would normally avoid it."

"Can you think of anything, sir?
Like a hidden door, or..."

"I don't come here very much, so... hmm..."

"Do you feel a draft?"

"A draft...?"

"There are no windows in here...
It must be coming in from the basement."


"Be silent, my Crimson Breast...!
We must hold it back, or the Eulogy of Doom will...!"

"Gate of Erebus! Guide me to the Abyss!"

"Wait, calm down, Anghel! You can't-"

The music stops, the screen shakes, and there's the sound of shattering glass.

"Oh, there it is. So it was behind the mirror all along?"

"He... he's a lot more clever than he acts, isn't he...?"


Even if he does spout nonsense whenever he opens his beak.

"Let us proceed, Textoris Melodia Funeris!
The master of the abyss awaits us below."

I feel like I should note that the previous time that Anghel stated this title, he said "Textoris Melodia Funus" instead of "Funeris", which I assumed was a typo, but it came up again here. It kinda ruins how transparent Ryouta's title is, even though it is trying to sound kind of latin when the rest are in plain English.


A long, dark staircase winds downwards behind the mirror.

How far does it go?
The basement itself should be pretty big... this is sort of like the entrance to the subway tunnel.

"Let's go."

"Very impressive!"

"This is... a lot fancier than I expected."


I never knew this huge place was underneath the school...

This facility has been used for research to kill humans since the school was founded...

I - Hiyoko - none of us ever knew.
We lived our carefree lives with all of this going on beneath our feet...

"Hmm, I don't see anybirdie.
I wonder if it's closed now...?"

"Yeah. It's clean and orderly, but... I don't get the feeling that it's still in use."

"There was a fire somewhere down here five years ago, and since then the whole facility's been shut up-"

"I suppose they froze whatever project they were working on..."

"Hey, Anghel.
Which way do you think we should go to find the Doctor?"

"That would be... ah! My Crimson Breast murmurs!"

"The Midnight Hunter approaches!"

Sure enough...



"C-couldn't you have said so earlier?!"

"Oh dear. If we don't get past him, we can't go on."

"We cannot reach Wallenstein without first defeating his dark servant... this trial cannot be avoided!"

"But all we've ever managed to do is run away from this thing!
How can we-"

"Hyu... hyuo... hyu..."

The scarecrow strikes, and there's the sound of glass shattering.

"We can't get anywhere just by running away... do we have any sort of weapon?"

"A weapon...? I do have the stungun Mister Leone lent me..."

"Will it even work on a scarecrow...?"

"Maybe not at normal output...
But it looks like a living creature, so I doubt it would be completely unaffected."

"The Midnight Hunter is a hound bred from the Black Void.
We must purify it with holy water!"

"Oh, yes! That's a good idea."

"Wh-what? What did he even say?!"

"There's a fire hose on the wall, there.
If we time it right..."


Mister Nanaki wobbles towards the wall, and pulls out the hose.

"...of course!"



He points the hose at the scarecrow, and opens the valve.

"Anghel, Sir! Get back!"

The music stops.


I set the stungun to maximum, and hurl it at the scarecrow!

"...hyu... hyugo... hyu..."



It collapses with an unpleasant noise.

Its electrified arm twitches for a moment, but then it is still.

"We did it!"

"Electricity is a powerful thing indeed..."

"The Thunderous Voice of Doom... Judgement has come!"

"Hyu...o, o... oa..."


"Goodbye, Mister Scarecrow."




What am I doing here?

A Le Bel is not allowed hesitation.

"No... I have not even the right to claim that restriction anymore."



Foolish., not "ish" at all. I am a fool.

I have been pampered my entire life, while in my shadow he crawled under the weight of a crime only he knew.

I have been nothing but vain and selfish.

The music fades.

"...what should I do, Yuuya...?"

The screen shakes.

"Coo, coo!"
(It is Sakuya! Sakuya is here!)

No one wanted you to come here."

(Everyone is leaving! It is a grand daring escape!)

"Coo, coo!"
(Sakuya will find Ryouta with Okosan! Away we go!)

"Shut up... don't talk to me."

The music stops.

(Sakuya weeps?)

"! I do not! It's raining!"

"Coo, coo!"
(Is Sakuya in pain? That is bad!
We must do something about it!)

"Coo, coo, cooo!"
(Okosan used HEALING TOUCH!)

"Confound you!
Must I repeat-"

The music fades.

"Coo, coo!"
(Okosan knows! Okosan heard that Yuuya has gone somewhere far, far away! We will never see him again!)

", they told you."

(Do not worry! If we cannot meet him, we need only chase after him!)

"Do you have any idea what you're saying?
Death is not a good place to chase someone to."


No doubt the older breeds have no concept of death.

Chase Yuuya into the grave?
What kind of fool would...

(Okosan knows! The earth is a ball, so if we run far enough, we will find him!)

"What foolishness... speaking with mongrels makes my head hurt."


...except I'm a mongrel, too.

"Poor mongrels who do not notice even their own error, that is."

"Coo, coooooo!"
(Okosan is not a mongrel!)

(Sakuya, and Yuuya, and Okosan all have their own wonderful names! Names more important than any breed!)

"Is that your argument?
That isn't even-"

The music fades.

"You are yourself. Never let anyone tie you down."


"I am... myself...?"

"Coo, coo!"
(It is time to go!
Okosan and Friend are late!)

(Kick reason to the curb! Time to blast out of this prison and find Yuuya!)


Oko is always brimming with useless energy, as he was...
Am I the same, perhaps?

We will never see him again, no matter how far we run.

But- if he were here now, what would he do?
What would he want me to do?

If it were Sakuya who were dead he would probably burn this motherfucker down.


At any rate, moping around here won't get us anywhere.

"Two more hours..."


I will chase after him.
I will never find him... but I will find myself.

"Let us go, Oko!
There is nothing more for us here."

"Coo, cooo!"
(Sakuya is best when he acts cool! After Ryouta, full speed ahead!)


"The Demon Spores are thick in the air... I smell the stench of the sorcerer."


I feel a little nervous relying on Anghel's bizarre intuition alone, but it's worked so far and we're in a hurry.

Is he actually following the Doctor by his scent?
Or was that just an Anghelism?

"There's some very advanced equipment in here... and these documents look fairly new. Maybe this place is still in use?"


There's a register of names left open on the desk.
Maybe it's a student register...?

"Look, your name's here too, Anghel."

"The Dark Grimoire...! I feel the Tendrils of Imminent Tragedy!"

"They have notes on some of the students, too. Under Higure..."

"'He acts as a neurotransmitter when excited. He seems to produce intoxicating or hallucinogenic pheromones. Physical exertion acts as a stimulant.'"

"'The pheromone causes others to temporarily lose control of themselves, but its usefulness is limited. Not currently applicable to combat.'

"I shall not allow the sorcerer to make me his pawn... I am the Crimson Angel of Judecca, destined to wander this earth alone!"


I'm not sure what he's talking about, but he sounds and looks unexpectedly heroic.

"It looks like all the students who were invited here have some sort of physical idiosyncrasy."

" did you enroll, Kawara?"


"I was... invited, too.
I don't know why."

"Hmm... yours is just a bunch of numbers.
I wonder if it's the explanation for something like Higure's...?"

The screen flashes and the music stops.

No! The Black Miasma of Inevitable Doom draws near!"

"We are approaching the Gate of the Abyss. I feel its foul wind..."

"Let's go. The Doctor's waiting for us."

"...could you wait a minute, Kawara?"

"What is it, sir?
We're almost done, we need to-"

"I want to ask you something first, Kawara."

"You lied, did you not?"




"I don't know why you would lie about that."

"Or maybe you forgot?
Even though it was just yesterday..."

"Yesterday? After school?
Like I said to Sakuya, I don't know anything about it.
We have to ask the Doctor-"

"Hmm, I see... let's go on then."


Mister Nanaki follows Anghel down towards the innermost room.

I've been trying to find the truth about Hiyoko's death since this morning.
Why would I lie?

Maybe Mister Nanaki misunderstood something...?
But that seems too simple.



In contrast to the rooms above, this area is dark and filthy.

This must be where the fire was, five years ago.

I feel like I can smell the soot just by looking at the walls here...

Nageki threw himself into the sea of fire here, to end the experiments.

"I wonder what I would have done in his place... would I have ended it all, like him, or-"

The music fades.

"You're late, Mister Kawara.
I have grown tired of waiting."


"The Dark Sorcerer, Wallenstein!"


"It wasn't just Hiyoko. You killed the headmaster, as well.

If it weren't for you, the boy who went outside wouldn't have been...!"

"Why are you doing this?!"

"...must I repeat myself?
I told you before, I merely disassembled Miss Tosaka after the fact. I did not kill her."

"Do you think I care?!"

"Hmm... it would appear that you need some assistance."

"I told you before, but you should already have everything you need to answer your question.
Who killed Tosaka Hiyoko?"

"Do not listen to the Dark Sorcerer's words, Textoris Melodia Funeris! He will lay a spell on you!"

"...perhaps the peanut gallery could keep its thoughts to itself?"



An iron grill drops behind me, like an evil wizard's portcullis.
I'm cut off!

"Oh dear, we appear to be shut in."

"No... the dark spell...!"

"What are you doing?!"

"Nothing at all. I simply have no business with them.
I was waiting for you, Mister Kawara."

", let us return to our conversation.
Our conversation about the truth you seek."

"You have done unbelievably cruel things, Doctor.
You were involved in the medical centre here, too!
Nothing you can say to me will change my mind."

"How pugnacious of you.
But, you are lacking in logic: what I may or may not have done has little to do with the truth of my words."

Pugnacious, adjective; eager to argue/fight.

"I was employed at this facility from the beginning.
No doubt that you have already deduced that I was working on Operation Hatoful."

"Operation Hatoful... the plan to wipe out humanity with the Charon virus."

"Precisely. Oh, it does make me so happy when students read ahead and come prepared for the lecture.
You are exemplary.

"The strain we isolated from the original host was extremely powerful.
Quite possibly the deadliest in human history."

"However, strains of such lethality tend to be fragile themselves.
Charon virus was no exception."

"It cannot last very long outside of a hosts' body."

"In order to deliver it to the enemy, we would have had to send live carriers into their society, and allowed it to spread via airborne infection."

"This proved troublesome.
Charon virus, in addition to being harmless to birds, is ill-equipped to establish itself in our bodies."

"Fujishiro Nageki, the original host, had a rare genetic condition which resulted in a slightly compromised immune system.
In his body alone was Charon able to safely reside."

"Alas, he refused to cooperate."

"You forced him to kill human prisoners... if it weren't for your experiments, he never would have killed himself!"

"Indeed... it had not occured to us that the test of the strain's effects would harm his mental health."

"We expected that he would be glad for the chance to get revenge against humanity, but... sadly, it was not so, and we lost our sample."

"The project was put on indefinite hold with his death.
But thankfully, we did not lose his corpse in its entirety."

"I preserved his remains, and have kept them to this day...
I have been waiting for a new carrier to arrive."

" sounds like this was a very labor-intensive project.
Wasn't there a better way...?"

"Quite right.
I digress a little, but there was a reason for our methods."

" did not take me long to come up with a better plan.
We need only compromise a subject's immune system, creating a compatability like Fujishiro Nageki's."

"Compromise the immune system... They'd die!"

"Indeed. Even if the subject were able to become a carrier for the Charon virus, if they died to some other infection it would all be for naught."

"Which is why I was very careful with who I chose. I worked on the subject over time, slowly weakening his immune system.
I suppose I should count myself lucky that I achieved my goal in only a year."

"You are an exemplary student, Mister Kawara. I give you full marks."

"Full... marks...?"


My head hurts.
Almost as if some strange creature is wriggling about, deep inside my brain...


"Are you okay, Ryouta?"

"Mister Nanaki said you were coming here, so I wanted to make sure you were alright..."

"Hiyoko... came to the infirmary..."

"To see... me...?"

"You have come this far.
I am sure you can answer this."

"What was it that you forgot?"


Everything is hazy.
I think my stomach is acting up again.
I drink the medicine Doctor Iwamine gives me and lie down, but my body still feels heavy. I'm tired.

"Are you okay, Ryouta?"
"Yeah... I'm fine now."
"Mister Nanaki said you were coming here, so I wanted to make sure you were alright..."

Hiyoko is reaching towards me.
"Want to go home? I'll walk you."

Her hand stops.

Hiyoko falls to her knees, clutching her chest.
"...Ryouta... I can't breathe..."

She can't breathe.

This is bad...
My mother said to get home early.

Everything feels strange.
Almost like it's a dream.

...I need to go home.


Goodbye, Hiyoko.
See you tomorrow.

"...hy... hyu..."

"She... fell down before my eyes..."

"And... then..."

"The experiment was a resounding success.
Miss Tosaka displayed the archetypal systems of a human infected with Charon Virus, and passed away."


"Once the virus is inside a human body, it shuts down the respiratory system in a matter of minutes."

"Technically, it causes an overreaction of the immune system which leads to widespread apoptosis in the lungs, but more simply-"

"Any human who comes into contact with you will die.
You see?"

"You're lying! Hiyoko and I were together since we were children..."

"Of course, I only administered the live virus to you yesterday.
All the things I've done to you the past year have been in preparation for it."

" you recognize this?"

"The scarecrow's head...?"

"Yes. Alas, the body is now useless, but... I shall tell you about Labour 9 - the being you call the scarecrow."

"It is one of the Labour-Model New Humans, developed by the Dove Party researchers, but denounced as unethical."

"We birds have advanced quickly, but our physical capabilities are still far behind those of the human race.
These new creatures were... livestock, if you will, to compensate for that."

"The Labour series was a great step towards the beautiful ideal of coexistence with humans."

"With a human's head mounted inside an artificial body, they were durable and capable of difficult tasks."

"...of course, they never entered development, the project having been shut down early due to ethical complaints."

"However, I carried on the Dove Party researchers' will, and created this prototype.
To be my sidekick."

"We didn't want too many other people snooping around and disrupting your investigation.
So I had it patrol the building."

The music fades.

"And now, the next question.
What is inside this bag?"

"...a human's head?"

"No, no, no! Close, but you have to be more specific!"

"I believe we had Miss Tosaka's head sent to your classroom, but... did you notice anything missing?"

Shuu, you fucker.



When I found her in the box, I was too shocked to be looking for clues.
I may well have missed something...


He doesn't mean...!

"Hiyoko's brain...?!"

"Correct! You do catch on quickly."

"Miss Tosaka did come to meet you quite frequently.
...of course, having been placed in Labour 9, she has lost much of her personality."

"Then she's..."



But her body is gone.
All that's left is her brain... can we still call that alive?

"Alive, or not alive... I don't know anymore. Can you save her?"

"That is a difficult question. We tend to think of there being a definite border between life and death, but really it's quite vague."

"Her personality still remained in this world until a few minutes ago.

"You gave poor Labour 9 quite a shock, shall we say."

"Alas, Miss Tosaka's brain is no doubt irreversibly damaged.
The wonders of modern medicine can do nothing for her now but sigh and shake their heads."

"Yesterday her body and today her mind.
You are a far more twisted villain than I could ever hope to be, Mister Kawara."


I killed Hiyoko.

It was my fault all along.

Why did it have to happen this way?

"This was all arranged for you.
I had Labour 9, Mister Sakazaki, and the headmaster help you along in your investigation."

"You are but one step to the end now.
You must remember one more thing... what was it that you and Miss Tosaka told me, long ago?"

"Come, follow me."


He holds out his wing.

What lies beyond here?

Hiyoko is gone.
The one who killed her was here from the beginning.

I have nothing more to lose.

"You are obedient, Mister Kawara."

"Wait, Textoris Melodia Funeris!
The Demon Spores are the thickest that way! You will not be able to return!"

"That's right, the Doctor is probably going to do something unspeakably horrible to you, Kawara. Come back!"

"...thank you for bringing Mister Kawara this far, you two.
And now, goodbye."

The music quiets for a buzzing sound.

"Oh dear... this looks bad.
Do you suppose it's poison gas?"

"This presence... Mystic Phantom, the Avatar of Miasma!"

"You do take everything in stride, don't you, Higure?"

The screen goes black and we're prompted to save our progress.



Two humans lie in a twisted pile.
They are Hiyoko's parents.
She said they work as mediators between birds and humans.

They were trying to say something to the humans barricaded on the other side of the wall.
But they received only bullets as a reply.



The death of her parents became a signal.
The birds surrounding the little house crossed the wall as one.
I can hear gunfire from inside.
I can hear humans and birds screaming.

We could do nothing but stand outside and watch.

And then the stranger came.
And spoke to us.

Is there anything you desire?
I will grant any wish for you.
So tell me.

I answered.

I don't want these things to happen anymore.
My wish is for a world where birds and humans no longer fight.
Even if I die, I want there to be peace.

And Hiyoko continued.

I agree.
I would do anything to make Ryouta's wish come true.

The stranger nodded.

It might not be possible right now.
But, one day, I will make it happen.


"When we were children... that's right.
That was you-"

"That was the other thing you had forgotten.
You have remembered, I see."


Eight years ago.
A number of humans barricaded themselves in a building not far from where we lived.

Hiyoko's parents were shot by the other humans, and many birds and humans were killed in the ensuing gunfight.

And I met the Doctor.

"I asked... for a world in which humans and birds no longer fight."

"You and Miss Tosaka both said you would be glad to die to bring it about.
And so I am carrying out your wish, just as you had stated it."

"Even symbiotic relationships are not free from strife.
In order to end the wars between humans and birds forever-"

"One race would have to be completely destroyed, you see?"

"Why did you choose me, back then?"

"Choose you?
Why did I ask you what your wish was, you mean?"

"I assure you, it was not a coincidence.
I am not so bored as to wander around granting wishes willy-nilly."

"I, too, had made a promise... to grant your wish."

"the preliminary test yesterday was a resounding success.
We need only transfer the original lyosomes from Fujishiro Nageki to you, and everything will be in place."

"I have granted your wish.
...though I did make you jump through a few hoops so you would remember your wish and understand my intentions."

"It would be the least you could do to at least acknowledge all I have done for you. Hmm?"



I don't care about anything now.
Hiyoko is gone.

My wish has destroyed everything.

Nothing good has ever happened.

If this is what my life is to be like, I wish I had never been born.

"...I don't want to see anything anymore."

"Do not be anxious.
You have no will to resist, so soon you will forget it all."

"Good night, Mister Kawara."

The music fades.


"Agh! My crimson breast senses dang-
-cough- cough-"

"Talking will just make it worse, Higure..."

"Hmm... it seems to be leaking in quite slowly. I'm glad we have a little more time, but it is getting hard to breathe..."

"Wallenstein... you coward...!
Come out and fi-"

Anghel is interrupted by shattering glass.


"Hold on just a little longer!
We'll get you out of there!"

"I will try to open the cage, Oko! You see to the gas!"

"Coo, coo!"
(Okosan shall not fail!)

We fade to black for a moment, and back into the basement lab.

My heart goes pitter-pat whenever Sakuya does things with Dispersion Relation.

"Aah, much better.
No one can say you slack off as student president, Shirogane."

"The crimson breast shall not forget this."

"Are you two alone?
Where did Kawara go?"

"Coo, coo?"
(Were you separated? Did Ryouta wander off and get lost?)

"No, he didn't, he got carried off by the Doctor."

"Carried off...?!"

"Coo, coooooo!"
(Oh noooo! No doubt the Doctor is making him drink nasty protein supplements as we speak!)

"If we do not act soon, the Funeral Song shall herald the Coming of Darkness...!"

"Why can you never speak in plain Japanese, miserable poltroon?!"

Poltroon, noun; Coward.
Really, Sakuya? You're going to call Anghel a coward?

"He's saying that the Doctor is planning to turn Kawara into a biological weapon."


"We can explain while we walk.
Assuming I don't run out of breath..."

"Very well. Let us proceed!"

The music fades.


"Kawara! Are you alive?!"


(Okosan has a bad feeling about this! Ryouta is not normal!)

"Miserable medical man! What have you done to him?!"

"Why, if it isn't the son of the noble Le Bel family.
What is one of your prestige doing here?

"Your pathetic jabs mean nothing to me.
What have you done to Kawara?!"

"I have granted his wish.
That is all."

" is almost ten. The human forces are gathered above."

"Mister Kawara must now return to the surface and begin the end of the human race."

"Kawara would wish for no such thing!
He would never harm a human!
Right, Kawara?!"


"It seems he is hesitant to agree with you. Hohoho."


"He has been swallowed by the Demon Spores... our voices will not reach him...!"

"It is time for us to go.
He has but little time left in this world, and can't afford to waste any of it."

"He has but little time...?
What does this mean?!"

"His duty now is to fly about the world spreading the seeds of Charon throughout all of humanity. It will be a feat impossible for any normal rock dove."

"Of course, he will be shot at, as well.
If he were to fall from his wounds, he would die before completing his task."

(Do not fear! Okosan will stop Ryouta here and now!)


The screen shakes, and Okosan's image fades.


"There he goes..."

"...Mister Kawara has traded his free will for normally impossible physical tenacity."

"He's been... brainwashed...?"

"We have to stop him and bring him back to his senses before he reaches the surface!
...but Oko is stronger than any of us, and he was sent flying just like that..."


"...Kawara is very strong, but lacks control right now, right?"

"Maybe we should ask Higure."

"Wha... him?! He's nuts!"

"Ha ha ha... Black Beandonna...!"

"There he goes again, spouting nonsense!"

Wait, Kawara! Stop!"

The screen shakes.


"Oh dear, there goes Shirogane..."

The music stops.

"The Demon Red Eye speaks...!
Seal the disaster with the power of the Chosen One!"


"He's reacting... how is that frail Luzon able to affect him?!"

"What is he doing?!"

"Hypnotizing him."

"According to the documents back there, Higure has the ability to pull others into his own fantasies and break down their mental restraints..."

"I was talking to the Doctor about it earlier, too. I think it's real."

"Mental restraints? how a desperate man can be stronger than usual."

"The Demon Red Eye heralds the awakening!
By the power of the Blood-Stained Hand, I seal the Funeral Song...!"


(Okosan attack! Okosan cannot possibly lose in a fight with Ryouta!)

"There we go, perfect!"

"We're supposed to convince Ryouta to stop while ourselves being drawn into some bizarre fantasy?
This is madness!"

"Don't think about the consequences, Shirogane! Just go along with it!"

"Prepare yourselves!
We fight, brethren bound with the Red Lotus Fetters!"


Ryouta, Textoris Melodia Funeris appears!


"Textoris Melodia Funeris! Now is the time to break Wallenstein's spell! Hear the call of the Red Lotus!"

Important input from Okosan.

(A violent Ryouta is not a good Ryouta! Come to your senses!)

"We're all trying our best for you, Kawara! Come back to us!"

"Do you not care?!
Do you plan to destroy all we've gained?!"

"Stop, Kawara!
This is not the path you must travel!"


???'s turn!


"Jeez, Ryouta, you're causing everybirdie trouble!
I don't want to see you like this, either!"

"I'm the only berserker-class character this story needs!
Wake up already, Ryouta!"


Ryouta was defeated!



"Kawara! Pull yourself together!
Do you want this?!"

"...n... no... I don't...!"

"Coo, coo!"
(Ryouta is a vegetarian, and shouldn't exert himself!)

"...I don't want... to make anyone sad..."

"The remitter reactivated...?
Fascinating... it should not have been possible for some hours yet."

"Disease is half in the mind, after all.
Outlook is surprisingly important."

"...I suppose this means my data was insufficient."

"This is the end, Dark Sorcerer Wallenstein!
Be judged by the Crimson Breast!"

"Wait... Anghel... it's not just... his fault..."

"Why do you protect him?
He is the one who did this to you."

"Tell me... Doctor... why did... you go so far... to grant my wish...?"

"Why did I grant your wish?
My reason is nothing of note. It is not worth telling."

"This was merely an experiment, that has now come to an end."

" must have had... a reason...
You aren't the sort... to go around talking to children... without some purpose."

"I want to know... the answer to everything..."

The answer is nowhere near as glamorous as you are expecting, I assure you."

The music fades.



"Hey, good morning, Isa!
Sorry to spring this on you, but could you take a look at these?"
"What is it, sir? You seem excited."
"It's amazing! The Healers we got earlier-"

Ah, the HeLa cells from last month."
"Yeah, them. From the unusually old human."
"Aiding science even after death.
Can't we at least call the samples by their proper name?"

"You've always been serious like that, Isa.
These samples are like sweet lovebirds! Touch them with kindness, and they respond beautifully."
"Just how many lovebirds do you have, again?
Perhaps you should call them pet birds, instead?"

"Uuuh... maybe you're right.
Anyway, look at this! We've been looking into cancer cell immortality."

"This... indeed, these results are amazing.
You're quite lucky with these things."

"It's all about love."
"Or intuition?"
"That too."


Kawara Ryuuji.
He is quite possibly the most gifted researcher alive.
He has abilities and intuition that not even he can explain.


"Hey, good morning, Isa!
Nice weather, huh?
Makes me want to do something outside."
"'s already evening.
I believe one normally switches to 'good evening' around now."
"It's 'good morning' whenever I get up, Isa!
Get distracted by things like common sense and you'll miss the greatest discoveries of your life."



"Hey, good morning, Isa!
Woopsie, we're low on cash., was this the one?"
"I didn't ask you to pick it up for me."
"Here, take it. It's not like we're running out."

" sound like a pushy salesman."
"Your right wing is injured, right?
If there's anything I can help you with, just ask."

"I've been doing fine so far."


"Hey, good morning, Isa!
Hey, can I say something?"
"What is it, sir? I am somewhat busy."
"You're always busy... if I waited for you to take a break, I'd die of old age before I got to speak."

"Talking like this gets us nowhere."

"Guess what! I had a kid!"

"Hmm... I see. Congratulations."
"Wh-what, don't you have anything else to say?"

"Not particularly.
Reproduction is natural for all living creatures.
Of course, were I to become a father, I would feel bad for the child, given my habit of locking myself away in the laboratory."


The only bird who I ever recognized.
The only one I ever recognized as worthy of my respect.


"Hey, good morning, Isa!
I brought you something cool."
"Hmm... what is it?"

"A fossil! Look at it!
It's huge!"

"You act like an excited child."
"Hey, I like geology, too. Aah, it tempts me with infidelity."
"I will carry on your research while you are out, then. Go on."

"Damn, you're cold!
Hey, listen, wanna come with me on a business trip sometime?
Field observation is fun! My next one's at the start of the mon-"

"While I am interested in your work, sir, I am partway through a fascinating process at the moment.
Perhaps another time."

"Yeah? I'll invite you next time, then.
I bet traveling with you would be a blast!"

"Field observation is not exactly sightseeing.
...I will make sure to open time in my schedule, though."


His last moments were dreadfully anticlimactic.
He fell ill with a disease endemic to the island.

By the time we returned home, he was so emaciated one could barely recognize him.

He had watched as many other birds succumbed to disease.
So I was sure.
Sure that he would die in this examination room, surrounded by his family.


"Isa, I always knew that this was a possibility."

"Yes, sir."

"I don't regret the way I did things..."

"No, sir."

"But I just remembered.
I do have one regret."

"...yes, sir?"

"I've never done anything a father's supposed to do.
I'd promised... to take time off, for the first time in years..."


"I want you to do me a favor, Isa.
If you ever run into my son... can you do something for him, in my stead?"

"...a rather vague request."

"He's too nice. He'd never ask for something, even if he wanted it."

"I suspect he inherited that trait from his father."

"Haha... anyway, if you ever happen to meet him.
You don't have to go out of your way to find him or anything."

"Hmm... very well. I shall remember.
What is his name?"

It's Kawara... Ryouta."


You vanished from my life before I ever told you my feelings.
And I've chased your shadow since then.
Is this what they mean by quitting while you're ahead?
Or was it just cowardice?

No matter how I study life, its past, its future, I will never be able to surpass you.
And that was my only goal.

Kawara Ryouta... the son of Doctor Kawara.
Carrying half his genetic material, and otherwise unrelated.

But, this boy-


He may be the only way for me to catch your shadow now.


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Kick reason to the curb!



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