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Welcome friends, and thank you for following me through this LP so far! Now we're going to begin the conclusion of our story, and answer many of the questions I'm sure you have. So, let's start from the beginning...



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We literally need to start a new game for BBL, so sit tight. It's going to take treading a bit of familiar ground to get there, but please be patient!

After we fill out all of the settings, name, etc, this new window comes up, if you've gotten most of the endings.

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My friends, it's time we fulfilled the promise.

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Is there anything you desire?
I can grant whatever you wish.
Tell me...

We'll be seeing a few of these so I just wanted to show you what they look like with text. They're quite pretty.


A strange bird once said that.
Who was that bird talking to...?


April 8th

(Music: St Pigeonation's Institute)


St. Pigeonation's.
A school blessed with extensive curricula and facilities.

It's already been a year since I ended my ordinary life and walked through these gates.

I should probably say...
this school is known for one thing in particular.

This school is Japan's - no, the world's greatest gathering-place for gifted birds.

Birds who want to study the arts, the sciences, even sports all come to St. Pigeonation's.

The teaching staff and student body are both made up of a diverse blend of birds of different backgrounds and species.

I'm often asked why I chose to come here, despite not being a bird.

It's a long story...


"Not every day I see you rushing along like this!


"Usually you'd have been ready for an hour by now, Hiyoko!"



This rock dove is called Kawara Ryouta. We've been friends since he was barely hatched.

He can be a little mischevious, but he's responsible and kind.


"Breakfast was a little hard to catch today... I can't relax without red meat inside."


>"Living as a hunter-gatherer sounds tough... I'd be happy to make you breakfast, you know."



"I might take you up on that offer when starvation looms. Thanks, Ryouta!" 

An audio clip sounds for a ringing bell.


"The bell already? Come on, we need to hurry to class!" 


"Jeepers! No good being late on the first day!"

And so Ryouta pulled me along into the school. 

Today is the start of a new semester. I wonder what lies in store...

It was all I could do to adjust to the atmosphere last year. Better make up for all that lost fun!


I think we're in 2-3... Ryouta and I are in the same class again.

Old faces, new faces... a strange thrill fills my heart as I look around at the assembled birds.

I hope we all get along. Here's to the formation of many happy memories!

Oh! The teacher's here!

"Good morning, everybirdie!"

"Err, I'm Nanaki Kazuaki. I seem to be your teacher this year."

"I specialize in math and
and also some
other things..."


Wake up! It's homeroom!"

"...he sleeps with his eyes open?!"


This quail is Nanaki Kazuaki. He's a famously narcoleptic math professor.

I'd heard the rumors, but I hadn't expected him to fall asleep just like that...

Apparently he's well-known as a mathematician. Just goes to show, great minds come in all forms!

I'm sorry...
Isn't it a little warm in here?"

"Which reminds me, we have a transfer student."

"Please, introduce yourself, Shirogane."

"What is the point?
I have no wish to speak to commoners. Do not think I'm here because I wish to be."

"Oh well, I guess that's that."

"Hey, hey, hey! That's no good!"

"But he doesn't want to introduce himself..."

"But we can't just let him break the rules like that, sir! The system will collapse and we'll all turn into kulaks and dissenters!"

"...well, when you put it like that... could you at least say your name, Shirogane?"


"Shirogane Le Bel Sakuya."


It seems this fantail is Shirogane Sakuya. His feathers would make anybirdie proud.

He's pretty stuck up. But then, transferring is never easy. I hope we can be friends!


Sakuya sits down, glaring daggers at Ryouta and me.

I think this little bird is telling me there's going to be trouble down the line.

(Music: St Pigeonation's Institute)


Lunch already!
Today is slipping by so quickly...

...that reminds me, I've had these books out from the library all summer! I'll return them now.


Where is everyone? Aside from the receptionist, there's hardly anybirdie here.


Is someone looking at me?
Probably just my imagination.


...or not.
A mourning dove stands in a dark corner, staring in my direction.

Mourning doves aren't very common in Japan, but apparently they're everywhere in America.

"Umm... did you want something from me...?"



He looked away...

"Not really..."


I'm pretty sure it was him I felt looking at me...
There's no one else here.

"Are you sure?"

I don't want anything with you."

"'s the things you're carrying that I'm interested in."


He glances at the desk, as if to say 'hurry up and return them already!'.

"Oh... sorry. Ehehe, they were a little too dense and I never finished them."

"Were you waiting for them all summer?"



He silently returns his gaze to his book.

Maybe he's in a bad mood?

"I'm Tosaka Hiyoko.
A sophomore.
What about you?"







Fujishiro Nageki, huh. Mourning Doves are pretty rare in Japan...

Maybe it's just his voice, but he seems kind of sad.

"...leave me alone."


He's reading his book again.

"Okay. Sorry to bother you."

"I keep meeting depressing people today."

The music fades as we move into the hallway.

"Now that I have that out of the way, I think I'll head back to class.
Wait, isn't that..."

"You should have been instructed not to approach me in school."

"Come on, Sakuya -- what kind of thing is that to say to your own brother?
After all these years!"

"My brother? You must be joking. You've never once been a brother to me."

"Please, don't try to talk to me again. I've no time for half-breeds. I'll be going now."

"Hey, wait just a -"

"I guess even if we're in the same school now what's done is done..."


I didn't mean to eavesdrop but I think I just overheard something juicy!

The ever-popular trend-setter and ladies' man Sakazaki Yuuya is Sakuya's brother?

I wonder what the story behind that is...



The music turns back into the St. Pigeonation's theme.

"You heard that whole thing, right? Are you a friend of Sakuya's?"

"I-I-I-I-I'm sorry!
I didn't mean to listen in on you!"


"Haha. No sweat."

"I try to stay sexy and luxurious in front of all you little ladies, but that there wasn't too cool."


This fantail is Sakazaki Yuuya, an upperclassman.

I've never talked to him before, but he's famous, or infamous, throughout the school.
Everybirdie knows of him.


"You're Hiyoko... right?"

"H-how did you...?!"

"I know everybirdie here.
Besides, you're the only human.
A single poppy in a field of rye."

"Did you say you were a friend of Sakuya's?"

"Not exactly...
We had a rather ballistic introduction this morning."

"We're in the same class, that's all."

"I'd never have thought that stuck-up aristocrat wannabe was your brother."

"Aristocrat wannabe..."

"He is an aristocrat, actually.
The genuine article, in the flesh."


He is?!

"He's a bit of a pain, so good luck, mon amie.


He really is a noblebird...

I've never heard anything like that about Yuuya though. Probably a twisty business!


The bell sounds.

"That's all for today.
Stay safe, everyone."



"Sir, where's Ryouta?"

"He said he was going to the infirmary. Maybe you should go and see if he's still there?"


Now that I think about it, Ryouta always did have a weak stomach.

I should go to the infirmary just to make sure he's okay.

The music fades out as we enter the infirmary.

"Excuse me..."



Nobirdie's here?

There's no one sleeping behind the curtains, and the doctor isn't here, either.

My hunter-gatherer instincts feel no presence.
There's nobirdie here.



No reply.
The infirmary is empty.

Did he go home already?"


I feel a little nervous poking around the empty room...

Now that I think of it, I haven't been in here much before. Unlike Ryouta, I'm perfectly healthy.

"Whoah, they've got all kinds of drugs in here!"

"Ethylpar, tri-fe, lucio benzene... what do these even do?"


"Care to find out?"

The screen shakes.


"I'll feed you all sorts of things, if you want. Hmm?"

It's like he's trying really hard to seem like a creepy pervert.

"No, thank you!"


This partridge is Iwamine Shuu, the school doctor.

He's rather creepy in person, and has a bad reputation among the student body.

Everyone knows that even just talking to him can bring you down with aspergillus, psittacosis, or even worse things.

And I never even heard him come in the door. doctor!?

"You don't look like you have a good reason to be in here. Did you need something?"

"Umm, I heard Ryouta...
Kawara from 2-3 was supposed to be here."

He's already gone."



Why didn't he come find me before going home?

"S-sorry to bother you!
I'll be going now!"

The music fades as we escape into the hallway.


Finally out of that den of evil.

Ryouta's already gone home... what do I do now?


I never got around to joining a club last year.

Maybe I'll go take a look at some of my options.

I think there are clubs for baseball, soccer, track, kendo, migration, birdwatching...

Wasn't there another one...?
Anyway, I'll start with the track team.

I ran in middle school, and it's always funny watching the birds hop around.


I think their clubroom is on the ground floor, off to the side...

A white dove is having a tantrum outside.

"Coo coo!"
(This is no pudding for a man!)

(Okosan rejects it! It is a lie!
A vicious falsification!)


He's dancing around on a squished pudding.

"Hey... that's not very nice to the pudding."


This is Oko San.

He doesn't really look it, but supposedly he's a fantail pigeon.
...I think?

Either way, he's hyper.

(Okosan has suffered a deception most vile! A wretched betrayal!)


(Okosan instructed that pudding be provided for new members!)

(But this is no pudding!
Ousted, scorned, betrayed!
Dragged into the street and shot by those he trusted most!)


It's squished and filthy, but the thing under his feet looks like normal store-bought pudding...

"What's wrong with it?"

"Coo coo!"
(Spare the jests, young lady!)


Okosan used WING ATTACK!
It's super effective!

(They'll rue the day they crossed Okosan! He'll have the flayed, hanged, shot at dawn! He will!)

(Okosan must now train to achieve true pudding! Farewell!)

Okosan zooms away.


...and he's gone.

He's a good runner, but what does pudding have to do with the track team?


And so ended my first day of my second year at St. Pigeonation's.


April 11th


"Err, I think we want to choose the class council today."

"As you all know this school doesn't require you to join any club."

"If you want to, you can, but if you don't then you're free to go home after school."

(Okosan has time only for the track team!)

"That's good. What about you, Shirogane?"


"A foolish question. I already hold a position here."

"Oh that's right. You became student president when you were admitted."
"Nepotism, ho!
Don't we get to vote!?"
"Just coming to school is enough for me."


"You have to take care of your mother on your own, and all..."

"Hmm, I wonder what I should do."

In BBL the route you choose to follow here doesn't actually matter, so I'm going to sign up for Infirmary duty again.

"That's everyone, isn't it?"

"Have fun!"

April 11th

Although we're joining the infirmary I am otherwise going to follow Ryouta's path, so to gym class we go.

I had to sit out on the wing training, but it was fun anyway. Maybe someday I'll be able to fly, too!

Hiyoko leveled up! Vitality increased by 5!

April 15th


Oh! I'm supposed to help at the infirmary today.

I shouldn't keep them waiting.
Better hurry!

( St. Pigeonations' Institute )

"Salut, Hiyoko."


"What's wrong? Are you hurt?"

"So sweet of you to worry for me!
But, no. I'm the second-in-command here."

" are?
I never would have guessed!"

"I couldn't be happier, mon amie.
Mystery is the most powerful of aphrodisiacs."

"Anyway, our job as staff is to check the medicines and clean up in here. Normally, I'd do that."

"But today I've got some stuff I need to take care of, so could you handle this mess for me?"

"Of course!"

"My thanks, Hiyoko. Oh, and don't touch the desk -- it's the doctor's personal area."

"I'll take you somewhere nice in return. Adieu!"


Yuuya flutters out the door.
...did he just ask me out?

Anyway, cleaning.

The screen fades out and in, the music quiets.


Some of these drugs are a little weird, no matter how you look at it. Is this really an infirmary?

It feels more like a human, or rather, avian experimentation room.

The desk drawer is open, and there are files sticking out.

Everything was very neat when I was in here last, but maybe the doctor's a little careless about tidying up?

Yuuya did say not to go near the desk, but...

I'm a little curious, but he did say not to go near the desk.
I'd better leave it alone.

The doctor might show up and turn me into Hiyoko salami.

April 20th


Ahh... sitting at home is so relaxing.

Tomorrow is the class hike!

Should I prepare anything? We won't be going far, so I don't have to...

Well, health first!
I think I'll have some udon and go to sleep.

April 21st
 photo San1-10_zpscf18c449.png
(St. Pigeonations' Institute)


Today is the hike! We've stopped for a break on the hillside. Who should I talk to?
 photo San1-11_zps1962f013.png

Let's eat together."

"Sure. Great view, huh?"


" that your lunch, Hiyoko...?"

"Yup! It's a CalorieM**e."

"That's a pretty sad thing to bring on a picnic..."

"No, it's not! A great man once said it's the ambrosia of the gods!"

"Geez, if you eat like that you'll be dead on the roadside by the time we head back.
Here, I'll share mine."

"Really? Wow! Thanks, Ryouta!"


And so I got to eat half of Ryouta's lunch. His cooking is so good!

We can save the CalorieM**e in case of a survival situation.

May 6th

May 6th is another elective day, so off to gym we go.

 photo San1-13_zps45628925.png


"It's too hot! I feel like I'm going to have a stroke.

(It's re-hydration time!
Okosan wants to go swimming!)


Hiyoko leveled up!
Vitality increased by 5!

May 16th

 photo San1-14_zps0636b974.png


"Err... I imagine you're all well aware, but..."

"The sports festival is right around the corner. Please think about what you'll do!"

"Sports festival season already...?"

"If it were in the fall it would conflict with the cultural festival, so it's always been in May."

"What are you going to do, Ryouta?"

"I haven't decided but...
Probably the three-legged race.
Somebirdie has to."

Okosan will handle the marathon! Indeed he will!"

"You do have a lot of stamina, Okosan... What about you, Sakuya?"

"You can't possibly be expecting me to run in some race, can you?"

"It is a sports festival. Is there an event that doesn't involve running...?"

"How about being a cheerleader?"

"The general, in other words...
Very well, leave it to me."

"Um... I don't think that's..."

"Also, the first-aid team is always shorthanded, so I'm sure they could use help if anybirdie still can't decide."

The bell sounds.

"That's all for today."
Ryouta's doing the three-legged race, Okosan's running the marathon, and Sakuya's a cheerleader.

Yuuya might be running the first-aid tent...

What should I do? I'll have to think about it.

May 21st

 photo San1-15_zps5e5187eb.png


Today's the sports festival!

I never did make up my mind. What should I do?

 photo San1-16_zpsa62abbf5.png

"Oh, are you joining us?"

"Want to run together? I haven't found a partner yet."


Get set...

Ryouta's running for both of us.
Pairing up a bird and a primate might have been a bad idea...

We somehow came in second anyway, though. We have brought honor to our class.

May 27th


The first barrier for all students who make it this far, the midterm exam!

We're getting them back today...
Aah... I don't think I did too well.



"Hmm... I don't think you did too badly..."



"Not too... mmm... nope, sorry. You did badly."


"Try harder next time, okay?"


I disappointed Mister Nanaki... I'll have to study more from now on.


I've had this dream a lot, recently.
I can see a little house on the other side of the fence.
I wonder who lives there?
I don't think it's anyone I know.

Ryouta is next to me, and my parents are here, too.
We're all together again, but...

...Mom? Dad? Hey... wake up...


June 22nd

(St. Pigeonation's Institute)

"Mmm! Today is a good day.
I feel like I'm shining!

I wonder what I should do during break..."

"I think I'll eat at the Cafeteria today..."

"Excuse me! One half-dead fried rice please!"


Yum! My favourite.
The screen shakes suddenly.


(No! This is wrong! A fake! A vicious lie!)


A familiar voice indeed.

(This is not pudding!)

"I know! You said! So come on, let's eat outside! We can't horse around in here!"


"What's going on?"


Not that I can't tell by looking.

"San saw the pudding here and went nuts."


"I stopped him from going on a rampage, but...
Ow! Cut it out, Okosan!"

(Release me at once!
My RAGE VOLTAGE is rising!)

"Help me, Hiyoko!"

This time we'll be a good friend and come in to help you out, Ryouta!

"Leave it to me, Ryouta!

(No! The beast-queen shows her true colours! Pull out! Pull out!)


Okosan rushes from the cafeteria like a rabbit from a catapult.

"Aah! Safe at last. Thanks, Hiyoko."

"No problem!
All I did was shout at him, anyway."

"Apparently, that was enough. Now we can all eat lunch without fear of disaster."
June 26th


Today is calisthenics.

"Ryouta... you're in highschool and you still can't do a chinup?"

"Don't look at me like that!
You're making me feel like a failure..."

Hiyoko leveled up!
Vitality increased by 5.


July 7th

Today is Tanabata!

There's probably a bamboo tree in the plaza this year, too...
I think I'll go make a wish.

Wow, there're lots here already!
Anybirdie I know?

 photo jul07-ryo_zps7852becc.png

Oops, I guess he's the only one.
What should I wish for?

"I wish to crush all opposition that rises before me and rule the world with an iron fist!"

"Oh, hello... is that you, Tosaka?"

"Mister Nanaki!"

"You should be careful out this late! It can be dangerous for a girl, you know."

"I was about to head home.
Would you like me to walk you to your place?"


"No, thank you. I still have some errands to run."

Well, don't stay out too late!"
Wasn't the Keymania IIDX public playtest starting today? Maybe I'll stop by the arcade...
July 11th


A rock dove is wiggling about on the surface of the water, advancing neither forwards nor backwards.

"You can't swim, Ryouta...?"

"I-I'm doing my best! I'm going to learn before I graduate...!"
Hiyoko leveled up!
Vitality increased by 5!

July 13th


Cleaning the classroom took longer than usual.
I need to hurry to the infirmary!

Ah, yes. The source of endless wisdom.

"What is it?
I'm in a bit of a hurry..."

"Nothing much.
Just... have you heard of the seven mysteries of St. Pigeonations, Hiyoko?"

"This school even has its own horror stories? Do tell."

"Yeah. Well... there's one that says that sometimes students will disappear in the infirmary only to show up again as food in the dining hall and quill pens in the school store."

"Sounds like an urban legend to me."

"It does, but... Doctor Iwamine is pretty suspicious. Be careful, okay?"

"You go to the infirmary a lot, right?
Has he ever done anything to you?"

"No, but...
Well, you're a girl, Hiyoko.
I'm a little worried."

"That's true. I'll be careful."


Ryouta always has been one to overthink things. Anyway, can't keep Yuuya waiting!

"Excuse m..."



Yuuya and the doctor are talking about something.

"Did you really think I hadn't noticed?"

"You sure look like you woke up on the wrong side of the nest.
What are you talking about?"

"I shouldn't have to explain.
You know exactly what I'm talking about."

"I have told you never to touch my desk, haven't I?"

"And what makes you think I ever have?"


This doesn't look too good.


There you are, mon amie!"

"Hiyoko can back me up on this.
We were in the courtyard together until a few minutes ago."

"She said she was going to the restroom, so I should go on ahead.
I only just got here."

"In other words, I haven't had time to go rifling through your stuff, doctor.
Right, mon amie?"


Just what is going on here?

It sounds like the doctor suspects Yuuya of having searched his desk while he was out...

I came straight from the classroom to here, so Yuuya's obviously lying.

We can't leave a friend in trouble now, can we?


I don't quite know what's going on, but I don't like the look on the doctor's face.

"That's right. Yuuya and I were having a sexy and luxurious sunbath in the courtyard up until a few minutes ago."

"Sexy and luxurious it was indeed. Well, doctor?"

"...very well. I shall have to wait for more solid evidence."

"Please, do be careful."

"Of course, doctor."

The screen and the music fade, and we reappear in the hallway.

"Yuuya, what--"

"Forgive me, mon amie. I can't explain right now."

"But... one day."

And he's gone. What was that supposed to mean?

Is something really happening in the infirmary?

July 15th


We get our finals back today!
I'm not sure I did too well...



"You didn't do too badly...
I think..."


"You... nevermind, you did badly. Sorry."


"Try harder next time, okay?"


I disappointed mister Nanaki... I'll have to study more from now on.



That dream again.
Ryouta, my parents and me, at a stranger's house.

The strange bird who comes to me is a magician.
He says he'll grant any wish that Ryouta and I make.

Maybe not today.
Maybe not tomorrow.
But one day...


July 20th

The school bell rings.

Today's the last day!
It's been a semester already...

Sometimes it seemed long, and sometimes it seemed short, but either way, it's summer now!

I should probably find out if I need to come to school to clean the infirmary at all.


"Well, I will be here just about every day that the building is open... but there isn't really any need for you to come too."

"There's nothing I could do to help?"

Was there anything else?"

"No, that's all."

"I will ask you to leave, then.
You aren't an unpleasant companion, but I have many experiments to conduct."

I got kicked out again.

What did he mean by 'experiments', anyway?
Like a chemist does?

July 22nd

 photo jul22-01_zpsc2f45ed2.png


It's easy to fall out of practice and get fat and lazy during summer vacation.

A hunter-gatherer's body is her way of life, so maybe I'll go running today!

As Hiyoko runs we get to see the sights along with her.

We then fade to black for a moment before the scene reopens:

"Aaah! That was a good run."


A true Running Girls' way to start vacation!

"I wonder how far I ran... I always lose track of where I'm going once the runners high kicks in."



...where am I?

I must have wandered out of my usual stomping ground at some point.

Which way did I come from...?

"Don't fail me now, paleolithic homing instinct...!"


The sun's setting. I'd rather not sleep outside...


Hey, you."


"I don't know you. Where'd you come from?"


A sparrow stands next to me, squinting up at my face.

Her wing is resting on a motor scooter.

It looks a little bit vintage. How cute!

I feel a strange pressure...
I can tell right away that this sparrow isn't just anybirdie.

"Umm, I'm out from St. Pigeonation's. I was out for a run and got lost."

"You ran all the way from there? You must be good."

"It's about a two hour drive from here."



I guess that's why my legs hurt!

"Aaah... I wonder if I'll be able to run home again..."


"I like the cut of your jib."

Anyone that determined deserves a ride home. Come on."


The intimidating sparrow gestures at her scooter.

It's a little small, but we should both fit... I think...?

"Th-thank you!
Umm... may I ask your name?"

"Koshiba Azami.
I sell takoyaki."

"Call me Azami.

"Then thank you, Azami!"


The music fades and by the light of the moon all we hear is the quiet putting of Azami's motor scooter.


"You're a very... cautious driver."

"Carve it into your soul, kid!
One accident is all it would take, and that would be the end of both of our lives."

"It may seem strange to a young girl like you, but... once you've lost someone, you'll understand."


There is a far-off look in her eyes.

I'm sure you know what you're talking about, but at this rate I might get home faster by walking!

"Do you think we'll get there by dawn..?"

"Carve it into your soul!
The speed limit for scooters is 30 kilometers per hour!"

"We're not even going that fast!"

"Following traffic laws is part of my credo!"

"Isn't riding tandem against the law, too?"

"That rule is for humans."

"Birds are light, so one or two more doesn't stop the breaks from working."

"We're fine like this."


But I'm not a bird...

And so we putted along at Azami's hyper-cautious speed. By the time we got to my house it was almost light out...

July 24th


It's still a long time until the semester starts...
And I still have a lot of homework!

Maybe I should apply for a part-time job, since I have the chance?

Ahh, yes. It's finally time to break into the real world and GET A JOB. Only one of two endings suggest you go for it, so it's not a thing you need much. Let's do it!

"I think I saw a flyer at the station hiring high school students over the summer..."

It was the cafe, right?

"'s beautiful in here!"


"Oh, my!"

"Pardon me, miss, but we're not open yet."

"If you could come back at noo--"

"Oh! Sorry! I was here to ask about the job."


The proprietor of the cafe is an extremely elegant parakeet.

A true gentlebird, without a doubt. This must be what people mean when they refer to a "mature attractiveness"!

All the students at school are young and hyper, and the most dignified birds there are the teachers!

"Oh, is that right? Forgive me."

"I am called Urushihara Kenzaburou.
I am the owner of Torimi Cafe."

"Tori" in Japanese means "bird". Although I'm not sure what the spare "mi" is for.

"I'm Tosaka Hiyoko."

"Welcome, miss Hiyoko. I hadn't expected a human..."

"Um, are you going to interview me...?"

"I do not see any need to test such a wonderful young lady's desire to work here."

"And I believe you will be much more capable than I at moving the boxes of coffee and tea about."

If only it was so easy to get jobs.

"I'll be glad to!"


After all, I am an 840-vitality girl!

I take this to mean she looks a bit like Sakura Oogami.

"I shall be relying on you for this summer, then, miss Hiyoko."

"It is perhaps a little sudden, but could you start tomorrow?"

"Of course!"

"I am glad. I shall be waiting for you here in my cage."

"Tomorrow, then, Miss Hiyoko."


July 25th


Today's my first day working at mister Urushihara's cafe! I think I'll leave early, to make a good impression.

"Good morning, Miss Hiyoko."

"Good morning, sir!"

"Let me start by showing you where everything is."

"I'm sure you'll be able to remember everything soon, so please ask if you can't find something."


He shows me around the cafe, explaining everything inside.

The shop is small and he keeps everything very tidy, so I'll be able to remember it all.

"Well, then. What do you think?"

"It's very nice! I almost want to move in!"

"Come, now, it's far too plain for a young lady such as yourself!"

"Actually, compared to my hou--"


"Excuse me...!"

"Umm, I saw the flyer at the station, and..."


"Hiyoko? Wh-what are you doing here?"

"A friend of yours, Miss Hiyoko?"

"Oh, yes. This is Ryouta."

"You came for the job, too, Ryouta?"

"Yeah, I saw that it starts at noon, so I thought I could fit it in after my other job...
But if you've already got the position then that's that."

"Umm... Mister Urushihara, could you use two people...?"

Sadly, my cage is too small to have that much work to do."

Well, Hiyoko can get by just fine on her own, somehow. Ryouta needs this more than we do.

"Mister Urushihara, do you think you could take Ryouta instead of me?"


"I don't see why not, but..."

"I don't really need a job, but Ryouta does. Don't worry! He's a hard worker!"

"Are you sure, Hiyoko? It's not really fair to you..."

"I do feel a little bad leaving on my first day, too, but..."


Ryouta works several jobs every summer to support his mother.

Mister Urushihara is a real gentlebird, and Ryouta deserves to be treated nicely.
This is for the best.

"I know you'll do a good job, Ryouta."

"I... Thanks, Hiyoko."

"Well, then."

"Our encounter has been as transient as a comets' tail on the horizon, but I am glad I met you."

"Please do stop by. I will always be here, Miss Hiyoko."

"I will! Thank you, Mister Urushihara!"

And that's that.

August 6th

Today's the local summer festival! I think I'll go with somebirdie.

 photo aug06-ryouta01_zpse233d673.png

"Thanks for inviting me, Hiyoko!
Come on, let's go!"

"So many booths!
How are we supposed to choose?"

"Use your hunter-gatherer instincts, Hiyoko!
Let's go find something to eat.
I'll pay!"

"What? No fair!
I'm paying for yours!"

"It's a deal!"

"Hmm... yakitori sounds good right about now!"


The joke is that she's eating chicken.

And so I spent a happy evening with Ryouta.

Maybe we can go again next year!
I love me some yakitori.

August 14th

The late sunset in the summer makes it easy to stay out late! I feel like my internal calendar is off already.

I think I'll get some udon and go home before I get life counseled.


Wait, isn't that... Yuuya?

He's rummaging around in a garbage can.

"Yuuya, what are you doing?!
Have you fallen so far, mongrel?!"

"Good evening, mon amie. You sound rather like a certain someone."

"I-I can't believe you need to fish around in trash cans for food, Yuuya...!"

"Please, don't misunderstand, mon amie. I was looking for something."

"Sadly, no clues were to be found in this barrel."


What is he talking about?

"Let's keep this a secret from Sakuya, shall we?
I would have for him to have new names for me when school starts up again."

"'Mister Garbage Disposal'!"

"Something like that."

"I would like to escort you home, mon amie, but unfortunately I am somewhat busy at the moment. Will you be alright on your own?"

"A hunter-gatherer can always find her way home!"

"Indeed. Adieu, mon amie!"


The smell of garbage surrounding him fades as he strides off into the night, but the mysteries don't. What was he looking for?

August 30th

"Aaah! I knew I should have gotten up when I first woke up!"

"I slept too late!
School starts today, right?
I'm gonna be late!"


(St. Pigeonations' Institute)

"Oh, hello, Tosaka!"

"Sir! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I overslept!"


"...aaah! My homework! I forgot to bring my homework!"

"Aren't you getting a little bit ahead of yourself, Tosaka?"


"What's the number in the top left-hand corner say?"


"You're just a little bit early."


"Though, since you're here...
Could you lend me a hand for a bit, Tosaka?"

"Lend you a hand?"

"I was about to start grading the freshmens' exams, and I thought maybe you could help, if you don't have something else."

"...of course, you have a test in September, so if you want to go and study in the library..."

"...forgive me, sir, but I need to go home. I must return to my people with the spoils of war, lay my bloodied sword at the feet of my great king, and celebrate my conquest of all the lands from here to distant Macedonia."

"Oh? Have fun!"
September 1st

(St. Pigeonations' Institute)

"Umm, good morning, everyone.
I hope you had fun over the summer?"

(Okosan is always having fun!)

"Yup, yup."

"What is this 'fun'?"

"Once summer's over, time starts slipping by faster than ever. Try to stay focus... ed..."


"Focus, sir! Focus!"


September 2nd

The bell rings.

"That's all for today.
See you tomorrow, everyone!"


Aah, classes always feel really long after summer vacation...
I think I'll go home and sleep.

"I'm going to go home, Ryouta.
Want to come with-"



Ryouta isn't at his desk.
He's always slow, so I don't think he packed up and went home...

"Sir! Sir, wait!"

"Hello, Tosaka.
What is it?"

"Do you know where Ryouta went?
I don't think I've seen him since homeroom..."

"He went to the infirmary earlier.
I think he wasn't feeling well."

"He had a stomachache?"

"Mmm, could be.
Maybe you should go check on him, if you weren't going somewhere else."

"I will!"

 and with that, our normal school days come to an end.

 photo BBL1-01_zps5b1842cc.png


"Aaagh! I'm late!"


I've been slow getting up before, but I've never slept through my alarm like this!

Maybe I'm not getting enough sleep... anyway, gotta go fast!

(Music: St Pigeonation's Institute)

"Sorry I'm late!"

"Good morning Kawara.
We were just about to sit down."

"Late on the second day? As expected of a feral."

"Now, now.
Nobirdie's perfect."


"Sir, where's Hiyoko?
Isn't she here?"

"Apparently not."

" wonder her kind died off."


Where are you, Hiyoko?

Usually you'd be here early...
You were late yesterday, and now this?

"I think we can start homeroom now."

"Today we'll do a little review on the history of birdkind."

"You wait until now to teach that? What a pathetic country."

"Of course, everyone learned it years ago. But it's required for the second day of the semester."

"Back when we birds were still beasts and pests, a virus known as A(H5N1) appeared."

"At first it only affected birds, but it underwent a mutation and spread to humans."

"This mutated strain was highly infectious and had an extremely high mortality rate."

"It became clear that it posed a threat to the survival of the human species."

"So the humans engineered a powerful virus to cull birds and prevent A(H5N1) from becoming pandemic."

"In hindsight it seems foolhardy and rash, but the world leaders of the time saw no better option."

"...except the new virus didn't work. Infected birds didn't die."

"Rather their brains grew in size and power.
Starting with doves."

"That's why doves make up the majority of professionally qualified workers today."

"Other birds, including quails like me, are still adapting to social life."

"...incidentally, I heard that the first puffin in history to hold a governorship was elected last month."

"...even kakapos, which were once close to extinction, can now be toilet-trained."

"And, as you all know, the Prime Minister of Japan is a shoebill."

That is the most frightening bird I've ever seen.

"Anyway, the development of social intelligence in birds had a huge impact on their predators."

"Which leads me to the next point..."

"Since their gambit failed, humans were left defenseless to A(H5N1). Most died out."

"The few that are left now live peacefully with birds, though in the past there were large conflicts."

The music stops and the bell rings.

"Aah, that's the bell.
We'll vote on student council members in second period, so be on time."

There are a few signs that Moa got tired and rushed through the final processes of Hatoful Boyfriend, and this glaring inconsistency is one of them. This isn't the second day of the year, we voted (or rather didn't vote) on people already. I'm guessing it was a last minute decision to push BBL back as far as it is (which I do think was for the best) but as a result these statements don't make any sense.


Hiyoko never came.
I hope she's okay.

Maybe I should try calling her...

"Kawara, do you have a minute?"

"Uh, sure."

"We're supposed to get our print boxes today.
Would you mind picking ours up?"

"Our print box...?"

"Yup! It has all the hand-outs and everything. Since we don't have a council yet..."

"Okay. It's in the faculty room, right?"

"That's right. If you could have it back here before second period, please."

"Print box...
Print box..."


Inside the faculty office is a stack of cardboard boxes.
These must be the ones.

"This one, maybe?"


I pick up the box marked 2-3.
It's awfully heavy...

"I guess paper isn't exactly light when there's this much of it..."


The bell rings as Ryouta returns to the classroom.

"Oh, thank you. You were okay by yourself?"

"It was a little heavier than I expected, but I was fine."

"Let's take a look inside, then.
Just to make sure everything's there..."


"Did you cut your wing, Kawara?"

"Cut my...
I don't think so."

"It's bleeding."




It is. Did I scratch myself on something? It doesn't hurt at all...

This isn't my blood.

"...what... is that...?"


There's blood leaking through a corner of the box.

I feel sick.
But I reach out and open the lid anyway.

Inside the box


is a



The eyes are glassy.
But even like this, I still recognize her.

She wasn't late.
She was here all along.

"This... I can't..."

Ah yes. I forgot that we have these saving prompts now. I'll probably be dividing up a lot of the sections using these as markers.

What do you think of our twist so far?

Nanaki, why didn't you protect your student from something that certainly was going to be gruesome?

Let's find out next time!!


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